The Truth About Wifi at Disneyland Paris

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Wifi at Disneyland Paris has changed drastically since I first visited the parks all the way back in 2015.

Can you believe that back then you used to have to pay to access wifi at Disneyland Paris?!

If you’re cheap like me, you just had to go without wifi at Disneyland Paris.

But the need for wifi in the park was way different back then too. The Disneyland Paris app didn’t exist, and you didn’t rely on your phone to look up wait times or connect any photopass photos you got.

It was a simpler time back then.

Now, accessing wifi at Disneyland Paris is an essential part of the experience.

The Disneyland Paris app makes your day go so much smoother. You can check wait times for both parks and use that information to plan your day.

You can also use the map in the app, view restaurant menus, and look up when characters are meeting and when.

For those reasons and so many more, it is important for guests to understand the wifi situation at Disneyland Paris.

You need to be prepared and know what to expect before you arrive at Disneyland Paris.

Lucky for you I’m filling you in on everything you need to know about Disneyland Paris’ wifi, so you’re super prepared for your trip.

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Disneyland Paris Offers Guests Free Wifi

Thankfully things have changed, and Disneyland Paris now offers complimentary wifi to all guests!

There is no password, and you can access it throughout both Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios.

Most of the time, you can access it when you’re near the park gate as well even if you’re not inside yet!

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris’ Wifi Doesn’t Work in Disney Village

Unfortunately, the free wifi at Disneyland Paris does not extend to Disney Village. 🙁

When you’re out and about exploring Disney Village (which you should 100% do!), you don’t get the luxury of connecting to and using the complimentary wifi provided by Disneyland Paris.

To make matters worse, most stores and restaurants in Disney Village do not offer guests free wifi either.

The best place to find wifi at Disney Village is near the water where the hot air balloon takes off.

You can normally find some spotty wifi there if you’re in desperate need.

But, just plan to not be able to access the internet via wifi when you’re in Disney Village.

It is definitely a bit of an inconvenience.

Hopefully Disneyland Paris extends their free wifi to include Disney Village soon!

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The Complimentary Wifi at Disneyland Paris is Pretty Reliable

This one surprised me a bit considering how terrible the wifi at Disneyland California is!

95% of the time I’ve had nothing but good experiences using the free wifi at Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios.

It is quick enough and has a strong signal even though there are thousands of people connected to the network at any given time.

You can rest assured that you if you’re relying on the free wifi at Disneyland Paris to access the internet during your time at the parks, that you won’t run into any troubles.

The only times I’ve had some issues with the wifi is right near the front of Disneyland Paris.

It may be because there is always a crowd of people there or maybe the signal is weaker there.

But, after disconnecting and reconnecting once or twice, I’m able to get back into the wifi and access the internet again.

Can You Pay to Access Faster Internet?

Sometimes places offer guests the ability to pay a premium to access a quicker wifi network that not many people are using.

That option isn’t available at Disneyland Paris.

Everybody uses the same internet network, and it is free for every guest.

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Is the Disneyland Paris Wifi Network Secure?


The wifi network at Disneyland Paris is an open network.

This mean anybody and everybody can access it freely.

That is amazing for guests, but it also puts your devices at risk. Anytime you use a pubic wifi network (even public networks that have a password), you are at high risk of having someone access your online information and data.

You would be surprised at how easy it is for anybody who wants to hack into your phone to do so when you use a public wifi network.

And at Disneyland Paris, there are thousands of people using the public wifi network at any given time.

It only takes one person on the network who has bad intentions to hack into your phone and steal your personal information.

I can tell you that it is not a magical day at the parks when you discover your banking information has been stolen!

The only way to protect yourself when using public wifi networks is by installing a VPN on your devices.

A VPN essentially puts a forcefield around your devices that nobody else can access.

It makes using a public wifi network just as safe as using your home wifi network where you’re the only person who knows that password.

My Favourite VPN

I’ve used a ton of different VPNs over my years of travel and found most of them to be terrible.

VPNs are notorious for slowing down your devices to a crawl, and that is the last thing you want when you’re at Disneyland Paris and are trying to check wait times on the app!

The only VPN I use now (and have been using for a number of years) is NordVPN.

It is the fastest VPN on the market, and that is why I recommend it to my fellow travel lovers.

Having quick access to the internet is even more important at Disneyland Paris.

The wifi network at Disneyland Paris is already a bit slower than the normal wifi network. Just because of the sheer number of people using it at any given time.

You don’t want to add on top of that a slow and clunky VPN.

You’ll just end up turning it off and leaving your devices exposed because you can’t handle how slow the internet connection is.

You don’t want to do that!

I’ve never personally noticed a decrease in speed when connected to the Disneyland Paris wifi network when I have my NordVPN on.

Plus it is super affordable!

A two-year subscription costs less than a latte per month.

And if you can afford to visit Disneyland Paris, you can afford to pay a little extra to protect your online devices.

The cost of not protecting your online information is so much higher!

Tips for Using Wifi at Disneyland Paris

The Disneyland Paris App is Your Best Friend

Disneyland Paris did a lovely job on developing their app.

I highly recommend you use the app on a regular basis when you’re at Disneyland Paris. You should check wait times, Fastpass times, when characters are meeting guests, and the map.

It is super easy to use, free to download, and makes your time in the parks that much better!

Create Your Disneyland Paris Account Before You Arrive at the Parks

The Disneyland Paris app makes you create an account.

You enter your email and choose a password. It doesn’t take long, but you should do this before you arrive at the parks.

There is no sense wasting time creating your account while you’re at Disneyland Paris when you can easily create it ahead of time.

Disneyland Paris

Heart the Things You Want to See and Do in the App

This is an amazing new feature in the Disneyland Paris app!

Go to your profile and select wish list.

Once there, you can choose shows, characters, attractions, and restaurants you want to visit while you’re at Disneyland Paris.

This helps you stay organized and make sure you do and see everything you want to do.

This is especially helpful when you only have a single day at Disneyland Paris.

Check the Train Schedule Before You Leave the Park

Just like Disney Village, there is no complimentary wifi at the metro station just outside Disneyland Paris.

It is best to check the train schedule before you leave the parks when you still have access to free wifi.


Whew. Now you’re an expert at all things wifi at Disneyland Paris.

It may seem like a trivial part of your vacation planning, but it is actually really important.

Having a realistic expectation of what wifi at Disneyland Paris will look like helps you prepare for your trip.

It also prevents you from being surprised when you show up at Disneyland Paris.

A lot of people (me included) are surprised and frustrated to learn that there is no complimentary wifi at Disney Village.

But now you know and can make plans on how to work around that!

Disneyland Paris is one of my favourite Disney parks in the world. It is so much fun and so unique.

You’ll have an absolutely amazing time and now know where the best places to access wifi at Disneyland Paris are, so you can make all your friends jealous when you post on social media!

The Truth About Wifi at Disneyland ParisThe Truth About Wifi at Disneyland ParisThe Truth About Wifi at Disneyland Paris

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