Where to Stay in Taipei (Best Neighbourhoods)

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Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan and one of my favourite cities in Asia. There are so many things to see and do in Taipei that you can’t see them all in one trip. The fact that there are so many things to do in Taipei and the city is fairly spread out makes it difficult to decide where to stay in Taipei.

There are three main areas that I recommend staying in Taipei. They are Taipei Main Station, Ximending Neighbourhood, and near Taipei 101. These three neighbourhoods are conveniently located near the top tourist attractions, public transportation, and the amazing food Taipei is known for.

If you’re trying to figure out where to stay in Taipei, focus your search on those three areas, and I guarantee you’ll love the area you’re staying in in Taipei.

Taipei 101

Just like in any city, there are good hotels and bad hotels even in the best neighbourhoods.

This post will help you figure out where to stay in Taipei. Not only the perfect neighbourhood but also the perfect hotel in Taipei.

There is nothing worse than thinking you booked the perfect hotel and then being disappointed when you arrive because it isn’t as it seemed to be online.

I’m going to share with you the highlights of the three main areas you should stay in Taipei and give you my top recommendations for hotels in every budget.

You’ll be well on your way to deciding where to stay in Taipei by the end of this post!

Taipei Main Station

Taipei Main Station is my personal favourite place to stay in Taipei. I stay near Taipei Main Station every time I’m in Taipei and absolutely love it!

Taipei Main Station is near a number of Taipei’s top attractions, and you can easily walk to multiple tourist attractions in less than 15 minutes!

You can easily walk to:

  • Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
  • The North Gate
  • 228 Peace Memorial Park
  • National Taiwan Museum
  • Ximending Shopping District
  • Multiple temples
  • Street food markets
National Concert Hall Taipei, Taiwan

If you love walking from sight to sight like I do, then there is no better place to stay in Taipei than near Taipei Main Station!

In addition to being able to walk to many of the top tourist attractions in Taipei, you’re blocks away from the main transportation centre, and you can get anywhere you want to go from Taipei Main Station!

You can use the metro to travel within Taipei, the local train to go to place the metro doesn’t reach, the bus to visit attractions like Jiufen, or take the high-speed rail to other cities in Taiwan.

Taipei Main Station is the most convenient area in Taipei to stay!

I love staying near Taipei Main Station so much, I wrote an entire article dedicated to the best hotels near Taipei Main Station.

If you’re planning on staying near Taipei Main Station, be sure to check it out.

It goes more in depth about the best hotels near Taipei Main Station than this post!

Pros of Staying Near Taipei Main Station

  • Centrally located
  • You can walk to many of the top tourist attractions
  • Taipei Main Station is blocks away
  • Very affordable
  • Tons of great street food and restaurants around

Cons of Staying Near Taipei Main Station

  • Doesn’t have a ton of atmosphere
  • Limited number of table-service restaurants (most food is either street food or in food courts- but still incredibly delicious!)
Taipei, Taiwan

Top Hotels Near Taipei Main Station

Top Hostel Near Taipei Main Station


Miniin is the top hostel near Taipei Main Station.

The hostel is super clean, modern, and safe. It is a huge step up compared to the hostels you tend to find in Europe and Southeast Asia.

If Miniinn didn’t have dorms, it would definitely be a very nice budget hotel to stay at.

But because it has dorms, it is on my top hostels near Taipei Main Station list.

If you enjoy staying in hostels but don’t like how unclean and outdated they can be, this is the hostel for you!

I’m genuinely impressed at how much this hostel is. Especially considering the price!

Top Budget Hotels Near Taipei Main Station (Under $50USD per Night)

191 Hotel Ningxia

I adore this hotel. It has such a fun personality, and the decor really elevates the experience of your stay.

The rooms at 191 Hotel Ningxia have different decor, and you never know what you’ll see when you open your door for the first time!

Some rooms are decorated with book wallpaper to make it look like you’re in a library. Some rooms have funky-coloured chandeliers as the wallpaper.

My personal favourite are the rooms that are decorated with purple deer wallpaper.

So adorable!

The downside to 191 Hotel Ningxia is that the least expensive rooms in the hotel don’t have windows.

This isn’t the most desirable, and I would highly recommend you spend a few extra dollars and upgrade to a room that includes a window!

Other than the window situation, this hotel is in the perfect location, and you can walk to all the nearby tourist attractions in about 15 minutes!

It doesn’t get much better than that!

hotel relax v

I love Hotel Relax V, and it is the highest-end budget hotel on this list.

It is the perfect mix of being very affordable without feeling cheap.

The hotel is decorated in a modern style with monochromatic grey, wood detailing, and huge windows in the rooms.

The downside to Hotel Relax V is that the rooms are quite small compared to other hotels on this list.

The rooms are more European-sized than the size you typically find in Asia.

But they aren’t uncomfortably small.

I love the style and location of Hotel Relax V, so I think it is worth having a slightly smaller room.

Top Mid-Range Hotels Near Taipei Main Station ($50USD to $150USD per Night)

via hotel taipei main station

This is without a doubt my favourite mid-range hotel near Taipei Main Station.

Via Hotel Taipei Main Station is where to stay in Taipei if you’re looking for large beautiful rooms, great service, and a surprisingly inexpensive price.

They could without a doubt be changing quite a bit more per night than they are it is that nice!

The rooms at Via Hotel Taipei Main Station are significantly larger than your average hotel room, feel very open and spacious, and have a really nice bathroom.

The shower is incredible, and it is so nice to jump into a hot shower and relax after a long day of sightseeing in Taipei.

Via Hotel Taipei Main Station is a short 10-minute walk from Taipei Main Station, so you can’t beat the location!

There really isn’t any downside to this hotel.

morwing hotel

If you’re wondering where to stay in Taipei that has a super cool vibe and reasonable prices, this is the place for you!

Similar to 191 Hotel Ningxia, Morwing Hotel is bursting with personality and is a really fun place to stay.

The rooms are decorated with incredible floor-to-ceiling wallpaper. Many of the rooms have wallpaper from popular cities around the world, and you feel like you’re actually in those cities rather than in Taipei!

My favourite city wallpaper scene is set at a cafe in France, and you legitimately feel as if the people on the wallpaper could be sitting across from you in Paris.

There are a few rooms that have rather peculiar wallpaper, and these are my favourite!

In particular, there is one room that is neon green and features a cat in a baseball uniform throwing a baseball.

It is incredible and so, so much fun!

There are other rooms that feature animated squid or penguins, and they are really fun as well!

Adorable decorations aside, Morwing Hotel has an outstanding reputation for service and cleanliness.

You get an outstanding hotel and great decorations. What more could you ask for?!

Top Luxury Hotels Near Taipei Main Station (Over $200USD per Night)

palais de chine

This hotel is absolutely gorgeous!

Palais de Chine has a really nice vibe. It feels very modern but still feels old-timey and classy.

The walls and ceilings in the common areas are wooden and make the hotel feel even more luxurious than it already does.

My favourite part of the hotel is the reception area.

It is stunning!

Even if you’re not planning on staying at Palais de Chine, it is worthwhile to click through the hotel’s photos and admire all the hard work and craftsmanship it took to design the lobby.

The service at Palais de Chine is just as high-quality as you would expect at a luxury hotel.

It is immaculate, and you feel like royalty by the way they treat you.

This hotel is in an amazing location, has great service, and stunning decor. It will definitely make your stay in Taipei that much better if you choose to stay here!

The okura prestige taipei

Rooftop pool with views of Taipei’s skyline.

Need I say more to sell you on The Okura Prestige Taipei?!

If the pool doesn’t sell you on this hotel, there are many other features that will.

The Okura Prestige Taipei drips luxury and wealth. It is honestly the type of place that I feel very uncomfortable and out-of-place at because I know I don’t belong in such a nice place.

The guest rooms are gigantic and by far the biggest rooms you’ll find in a hotel near Taipei Main Station.

They are gorgeously decorated and are simple yet luxurious.

You can tell that every detail (no matter how small) is thought out and is intentional.

I highly recommend The Okura Prestige Taipei to anybody who is looking for a luxury hotel in Taipei.


If you’re wondering where to stay in Taipei for the best atmosphere and young crowd, then Ximending is the perfect neighbourhood for you!

Ximending is a huge shopping district full of restaurants, shops, and street food vendors.

It is a lively area that stays open late into the night and is popular with both tourists and locals alike.

This area has tons of personality and is my second favourite place to stay in Taipei.

I love this area because it is bursting with personality, and you never know what you’ll stumble across.

If you’ve been to Japan, Ximending would be the Shibuya of Taipei. It certainly isn’t near as large as Shibuya, but it has a similar vibe.

Even if you’re not staying in Ximending, you should swing by and check the are out while you’re in Taipei!

Ximending is about 1 km from Taipei Main Station, so you can easily walk to many of the major tourist sights from the area.

It does take a little while longer to walk to tourist sights because it is an extra kilometre away, but is a nice walk and doesn’t fell like you’re walking endlessly.

Pros of Staying in Ximending

  • Amazing atmosphere
  • Lots of restaurants and shops nearby
  • Can walk to Taipei Main Station and many popular tourist attractions

Cons of Staying in Ximending

  • A bit further away from tourist attractions than Taipei Main Station area
  • Lively nightlife and can be noisy late into the night
Taiwan Night Market

Tops Hotels in Ximending

Top Hostel in Ximending

To be honest, there aren’t really any quality hostels at a decent price in this area.

The hostels that are in Ximending are either not very high quality or the same price as a budget hotel.

I wouldn’t recommend staying in a hostel in the Ximending area. It isn’t worth the price or staying in subpar accommodation.

Top Budget Hotels in Ximending (Under $50USD per Night)

Green World Hotel Zhonghua

This hotel has such a cool vibe!

The walls are painted with bright colours and there are unique and modern decorations throughout the hallways and common areas.

The rooms at Green World Hotel Zhonghua are huge and well above industry standard. You can easily fit a family of four in one room and not feel cramped!

There are two downsides to Green World Hotel Zonghua though.

The first is that the hotel is located right next to a busy street, so it can be a bit noisy during high traffic times. It shouldn’t be an issue when you’re trying to sleep though!

The other is that some of the rooms don’t have a window in them. I always prefer to have a window in my room, so this is a bit unfortunate.

The good news is that you can upgrade to a room with a window for a few extra dollars a night.

It is well worth the extra cost!

Green World Hotel Zonghua is in a great location (minus being near a busy street, but is isn’t that much of a problem). You can walk to many tourist sights, Taipei Main Station, and countless restaurants and shops with no issue.

It is hard to beat this hotel. Especially since it is so reasonably priced!

Inhouse boutique

This hotel is located in the heart of Ximending shopping district right by the pedestrian street.

Inhouse Boutique is the ultimate budget hotel for people looking to stay in Ximending.

The hotel is quite modern- especially in the common areas. The dark brown walls and flooring makes the hotel feel more luxurious and expensive than it actually is.

The downside to Inhouse Boutique for me is the in-room decor. I don’t care for the curtains or headboards they chose.

But if you can overlook that, this is an amazing hotel. This is where to stay in Taipei if you’re looking for a modern yet affordable hotel in the hippest part of town.

The rooms are Inhouse Boutique are quite large, and they have a much nicer bathroom than Green World Hotel Zonghua.

All the bathrooms feature a rainfall shower head, and it is amazing to jump in such a nice shower after a long day of exploring the city.

This is my go-to budget hotel in Ximending.

Top Mid-Range Hotels in Ximending ($50USD to $150USD per Night)

via hotel

Via Hotel is clean, modern, and fresh. It feels quite upscale and elegant without being in-your-face.

It is a very understated hotel.

I personally love the decor that Via Hotel uses. Sharp lines, simple decor, and nice flooring. It really speaks to me!

The bathrooms are spacious and nice, which is a very important feature when deciding where to stay in Taipei.

A lot of hotels in Taipei have small bathrooms, but that isn’t the case here!

In terms of location, Via Hotel is right in the heart of Ximending. You really get to immerse yourself in the area when you stay here.

A few guests have reported that they have been able to hear people talking on the streets, but that appears to be an issue when you’re staying on a lower level.

Ask to have a room near the top of the hotel, and this won’t be an issue. Plus you’ll be treated to stunning views of Taipei and the Ximending Shopping District.

amba taipei ximending

amba Taipei Ximending really stands out from all the other buildings around it. It has a grey, geometric-esque exterior that is unlike anything else in the neighbourhood.

With an exterior as modern and monochromatic as it has, you would expect the interior to be similar.

But it isn’t!

The interior is still modern, but it is more classic. The rooms are painted with bright white and the flooring is a very nice light wood colour.

Total opposite from the exterior, and that adds to the charm of amba Taipei Ximending.

One really cool feature about this hotel is that you get to choose your room size.

You can choose from a king, queen, or twin room in either standard, large, or extra large.

This allows you to choose the perfect room to meet your travel needs. If you’re travelling as a family, you can get a large or extra large room and not feel cramped. If you’re a solo traveller like me, you can choose a standard room.

Even the standard room is quiet spacious, but it is nice to have the option to upgrade to a larger room if that is what you prefer.

Top Luxury Hotels in Ximending (Over $200USD per Night)

citizenm Taipei north gate

Even though this is a chain hotel, CitizenM Taipei North Gate is an excellent place to stay in Taipei.

I really like this hotel because it is in a unique location. It is almost halfway between Ximending and Taipei Main Station, so you get the best of both worlds.

It is in a quieter location than the hotels right in the heart of Ximending but also retains the culture and atmosphere of Ximending.

You can book a room with a view of a city, and I highly recommend you pay for the upgrade. The views from these rooms are stunning and really add to the enjoyment of your trip to Taipei.

The downside to CitizenM Taipei North Gate is that the common areas don’t feel as luxurious as they could.

There are plastic bar stools, and it has more of a budget hotel vibe in the common area than a luxury hotel vibe.

One cool part of the common area is that there is a spiral-esque staircase up to a library/sitting room that is very nice.

If you’re a literary nerd like I am, you’ll love it!

This is a fine hotel, but if you’re looking for a luxury hotel in the Ximending area, the next hotel is a better option in my opinion.


This is the most expensive hotel in the Ximending area, and it is shockingly inexpensive.

Technically, there is one hotel in the area that is more expensive, but it has notoriously bad reviews, and I’m not sure how it is even still in business.

So for all intents and purposes, Westgate is the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the area.

The rooms are decorated in a nice grey colour, but the carpet in the rooms is fairly ugly. The flooring at both mid-range hotels was nicer than the flooring at Westgate.

Westgate is a nice hotel, but, in all honesty, I would you either choose a mid-range hotel in Ximending or a luxury hotel near Taipei Main Station or Taipei 101.

The luxury hotels in Ximending simply aren’t that great and probably aren’t worth the price.

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 is iconic and basically everybody who visits Taipei visits Taipei 101. Even if they just walk by it and don’t go up (like I did), not trip to Taipei is complete without stopping by this iconic building.

No “where to stay in Taipei” article would be complete without mentioning the area surrounding Taipei 101.

I have this area on my best places to stay in Taipei list not because of Taipei 101 but because of the are surrounding Taipei 101.

There is so much green space in the area surrounding Taipei 101. It was the most green space I saw in all of Taipei.

There are parks and hiking trails within walking distance of Taipei 101, and that is why this area is one of the best places to stay in Taipei.

It is an incredibly laid back area even though it is home to one of the most popular tourist sights in the city.

Temple in Taipei, Taiwan

The downside to staying near Taipei 101 is that is is fairly far away from the majority of Taipei’s most popular tourist attractions, so you’ll have to rely on public transportation more than walking.

But that also means that the area is quieter- especially when Taipei 101 isn’t open.

The other major downside to staying near Taipei 101 is that is is the most expensive area on this list.

It is difficult to find a decent budget hotel and hostels in the area are basically non-existant.

If you’re asking yourself where to stay in Taipei on a budget, the Taipei 101 are is not the place for you.

Pros of Staying Near Taipei 101

  • Lots of green space
  • Quiet community
  • Near malls and other shopping centres

Cons of Staying Near Taipei 101

  • Far away from most tourist attractions, so you need to rely on public transportation
  • Commercialized, so you won’t find many local restaurants, street food, or shops
  • Is quite busy when Taipei 101 is open
  • The Taipei 101 area is the most expensive area to stay on this list
Taipei 101

Tops Hotels Near Taipei 101

Top Hostel Near Taipei 101

As mentioned in the introduction to the Taipei 101 area, it isn’t easy to find a decent hostel in the area.

So just like Ximending, I’m not going to recommend a hostel in this area.

If you’re interested in staying in a hostel in Taipei, the Taipei Main Station area is the best area to find a nice hostel for a decent price.

Top Budget Hotels Near Taipei 101 (Under $50USD per Night)

This is a tough one.

There are a few hotels in the budget range near Taipei 101; however, they aren’t great, and I don’t feel comfortable recommending them to you.

Like the type of hotel where you can rent a room by the hour if you get what I’m saying.

I’ve accidentally stayed in hotels like this in Korea, and I don’t wish that upon you. Even though they are clean and safe, they tend to be loud during the times you’re wanting to sleep, and they personally make my germaphobe heart feel awkward.

Top Mid-Range Hotels Near Taipei 101 ($50USD to $150USD per Night)

royal palace hotel

This hotel lives up to its name and does feel a bit like a palace.

The decor and attention to detail at Royal Palace Hotel is impeccable, and you feel like you’re staying in an ornate palace.

Without the price tag that normally comes with a palace!

The hotel is right next door to a MRT station, so you can easily jump on the metro and get anywhere in the city pretty easily.

Royal Palace Hotel is a bit further away from Taipei Main Station, but it is still near a park and located in a quiet neighbourhood.

Tango taipei xinyi

You feel like you’re walking into the future when you enter Tango Taipei XinYi.

Everything is ultra modern and feels space-like through their use of bubble-shaped decor. The guest rooms are less futuristic than the common areas, but they are still really nice.

I love their use of light greys and light brows to decorate the guest rooms and bathrooms. It is weirdly calming even though they are darker colours that don’t normally equate to calm.

Tango Taipei XinYi is in an amazing location. It is walking distance from multiple parks, Elephant Mountain hiking train, and is right on the MRT line.

It is super easy to get anywhere in Taipei from this location!

The hotel is located just off a main street, but you won’t experience any noise issues since it is a fairly easy going neighbourhood.

There aren’t any bars nearby that draw a crowd late into the evening.

All-in-all this is a really nice hotel that won’t break the bank!

Top Luxury Hotels Near Taipei 101 (Over $200USD per Night)

artree hotel

If you’re wondering where to stay in Taipei to experience really unique hotel that you won’t find anywhere else, this is the hotel for you!

arTree Hotel is unlike anything I’ve seen before.

The lobby has floor to ceiling LED panels that project the image of trees on them, and the entire hotel has an emphasis on nature.

The chairs in the restaurant are giant leaves. Wooden carvings made to look like tree trunks are the decor in the lobby, and there is a huge tree sculpture at the front door.

Each guest room is themed to a different part of nature whether it be trees, flowers, or leaves.

You can really tell when you’re at arTree Hotel that nature is something they care about and celebrate.

It is a breathtaking hotel, and I’ve never seen anything like it before!

w hotel taipei

Rooftop pool and floor to ceiling windows in guest rooms.

That’s enough to sell you on W Hotel Taipei right?!

I mean who doesn’t want to wake up, pull the curtains back, and have an incredible view of Taipei 101?! I know I sure do!

W Hotel Taipei is the definition of beauty. The decor is beautiful and timeless, the guest rooms are lovely, and the staff is known for going above and beyond for their guests.

This is without a doubt the hotel I would choose to stay at near Taipei 101 assuming I had the budget.

Not only does it have breathtaking views of Taipei from the guest rooms, but it is also in the perfect location.

You can walk to nearby parks, Elephant Mountain hiking trail, Taipei 101, night markets, temples, and tons of shopping and eating.

There is really no downside to W Hotel Taipei!

How to Decide Which Neighbourhood to Stay In

One of the most difficult parts of booking a hotel in a new city is deciding on the perfect neighbourhood to stay in.

Once you’ve figured out what neighbourhood you want to stay in, it is easy to choose what hotel to stay in. It just takes a little bit of research.

When deciding where to stay in Taipei, you have to evaluate what is important to you.

Do you care more about being in a quiet neighbourhood or staying in a lively neighbourhood with a lot of night life?

Do you want to be able to walk everywhere or are you okay on relying on public transportant?

And most importantly, what is your budget and what amenities are important to you?

These are all essential questions to ask yourself before deciding where to stay in Taipei.

For most people, the Taipei Main Station neighbourhood is the best bet. It has the best combination of being close to tourist attractions, food, shopping, and being budget friendly.

People looking to partake in local night life and want to experience a younger side of Taipei will probably prefer Ximending.

And people who value a quiet area and being near nature more than anything else will enjoy staying near Taipei 101.

It all comes down to you and what you prefer and value in a hotel.

National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Why I Recommend Hotels.com

I have been using hotels.com to book 99% of my hotels since I started seriously travelling in 2015.

My love for hotels.com is rooted in their loyalty program. After every 10 nights you book through hotels.com (and complete your stay), you get one free night!

That’s right! You get a free night just for booking and staying in hotels you were going to book and stay at anyways!

I love getting my free night certificate, and I’ve used it to stay at hotels all over the world. It really helps me out when I’m on a tight budget!

The value of your free night is determined by how much the 10 hotel nights you booked to earn your free night certificate cost.

If you booked mostly budget accommodation (guilty!), your free night certificate will be on the lower end of the price scale. Most of my free nights have been values between $40 and $100.

If you stay at higher-end hotels or in expensive cities that cost more, your free night certificate will be much higher in value. I’ve had free nights that were valued upwards of $200!

You can apply your free night certificate to nearly every hotel on hotels.com. There are some properties that don’t allow you to redeem your free night, but they are few and far between.

The downside to this program is that you can’t use your free night certificate to pay for multiple nights in a less expensive hotel. You have to use it for a single night’s stay.

But this also comes in handy when you have to stay at an airport hotel or in a more expensive city. You just apply your free night and don’t have to worry about breaking the budget!

And it the hotel you’re booking costs more than your free night certificate is valued at, you can still use it and just pay the difference!

I figure I’m going to be staying in hotels no matter what, so I may as well be rewarded for my hotel stays!

And hotels.com is the only hotel loyalty program that offers real value that most people can take advantage of in my opinion.

A Note About Protecting Yourself Online

No matter where you choose to stay in Taipei, you’ll be relying on a public internet connection and putting yourself at risk of having your online data stolen.

Yes. You’re still at risk even if you’re using hotel wifi that is password protected!

I’ve met multiple people while travelling who have had their banking information stolen and have had to go through the hassle of canceling their bank cards and trying to get new bank cards while on the road.

It isn’t fun, and you want to avoid having your online data stolen!

The good news is that there is a really easy way to protect yourself, and that is using a virtual private network (VPN).

A VPN puts an invisible forcefield around your online activity and prevents any prying eyes from seeing what you’re doing online.

I’ve been using a VPN since 2016 and wouldn’t dream about not having one on all of my devices. In fact, I have my VPN on while writing this article!

You can never be too safe!

I’ve used multiple VPNs over the years, but the only one I’ve ever really liked is NordVPN.

It is the fastest (even in mainland China where internet access is severely restricted and slow) and the most user friendly.

You can connect up to 6 devices on one NordVPN account, so you can easily protect all of your devices in one swoop.

NordVPN is almost always running a sale, so you can often get your VPN for 65% to 70% off, so there is no excuse not to protect your online data!



It can be difficult to decide where to stay in Taipei, and I hope this article made that decision a little bit easier for you!

My personal favourite place to stay in Taipei is near Taipei Main Station, and I imagine that is the only area I’ll stay in whenever I go back to Taipei in the future.

If you choose to stay in the Taipei Main Station area, be sure you leave time to explore the station. It is basically an attraction in and of itself! And make time to eat at the food court in the basement of Dream Mall. There are some incredible food stalls!

PS- If you’re landing at Taoyuan Airport and want to know how to get to Taipei Main Station and downtown Taipei from the airport, check out my detailed transportation guide here that walks you through everything you need to know!

Where to Stay in Taipei (Best Neighbourhoods)Where to Stay in Taipei (Best Neighbourhoods)Where to Stay in Taipei (Best Neighbourhoods)