Where to Stay in Kaohsiung (For Every Budget!)

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Kaohsiung is (in my opinion) the most beautiful city in Taiwan. It shouldn’t be missed when you’re visiting the country, and I’m going to help you figure out where to stay in Kaohsiung and help you find the perfect hotel for your budget!

There are two main areas of Kaohsiung that are perfect for tourists to stay: near Formosa Boulevard Station or near the harbour. These two areas are the best places to stay in Kaohsiung because you are near public transportation and can easily get to every major tourist attraction quickly. You can also walk to a number of Kaohsiung attractions from Formosa Boulevard Station and the harbour.

My preference of where to stay in Kaohsiung is definitely near Formosa Boulevard Station.

It is the only metro station where both metro lines intersection, so it is the best area in Kaohsiung to stay in if you plan on using the metro system a lot.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Kaohsiung for amazing views of the city, there is no better place than near the harbour.

The scenery in the harbour area is unbeatable. You have a view of the water, Cijin Island, and Kaohsiung city.

Both the areas near Formosa Boulevard Station and the harbour are great, and you have to decide where to stay in Kaohsiung based on your travel style and preferences.

This post will help you figure that out!

Fo Guang Shan Big Buddha

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Taiwan Night Market

Formosa Boulevard Station

Formosa Boulevard Station is where I always stay when I visit Kaohsiung.

It is centrally located, near Liuhe Night Market, and has the best transportation options.

Formosa Boulevard Station is the only metro station in Kaohsiung where the Orange and Red metro lines intersect. You’ll most likely be using both metro lines when in Kaohsiung, so staying in this area makes getting around the city a breeze!

If you’re wondering where to stay in Kaohsiung that allows you to get to tourist attractions quickly and easily, there is no better place than the area around Formosa Boulevard Station.

In addition to being the best place to stay in Kaohsiung in terms of transportation, you can also walk to a number of tourist sights.

You can walk to:

  • Liuhe Night Market
  • Kaohsiung History Museum
  • Love River
  • Central Park
  • Zhongxiao Night Market
  • Kaohsiung Library (it is a beautiful building you may want to walk through)
  • Formosa Boulevard Station (which is a tourist attraction in and of itself)
  • Xinjuejang Night Market (my favourite night market in Kaohsiung)

Clearly, there is a lot to do near Formosa Boulevard Station! You’ll have no trouble keeping yourself busy in the area!

The Formosa Boulevard Station area is also where to stay in Kaohsiung if you’re looking for affordable hotels!

The neighbourhood doesn’t have great views like the harbour area, so the hotels tend to be less expensive.

The hotels are good quality, but you can often find a similar hotel to the hotels near the harbour for less money.

Who doesn’t want that?!

All in all, I love staying near Formosa Boulevard Station. I think it is the best place to stay in Kaohsiung.

The convenience of having access to both metro lines at one station makes all the difference!

Formosa Boulevard Station Kaohsiung Taiwan

Pros of Staying Near Formosa Boulevard Station

  • Access to both metro lines
  • Super affordable (but still has nice hotels)

Cons to Staying Near Formosa Boulevard Station

  • Isn’t a particularly beautiful part of Kaohsiung
  • Can’t walk to the biggest tourist attractions like Lotus Pond and Pier 2 Art Centre
  • Lots of traffic (but I’ve never had an issue with the sound of traffic disturbing me in my hotel)

Best Budget Hotels Near Formosa Boulevard Station (Under $50USD/Night)

Kindness Hotel

This is where I stayed last time I was in Kaohsiung.

I was on a pretty tight budget and didn’t need anything fancy, and Kindness Hotel exceeded my expectations.

The hotel is just a few blocks from Formosa Boulevard Station, so it is in the perfect location. It is so easy to get everywhere you need to go!

The rooms are pretty basic, but they are still quite nice. The bed is super comfortable, the room is spacious, and (most importantly) the bathroom is clean!

My favourite part of Kindness Hotel is the complimentary all day dessert, ice cream, and tea!

I came back to the hotel a number of afternoons to beat the heat, get some work done, and have a snack.

They have a grape flavoured ice cream that is amazing!

It sounds odd, but give it a try. It is so much better than you imagine. I ended up having it almost every evening before I went to my room for the evening.

On top of the comfortable room and complimentary snacks, the service at Kindness Hotel is amazing. You often don’t get great service at budget hotels, but that isn’t the case here.

The staff are super friendly and attentive.

I highly recommend this hotel to everybody visiting Kaohsiung.

It isn’t anything fancy, but it gets the job done!

Skyone Hotel

Skyone Hotel was built in 2017, so it is still super fresh and new.

The hotel has a London theme, which is kinda cool. There are a lot of communal areas as well. It is almost like a mix between a hostel and budget hotel. You get your own room, but there is still a social aspect.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Kaohsiung for a great time mingling with other travellers, this may be the perfect choice for you!

There is a children’s play room, a billiards table, and a seating area.

I love the approach that Skyone Hotel has taken where they combine privacy and socializing.

Gone are the days where you have to choose between having your own room and privacy on one hand and socializing and meeting new people on the other.

Jia’s Inn Liouhe

This hotel has a unique decoration style.

The hotel bar kind of looks like a speak easy, but the rooms are pretty cookie cutter with white walls. There are a few accent stickers on the wall that make it more fun, but the rooms are not what I expected based on the hotel bar.

That being said, Jia’s Inn Liouhe is a wonderful hotel.

The showers in the bathroom are amazing. They have a rainfall shower head, and it is so relaxing to jump in a hot shower after a long day of exploring Kaohsiung.

The location of Jia’s Inn Liouhe is unbeatable.

It isn’t along the main road so many other hotels in this area. It feels more private and removed from the hustle and bustle of Kaohsiung.

Even though it is a bit removed from the main road, you can still easily walk to the night market and Formosa Boulevard Station in less than 5 and 10 minutes, respectively.

Most rooms come with a view of the city, which is another huge plus. I love opening the curtains in the morning and seeing the city rather than a parking lot or something like that.

A lot of the rooms also have a couch in them. This is such a nice feature that I wish more hotels had!

It is so nice to have a place to stretch out and sit other than the bed. It is nice to have a little bit of separation between your sleeping area and where you watch tv or work.

Best Mid-Range Hotels Near Formosa Boulevard Station ($50USD to $150USD/Night)

Hotel Indigo

If you’re wondering where to stay in Kaohsiung for stunning views of the skyline and is near Formosa Boulevard Station, look no further than Hotel Indigo.

There is a rooftop bar and seating area that has unbeatable views of Kaohsiung’s skyline.

Seriously, even if you don’t stay at Hotel Indigo, you need to stop by for a drink at the rooftop bar!

The building itself is unlike anything else I’ve seen before. It is really funky.

I’m not quite sure how to find the words to describe it, but you should definitely view a photo of the property, so you can appreciate the architectural design!

Outside of its structural beauty and rooftop bar, the rooms at Hotel Indigo are quite nice. They are modern, clean, and fairly spacious. You may even be lucky enough to get a room with a bathroom that faces the skyline.

They have gigantic windows, and you can relax in the bath with a glass of wine and take in the view.

It is luxurious!

I’m honestly surprised that it is so affordable!

Brio Hotel

I love the design of this hotel.

It is sleek, modern, clean, and uses a lot of greys, which is my favourite aesthetic.

The rooms at Brio Hotel are generously spacious and much larger than other hotel rooms you’ll find in the area. It is a great option if you like to spread out or have a lot of luggage.

The hotel towers over the other buildings in the area, so you get stunning views of Central Park and Kaohsiung city.

A lot of the times you get complimentary breakfast for two when you book your stay through Hotels.com.

I highly recommend you take advantage of that complimentary breakfast. Not only are you getting a delicious meal included in your stay (seriously, the food is amazing), but you’re also getting an unbeatable view.

The restaurant is located at the top of the hotel and even has outdoor seating. It is the best way to start off your day.

Or end your day if you stop by for a cocktail before bed.

Brio Hotel is a little bit further away from Formosa Boulevard Station than the other hotels on the list, but it is so lovely that I had to include it.

It is located close to Central Park, which is about a 15 minute walk from Formosa Boulevard Station. There is a metro station right at Central Park, so if you don’t feel like walking, you can ride the metro one stop and be at Formosa Boulevard Station.

Walking still may be faster when you factor in having to wait for the next train to arrive.

This hotel is absolutely stunning. They could 100% charge a lot more per night than they do.

Hotel Dua

Hotel Dua is the perfect alternative to Brio Hotel.

It has a very similar vibe to Brio Hotel, but it is way closer to Formosa Boulevard Station. The metro station is just a 5-minute walk away!

I think the decor at Hotel Dua is a little bland compared to Brio Hotel, but it is still quite nice. It isn’t shabby or run down at all!

Just a little generic whereas the decor at Brio Hotel was a little more modern.

No matter what your decor preferences (because does it really matter if you’re only there a few nights?), Hotel Dua is a wonderful stay.

The staff is super friendly, the rooms are huge, and they have a rooftop restaurant and bar area as well.

Complimentary breakfast for two is also included in most bookings made through Hotels.com!

You can’t beat that. I love a good complimentary breakfast, and the breakfast at Hotel Dua is way better than your average hotel breakfast!

Best Luxury Hotels Near Formosa Boulevard Station (Over $150USD/Night)

All things considered, there aren’t many quality luxury hotels near Formosa Boulevard Station.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Kaohsiung for a luxury experience, this neighbourhood is not the one for you.

I think the mid-range hotels are a much better option than the luxury hotels in the area. They are more affordable, are stylish, and are of the same quality (sometimes higher) as the higher-end hotels in the area.

I’m only going to recommend one higher-end hotel near Formosa Boulevard Station. The recommendation is more for the location than the fact that it is a “luxury” hotel.

I would personally characterize this hotel as a mid-range hotel, but it is priced a bit higher than the mid-range hotels on this list.

Joho Hotel

Joho Hotel is a really cute hotel located a few blocks away from Formosa Boulevard Station.

The hotel is in a fairly unique location because you can easily walk to both Formosa Boulevard Station and Kaohsiung Station. These are the two major metro stations in Kaohsiung, so it is lovely to be able to walk to both of them!

Joho Hotel is nicely decorated with lots of greys and modern decor. The rooms are spacious, and there is a rooftop bar and workout room.

I really like the location of this hotel, and that is the main reason I recommend it.

In terms of value, I think some of the mid-range hotels are a better option. Joho Hotel feels like a mid-range hotel, but it is priced slightly higher than one.

It is by far the least expensive “luxury” hotel on this list.

It may be a good option if you’re looking for something a little more expensive than the mid-range hotels, but I would personally opt for one of the mid-range hotels over Joho Hotel.

Joho Hotel is still an excellent hotel, and you won’t be disappointed if you stay there.

I mean it made this list, so it has to be good! I only recommend the best to you!

PS- you receive a complimentary mini bar if your room if you book through Hotels.com!!

The Harbour

The harbour area is one of the most beautiful areas in Kaohsiung. There are beautiful views of the city, Cijin Island, the water, and so much more.

It is definitely one of the most laid back areas of the city as well. The vibe is unbeatable!

My main argument for staying near Formosa Boulevard Station is the amazing transportation options, but you won’t be stuck if you stay near the harbour.

You have access to the Orange metro line, the light rail system, and buses. You can still easily get around Kaohsiung, but it may take a little longer if you have to transfer to the Red metro line.

The ferry to Cijin Island is also just steps away, so you can beat the crowds to the island or easily pop over whenever you feel like it!

Just like Formosa Boulevard Station, you can walk to a number of tourist attractions from the harbour area:

  • Kaohsiung’s Martyr’s Shrine
  • Pier II Art District
  • Railroad Museum

You can’t walk to as many tourist attractions compared to Formosa Boulevard Station, but you can walk to some of the most popular tourist attractions.

The harbour is definitely where to stay in Kaohsiung if you’re looking for a great view and a chill vibe.

The area kind of has its own vibe and culture outside of the city’s overall vibe.

Kaohsiung Martyrs' Shrine

Pros of Staying Near the Harbour

  • Great views and vibe
  • Access to Orange metro line, ferry, light rail, and buses
  • Can walk to a number of popular tourist attractions

Cons of Staying Near the Harbour

  • Have to take public transportation to most tourist attractions
  • No direct access to the Red metro line

Best Budget Hotels Near the Harbour (Under $50USD/Night)

Citysuites Kaohsiung Pier2

I’m never not surprised by how good of a hotel you can get in Kaohsiung on a small budget.

I cannot believe how inexpensive Citysuites Kaohsiung Pier2 is and how nice it is. You would without a doubt be paying quadruple the price if you were in North America or Europe.

The rooms are decorated with faux exposed brick and all the accents are copper. It is so sleek, modern, and attractive.

Many of the rooms have a view of the water, and it is the perfect sight to see first thing in the morning and get your excited for the day.

One thing to note is that most of the cheapest rooms in the hotel don’t have a window.

I think it is well worth the couple extra dollars per night to upgrade to a room with a window. A window makes all the difference, and that is doubly true when you have a view of the water!

Citysuites Kaohsiung Pier2 is in a great location. It is really close to the water and harbour, but it is a little bit removed from the busiest area.

This gives you a little more of a relaxing vibe, and you feel like you’re removed from the city.

Urban Pier2

Urban Pier2 is a bit of a unique one, and that is because the beds are futon style.

The mattress is placed directly on the floor rather than having a bed frame under it. This is a pretty common practice in many East Asian countries, and it is cool to get to participate in the tradition!

The rooms at Urban Pier2 are also unique. Each room has a difference theme or coloured decor, so you never know what you’ll see when you open your door for the first time.

Makes it kind of fun and exciting!

The hotel has an unbeatable location. You’re so close to the water, and you’re basically guaranteed a great view from your room!

The metro station is just outside the hotel and is less than a 5 minute walk away. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Urban Pier2 is probably my least favourite of the budget hotels on this list, but it is still a great option!

OX Suites

This hotel is so simplistic and modern. I absolutely love it.

You will no doubt feel calm and relaxed at OX Suites.

The rooms are huge, the staff is nice, and the location is perfect. It is hard to beat OX Suites when it comes to budget hotels near the Kaohsiung harbour.

The best part is without a doubt the bathrooms. They are huge. Like bigger than the bathroom in my house.

It is so relaxing to come back to the hotel after a long day of walking around Kaohsiung and be able to jump in a hot shower to relax and get cleaned up.

OX Suites is in the same neighbourhood as the other budget hotels on this list, so you know it is in a great location! You can walk to all the nearby tourist sights and jump on the metro within minutes.

Not bad at all for less than $50USD per night!

Best Mid-Range Hotels Near the Harbour ($50USD to $150USD/Night)

Chateau de Chine

Ah. Another Kaohsiung hotel that is modern and uses a fair amount of grey in their decor. I am digging the overall vibe and style of all the Kaohsiung hotels on this list!

The rooms at Chateau de Chine aren’t only nicely decorated, but they are way larger than the average hotel room. All the rooms include chairs, a workspace, and plenty of space to store your luggage.

The bathrooms at Chateau de Chine are stunning and the perfect cherry on top of the entire room.

They are quite large, and many of them feature a grand tub where you can relax and unwind at the end of the day.

There is a Japanese restaurant in the lobby of the hotel that is known for its amazing food. If you’re staying at Chateau de Chine, you must eat there. Even if you’re not staying at the hotel, you may want to stop in for dinner.

This hotel is a little further away from the harbour and water than the other hotels on this list, but it is still in a great location.

It is in the heart of the art district, so you’ll get to experience the young, hip atmosphere.

If you’re a young person wondering where to stay in Kaohsiung, this may be the perfect hotel for you!

Harbour 10 Hotel

This hotel is an absolute beauty!

It is modern, sleek, and (again) has a huge bathroom. If you’re lucky, your bathroom will be facing the water, and you can enjoy the view when you’re getting ready in the morning!

Harbour 10 Hotel reminds me of a Hilton property. It has a similar vibe, design, and standard of service.

You know you’re going to have a good stay and great customer service when you stay at Harbour 10 Hotel!

The hotel has a few additional perks as well!

It has:

  • A children’s play room (a really cool and large one!)
  • A workout room
  • Complimentary breakfast for two when you book through Hotels.com

Those are some pretty nice extras to come with a hotel room that has such a fair price!

One of my favourite parts of the hotel is the dining area. There are plants hanging from the ceiling, and it is such a relaxing way to start your morning!

Harbour 10 Hotel is located a little bit further away from the ferry terminal, but it is still near the water. Many rooms have a water view, but you’ll have to walk about 10 minutes to catch the ferry to the island.

Best Luxury Hotels Near the HarbourStation (Over $150USD/Night)

In all honesty, there aren’t any luxury or high-end hotels near that harbour I want to recommend to you.

Kaohsiung isn’t really the place to go if you’re looking to stay in a luxurious hotel.

You’re much better off staying in a really nice mid-range hotel than splurging and staying in a high-end hotel in Kaohsiung.

The value simply isn’t there in the luxury hotels in Kaohsiung.

How to Choose Where to Stay in Kaohsiung

Deciding where to stay in Kaohsiung boils down to figuring out what works best for you and your travel style.

You need to consider:

  • Whether being near public transportation is most important
  • If you’re okay staying in an area that is a concrete jungle or if you prefer to stay someone near the water
  • Are you like me and try to walk as much as possible? If so, you’ll want to pick a hotel nearby the attractions you’re most interested in
  • What your budget is

All of these factors play a role in deciding where to stay in Kaohsiung.

My personal opinion is that if you’re okay staying in a hotel that probably doesn’t have the prettiest view, Formosa Boulevard Station is the best place in Kaohsiung to stay.

The transportation and walkability of the area far exceeds the harbour, and that is why it has my vote.

The hotels are also slightly less expensive near Formosa Boulevard Station, and I think the hotels tend to be a bit nicer.

Plus those rooftop bars are hard to beat!

But you may have a different opinion.

It is worthwhile to take the time to weigh the pros and cons of staying in both neighbourhoods and then decide where to stay in Kaohsiung.

You don’t want to get to your hotel and immediately regret your decision!

Lotus Pond Scenic Area Kaohsiung Taiwan

Why I Love Hotels.com and Recommend Them to You

I love Hotels.com and have been using them to book 90% to 95% of my travel since 2015!

Yeah. You could say I’m really happy with them to stick around for so long.

I love Hotels.com because they’re really easy to use. It is incredibly simple to search for and find hotels in any city, and you can put a bunch of filters on your search to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

That’s not even the best part!

The best part of Hotels.com and the reason I’m obsessed with using their platform is their rewards program.

They run a program where you get a free night’s stay voucher after you’ve stayed 10 nights at (nearly) any property you booked through Hotels.com.

You don’t have to stay all 10 nights in one booking. You could collect the 10 nights through 10 single night bookings.

It doesn’t matter as long as you’ve stayed 10 nights.

Your free night certificate shows up in your customer profile a few days after you complete you 10th night’s stay, and you’re free to use it on any booking going forward.

The value of your free night certificate depends on how much the 10 nights you stayed to earn the certificate cost.

If you stayed 10 nights at inexpensive hotels, your voucher won’t be worth that much. If, however, you stayed 10 nights at a luxury hotel, your voucher will be worth a fair amount of money.

You simply “apply” your free night at check out when you want to use it, and you’re good to go! If your free night certificate doesn’t cover the entire cost of the night you’re booking or you’re booking for more than one night, you simply have to pay the difference.

It is that easy!

The downside to their program is that you have to use your free night certificate all at once, and it can’t be applied to multiple bookings or multiple nights on one booking.

If your free night is worth $150, you have to book a night that is $150 or more.

You can’t use it for 3 $50 nights.

But even that isn’t too big of an inconvenience.

Just use it for a night at an overpriced airport hotel. That’s what I normally do!

A Quick Note on Internet Safety

Internet safety is no joke!

You’re putting yourself at serious risk of having your data stolen/sold if you’re using public wifi.


You need to protect yourself and your online data anytime you’re not using your own personal at-home wifi.

You never know who is trying to get into your digital devices and access your private information.

I know people who have had their banking information stolen from their devices while travelling.

That is a headache you don’t want to deal with!

The best (and really only) way to fully protect your online data and information is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN puts up an invisible forcefield around your online activity so nobody else can see what your’e doing or access your information.

It is basically like using your own personal at-home wifi but out in public or in different countries.

Complete safety and anonymity.

Plus you can change where you’re browsing from and access content from Netflix or Disney+ that isn’t available in your country!

My Favourite VPN

I’ve used a number of difference VPNs during my travels.

I didn’t really like any of them until I started using NordVPN.

It is the first VPN that I actually enjoyed using and the only VPN that I’ve ever renewed my subscription with!

What sets NordVPN apart from its competitors is how quick it is. VPNs have a reputation of slowing down your devices to snail speed and make browsing the internet a bit frustrating.

That isn’t the case with NordVPN.

I don’t notice any slowdown on my devices when I’m using my VPN.

Not even when I’m in China!

The internet in China is notoriously slow, but it is even slower when you’re using other VPNs. The first time I was in China I gave up on browsing social media or watching YouTube because the internet was so slow with the VPN I was using at the time.

I didn’t have that issue when I was using my NordVPN in China. The internet speed was the normal speed of Chinese internet, and it was a much more enjoyable experience.

No matter where you plan on using your VPN, it is essential to have one whenever you’re using non-secure or public wifi.

Taiwan is notorious for having amazing public wifi, so you’ll probably be using that frequently when you’re visiting the country.

You’ll want to make sure you have a VPN on your devices before you start using the iTaiwan public wifi system!

NordVPN often runs sales where you get up to 70% off your VPN, so there is no reason not to get a VPN and start protecting your online data!


It is quite easy to decide where to stay in Kaohsiung.

The hardest part is deciding what neighbourhood you want to stay in. From there, you just have to choose whatever hotel suits your budget and needs the best.

Kaohsiung is a pretty compact city, so you’ll be in a good location no matter whether you choose to stay near Formosa Boulevard Station or near the harbour.

You can’t go wrong with choosing any of the hotels on this list. They are all top notch and known for their good service.

Every hotel (no matter where it is in the world) has pros and cons, so you have to weigh them to decide what is best for you.

If it were me choosing, I would stay in a mid-range hotel near Formosa Boulevard Station.

I stayed in a budget hotel near the metro station last time I was in Kaohsiung, but I think it is worth the extra money to upgrade to a mid-range hotel.

The benefits you get far outweigh the additional cost per night!

Where to Stay in Kaohsiung (For Every Budget!)Where to Stay in Kaohsiung (For Every Budget!)Where to Stay in Kaohsiung (For Every Budget!)Where to Stay in Kaohsiung (For Every Budget!)Where to Stay in Kaohsiung (For Every Budget!)

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