How to Choose a Unique Travel Blog Name You Love

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I know it sounds dramatic, but choosing a travel blog name you love is one of the most important (and most difficult) parts of starting your blogging journey.

It is a pain in the butt to change your blog’s name once it is established, so you want to take your time and choose the right name from the start.

This is a decision you do not want to rush!

I’m in a lot of blogging Facebook groups, and it is rare for there to be a day where I don’t see someone asking for helping changing their travel blog name.

Even if you don’t know if you’re going to keep blogging or not, you need to put some thought and effort into choosing your travel blog name.

I had no intention of blogging and only signed up to Bluehost to learn how to use the backside of a website in the hopes of starting a career in the communication field.

Lucky for me I happened to choose a blog name that I still love to this day, but not everybody is as lucky as I am!

This post isn’t going to give you a bunch of travel blog ideas to choose from. You’re going to have to be creative and come up with your own name!

This article is centred around giving you the core information you need to know in order to choose a good travel blog name that won’t make you cry out in regret a year down the road.

Stick to the guidelines in this post, and you’ll come up with an amazing travel blog name that you’ll love for years to come!

Travel blogging mistakes to avoid at all costs

Choose Your Niche Before Your Travel Blog Name

Gone are the days where you can be a general travel blogger and be widely successful.

For new bloggers breaking into the business, you need to niche down and specialize in one topic.

That doesn’t mean you can only write about that topic, but the focus of your blog should be as narrow as possible.

For example, there are people who only write about Texas or Disney World or Hitchhiking.

Know your expertise and stick to it!

I made the mistake of being too general when I first started my blog. It was difficult to get any traction because Google didn’t know what I was an expert at.

I narrowed my focus to solo travel and wrote a bunch of articles about travelling alone.

Google started to like me more and drive more traffic to my site!

Of course, I have lots of other content on my site, but I make sure I don’t go more than three posts without publishing an article related to solo travel.

The reason choosing your niche before your travel blog name is so important is you want your name to match your site as much as possible.

You don’t want to name your blog Erica Does Disney if the main focus of your blog ends up being the United Kingdom.

Google won’t understand what is going on!

Take some time and imagine what you want to write about for many years to come. Then choose your name!

You can also go with something more generic (like my blog’s name). That way your blog will match your niche even if you switch it up and go a different direction partway through your journey.

Profitable travel blog niches

Avoid Names Similar to Established, Popular Travel Bloggers

You may think it is a genius idea to pick a travel blog name similar to one of the biggest travel bloggers out there.

But it isn’t.

People will either forget about you and only recall the popular blogger’s name. Or they will be trying to find the popular blogger and get frustrated when they stumble on your blog rather than the blog they want.

For example, you’ll want to avoid anything too similar to the Blonde Abroad or Nomadic Matt.

Everybody knows those bloggers. They’ll be looking for those bloggers when they search similar terms.

You want to think of some unique travel blog names that make you stand out a bit from the crowd.

Because let me tell you that the travel blogging world is crowded (but there is always room for more!).

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Choose a Name that Will Grow with You

I kind of touched on this in the first point, but you don’t want to choose a travel blog name that can’t grow with you.

That is the main issue I see when people are seeking advice on how to change their domain name.

Names like Brianna Boozes Abroad or Travelling at Twenty probably won’t be something that grows with you and your content five or ten years down the road.

You want to choose a travel blog name that works well with your niche but doesn’t pigeon hole you too much.

Something generic works as well!

One of my favourite explanations of why they chose their name is Flying the Nest. They’re a travel vlogging couple on YouTube who chose a name that could grow with them as they lived their life.

They started as broke twenty somethings, then luxury travellers, and now they document their life as a family.

That is a name chosen very well!

So, don’t be short-sighted when you come up with travel blog name ideas. Consider what life could look like five years down the road.

As hard as that is to imagine!

And go from there.

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Make Sure the Domain Name and Socials are Available

Do not fall in love with a travel blog name until you’ve made sure it is available!

You do not want to get pumped about a potential name, start fantasizing about it, and then be let down when you discover the domain is already taken.

Or the domain could be free, but the name is already used on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

That’s no good either!

As soon as you think of a potential travel blog name, go to Name Cheap and see if it is available.

If the domain is available, do a little dance of joy, and then head over to various social media platforms and see if the handle you want is available.

You want your handles and domain to match across the board.

Or at least as much as possible.

For example, I’m Travels with Erica everywhere but Instagram where I’m travelswith_erica.

That is close enough that it won’t confuse your audience.

However, if your domain is Travels with Erica, your Facebook is Erica Travels, and your Instagram is Erica Travels the World, it doesn’t make sense.

Branding is important!

You want your audience to recognize and notice you within seconds. Keep your brand as similar as possible across all platforms.

I’m sorry to tell you, but if you can’t get the same or very similar handle across all platforms, it is better to move on from that name and keep thinking of unique travel blog names you might like.

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Keep it Short and Sweet

Short and memorable are the keys to coming up with good travel blog name ideas.

You don’t want a super long name that is hard to remember. Two to three short(ish) words is perfect!

Funny story.

I first started a travel blog in 2015 (that quickly died after one post) called Tripping Through the World. That’s way too long and kind of funny to look back on now!

When choosing the words that make up your travel blog name, I suggest using simple words that most people will understand.

People from all over the world will read your posts.

A lot of people have English as a second language and may not understand some of the larger or more obscure English words.

If someone doesn’t understand your name, there is a zero percent chance of them remembering it!

I like to suggest that people keep their blog names under 15 characters.

That should be enough room to succinctly describe the purpose of your blog without the length of your name getting out of control.

I didn’t know about the short and sweet rule when I first started blogging. I’m lucky that I chose something on the shorter end of the spectrum, but it could have gone the other way too.

Learn from me and make sure you choose a short blog name on purpose not just by mistake.

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Avoid Numbers and Misspellings

It may seem like a cute idea to purposefully misspell a travel-related word in your domain name, but it isn’t.

People will probably think you don’t know how to spell or that you’re trying to be funny. But they won’t find it charming.

I don’t like it when words are misspelled on purpose in blog names or titles. I know a lot of people feel the same way about it too.

It is best to stick to a traditional spelling of the name and play it safe.

The exception is when you’re using words that are spelled differently in different countries.

I’m Canadian, so I spell travelling with two “l”s. Americans spell traveling with one “l”.

That’s a cultural difference, so you can go with either one.

Some people say you should always spell words the American way because there is a strong likelihood that most of your readers will be American.

I don’t abide by that rule and spell things the way we spell them in Canada.

I’m pretty sure people are bright enough to pick up on the fact that travelling and traveling are the same thing. 😉

Numbers are a different story.

I hate when people put numbers in their travel blog name.

Whether they are spelled out or in numerical form, it doesn’t matter. They both aren’t the best choice.

They look silly in the domain name when they are numerical and take up too much space when they are spelled out.

Just leave the awkward spellings and numbers out of your domain name, and your readers will thank you for it.

You’ll probably be thankful for it down the road as well.

People tend to outgrow those sort of things pretty quickly.

Never run out of content ideas for your travel blog

Consider Google and SEO

This is a super underrated tip that not enough people are talking about.

Google loves it when you tell them exactly what you’re about.

What better way to please the Google gods than considering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when coming up with unique travel blog name ideas?!

None. There are no better ways to please the Google gods.

This isn’t completely necessary, but it can help more than you think.

Especially if you have a niche webiste.

Something like Disney Trippers is a great example!

There is zero confusion surrounding what the site is about.

Alternatively, you could include the word travel in your name like I did.

Anything to point Google in the right direction is a win.

If you’re not quite sure or don’t want to commit to being solely a travel blogger, then you can always go with your name.

That is a very popular approach, and it ensures your blog will grow with you as you grow.

As a reader, I tend to click more quickly to a article written by a blog with a travel-related name. It build immediate trust.

Just some food for thought. 🙂

Everything you need to know about SEO for travel bloggers

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How to Get a Domain Name

Okay. So, by now you probably have a million blog name ideas swirling around in your head, and you’re ready to start claiming the perfect name.

The problem is you don’t know where to start or where to get your domain name from.

Worry not!

I’ve purchased a ton of domain names and have done it the right and wrong way.

I’m sharing my best tips, so you can get your domain name from the right source and for a fair price.

Getting a Domain from Your Hosting Provider

You can purchase your domain name through pretty much every hosting provider out there.

Many like Green Geeks and Bluehost even offer a free domain name for the first year you use their service!

Getting your domain name through your hosting provider is one of the most popular ways to get your domain name.

It is easy and straightforward.

Plus nearly every influencer recommends you get your domain name through your hosting provider, so it must be the best way to get it right?

Perhaps. But not necessarily.

There are some downsides to getting your domain name through your hosting provider that you need to be aware of.

First, hosting providers normally charge at least 50% more (and sometimes twice as much) as using an independent hosting provider.

They know a lot of their customers are new to blogging or aren’t the most tech savvy, so they can jack up the prices.

Second, having your hosting and domain with the same company creates a bit of a tricky situation if you ever want to switch hosting providers.

I’ve never had this experience because I buy my domain names through Namcheap, but I’ve heard horror stories about people having to fight with their host to allow them to change providers and take the hosting and domain name from a single company.

It is always best not to have all your eggs in one basket.

Separating your hosting from the company you purchase your domain through is just a smart business move.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t get your domain name through your hosting, but you should be aware of the pros and cons of making that decision.

Not enough people are talking about the downside to getting your domain name through your hosting provider.

I just want to make sure you have all the information, so you can make the best choice for you.

Eating alone

Getting a Domain from Someone Else

The other option you have is to purchase your domain name from a company other than your hosting provider.

This is what I do and what I personally think is best practice.

My favourite place to purchase domain names is through Namecheap.

They have super affordable prices, a great user interface, and helpful customer service staff if you ever have an issue.

If you decide to purchase your domain through Namecheap, don’t get sucked into buying upgrades before you checkout.

You don’t need to purchase an SSL certificate or an advanced DNS.

You only need to purchase the domain, and you’re good to go!

Once you’ve purchased your domain, you simply need to enter the custom DNS from your hosting provider, and your domain name will automatically be linked to your hosting provider.

If that sentence freaked you out, know that it is incredibly easy to link them. You just need to copy and paste two strings of number your hosting provider gives you into Namecheap, and you’re set.

I’m a huge advocate for getting your domain from a third-party domain provider like Namecheap.

I like the separation between my hosting provider and my domain provider.

It gives me the freedom to switch providers without a hitch if I choose to.

And it saves me some money every year because Namecheap has the best prices I’ve ever seen for domain names!

The Best Way to Get Your Domain

I think the best way to approach getting a domain name for your travel blog is to mix both methods we talked about above.

If you’re new to blogging and have never purchased hosting before, I suggest taking advantage of getting a domain name free for the first year.

Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

I would keep my domain name with my hosting provider for the first 11 or so months and then transfer it over to Namecheap.

It is super easy to transfer your domain to Namecheap, so it isn’t a hassle to change your domain name provider.

I think this combination method because it is the most affordable.

When you start your first blog, you don’t know if blogging is the right path for you. You may or may not have much capital to invest in your blog, so saving a few dollars on a domain name helps.

I originally had my domain name with Bluehost for the first two years I had my domain.

I wish I had known about Namecheap and how easy it was to transfer my domain name before my domain renewed with Bluehost.

The amount they charged was almost three times was Namecheap charges me per year.

It is 100% worth the effort to switch to Namecheap (or a similar service) before your domain renews with your hosting provider!

But it is also definitely worth it to get the first year of your domain name for free through your hosting provider.

You kind of have to know how to strategically play the game to get the best bang for your buck. 🙂

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My Hosting Provider Recommendation

A ton of bloggers recommend Bluehost as the best hosting provider for new bloggers.

Probably because it is one of the best known hosting providers and offers a nice affiliate commission.

Bluehost is the hosting provider I started Travels with Erica on. They’re a great hosting provider and super intuitive to use.

I really enjoyed my time with Bluehost and would not hesitate to recommend them to new bloggers.

However, they are not my favourite hosting provider.

I love Green Geeks and recommend them to all my friends and family member who are considering starting a blog.

Green Geeks is just as easy as Bluehost to use, are less expensive, and come with more features.

They offer free nightly website backups and a free caching plugin with each hosting plan. Even the cheapest hosting plan comes with these perks!

And for those who don’t know what a caching plugin is, it is an essential plugin for any blog. It helps speed up your website, which helps you rank better in Google.

I used to pay over $40USD per year for a caching plugin, so the fact that Green Geeks includes one for free is incredible!

How to start your blog with Green Geeks in 30 seconds

I love, love, love Green Geeks and host all my websites with them now.

I don’t ever plan on switching, and they have won my heart over.


I forgot to mention that they are the most eco-friendly hosting provider on the market! They go above and beyond to be as clean as possible.

They donate the equivalent to 300% of the energy they use to a carbon offset charity.

What is there not to love about them?!

One more bonus: if you use my link to purchase your hosting, they will plant a tree in your honour!

It doesn’t get better than that!

Staying Internet Safe as a Travel Blogger

I love that you’re starting on your journey to becoming a travel blogger.

It was one of the best decisions of my life, and I hope it is one of your best decisions too!

One really important aspect of blogging that not enough people are talking about is that you need to take you internet safety seriously.

Especially when you travel.

Your business is online, and it would be devastating if something were to ever happen to it.

And that is a very real possibility when you connect to public wifi networks.

As travellers and freelancers often do!

Using a public wifi network puts you and your personal online data at serious risk of being hacked and having your data stolen.

And, yes, public wifi networks with a password on them are not safe! Anybody can access the password and hack your information.

This includes your banking information, access to your blog, and all your social media accounts.

Being unsafe on the internet is truly one of the biggest threats to any online business.

The only way you can protect yourself is by installing a VPN on all your devices.

A VPN essentially puts a forcefield around your devices.

It makes using public wifi networks just as safe as using your home wifi network where you’re the only person who knows the password.

If there is one investment that I 100% think is essential and worth making at the start of your blogging journey, it is getting a reliable VPN subscription and installing it on every single device you use.

My Favourite VPN

I’ve used a lot of VPNs over my years of travel and running a digital business.

To be honest, most of them are junk.

They slow down your devices so much that they essentially make your device unusable. I normally end up turning off my VPN and exposing myself to being hacked because they are so slow.

And that totally defeats the purpose! And is a waste of money.

All my frustrations with VPNs ended when I discovered NordVPN.

They are the fastest VPN on the market, and they are they only VPN I don’t find frustrating to use.

Seriously. I’ve wanted to throw my laptop against a wall in frustration before because my internet connection was so slow.

That’s not the case with NordVPN!

The fact that NordVPN is the fastest and most reliable VPN on the market is why I recommend them to you.

As both a travel lover and a digital entrepreneur.

I don’t plan on ever switching from NordVPN. I trust them with my personal information 100% and know everything is safe under their protection.

My philosophy is that if you can afford to travel and start blogging, you can afford to protect your online information.

There are no excuses!


I hope this post helped point you in the right direction, and you’re inspired to come up with unique travel blog name ideas that suit you and your unique perspective on travel and the world!

Coming up with a travel blog name is hard.

Like really hard!

It is an extremely important part of your online presence, and you want to make sure you get it right.

Don’t rush it.

Take your time, sit on names you like for a few days, and figure out what resonates best with you.

If you’re struggling to come up with a travel bog name, try using a name generator.

I’ve used them in the past to come up with blog names.

They don’t work perfectly, but I find they help spark inspiration and come up with some pretty cool travel blog name ideas.

No matter what travel blog name you choose, I know it will be amazing!

There are so many possibilities out, and I know you’ll find the perfect name for you.

And once you have your name, the fun really begins!

You sign up with a hosting provider, build your blog, and start sharing your knowledge and passion with the world.

Travel blogging is an amazing journey.

It is a lot of work, but if you’re passionate about it, it doesn’t feel like it.

I know you’ll be an amazing travel blogger. The market isn’t too saturated. Your voice is different and ready to be heard.

I can’t wait to read your blog! Feel free to share a link in the comments below, and I’ll be sure to check it out. 🙂

How to Choose a Unique Travel Blog Name You LoveHow to Choose a Unique Travel Blog Name You LoveHow to Choose a Unique Travel Blog Name You Love