A Guide to Buying Tokyo Disneyland Tickets

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Visiting Tokyo Disney Resort is my favourite day trip from Tokyo. Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are often regarded as the most popular and amazing theme parks in the world and are well worth taking the time to visit while in Tokyo.

They are amazing to visit, but there are few things you should know about buying Tokyo Disneyland tickets before you get to the parks.

There are a few intricacies that come with purchasing and using Tokyo Disneyland tickets that make them like no other Disney tickets in the world.

It is arguable that it is much easier to buy tickets to any other Disney theme park in the world than it is to purchase a ticket to visit Tokyo Disneyland.

Note: Tokyo Disney Resort calls their tickets “passports” but for simplicity, they are going to be referred to as tickets throughout this post.

The reasons for this will be explained throughout this post. It will also give you lots of information and tips to make buying Tokyo Disneyland tickets easy and less confusing.

Types of Tokyo Disneyland Tickets

Before we get too deep into discussing the ins and outs of how to buy Tokyo Disneyland tickets, it is important to discuss the different types of tickets you can buy.

Age Breakdown

There are 4 different age categories at Tokyo Disney Resort:

  • Child: ages 4-11
  • Junior: ages 12-17
  • Adult: ages 18-64
  • Senior: ages 65+

You’ll want to make sure you’re purchasing the proper ticket, so you’re getting the best deal on ticket prices. The child, junior, and senior tickets cost less than an adult ticket.

You may be asked to show photo ID if you’re purchasing a discounted Tokyo Disneyland ticket so be sure to have your passport or driver’s licence on you just in case!

Tokyo DisneySea Minnie and Mickey

Single or Multi-Day Tickets

There are different types of Tokyo Disneyland tickets you can purchase. They range from a one-day ticket to a four-day ticket.

One-Day Ticket

This ticket allows you entry into either Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea for one day.

You cannot park hop between the parks with this ticket. You must stay in the same park for the entire day.

If you purchase a one-day ticket for Disneyland, you must stay in Disneyland and cannot go to DisneySea. The same is true if you purchase a one-day ticket for Tokyo DisneySea.

The one-day ticket does give you the ability to leave the park and return to the same park durning the day. You just need to get your hand stamped as you’re leaving, and you’ll be able to return to the same park later in the day.

The pricing of a one-day Tokyo Disneyland ticket or Tokyo DisneySea ticket is as follows:

  • Child: 4,900 yen or approximately $45USD
  • Junior: 6,500 yen or approximately $60USD
  • Adult: 7,500 yen or approximately $70USD
  • Senior: 6,800 yen or approximately $63USD

These prices aren’t too excessive considering a one-day one park ticket at Disney World for ages 10+ is currently $109USD. That, I think, is way too high!

Important: One-day Tokyo Disneyland tickets and one-day Tokyo DisneySea tickets are the same price!

It doesn’t matter what park you choose to go to- you’ll pay the above-listed price.

Two-Day Ticket

A two-day ticket at Tokyo Disney Resort allows you to visit one park per day for two consecutive days.

You can mix and match what parks you visit or visit the same park both days. However, just as with the one-day ticket, you can only visit one park per day. You cannot hop between the parks with a two-day ticket.

When you purchase your ticket, you will be asked what park you want to visit on each day. You need to choose what park you want to visit on each day in advance and cannot change your mind.

The day you’re visiting each park is printed on your ticket, so it is very difficult to change your mind and switch the day you visit each park.

Prices for two-day Tokyo Disneyland tickets and Tokyo Disneysea tickets are as follows:

  • Child: 8,800 yen or approximately $82USD
  • Junior: 11,800 yen or approximately $109USD
  • Adult: 13,400 yen or approximately $124USD

Unfortunately, there is no senior discount for multi-day Tokyo Disneyland tickets. People 65+ are required to pay the adult ticket price. It is a bit unfair, but there, sadly, isn’t anything you can do about it.

Three-Day Ticket

A three-day ticket allows you to visit one park per day for the first two days and then hop between the parks on the last day.

Just as with the one-day and two-day Tokyo Disneyland tickets, you must stay in the same park on the first two days. On the third day, you can hop between the parks as many times as you want.

You will, again, need to decide what park you will be visiting on the first two days when you purchase your ticket as your selection will be printed on the ticket.

Your ticket will have all 3 dates on the back. The first two dates will have either Disneyland or DisneySea printed beside them and the third day will have “both” printed beside it.

Prices for three-day Tokyo Disneyland tickets and Tokyo DisneySea tickets are as follows:

  • Child: 11,800 yen or approximately $109USD
  • Junior: 15,800 yen or approximately $146USD
  • Adult: 18,100 yen or approximately $168USD

Just like the two-day ticket, seniors are required to pay the adult ticket price and do not get a discount.

Four-Day Ticket

A four-day Tokyo Disneyland ticket allows you entrance to one park per day for the first two days and the ability to hop between the parks the last two days.

It is the exact same as the three-day ticket, but you get an extra day of park hopping tagged on at the end. You have a dedicated park for the first two days that you have to choose in advance then have complete freedom the last two days.

Prices for four-day Tokyo Disneyland tickets and Tokyo DisneySea tickets are as follows:

  • Child: 14,800 yen or approximately $137USD
  • Junior: 19,800 yen or approximately $183USD
  • Adult: 22,800 yen or approximately $211USD

Just as with the other multi-day tickets, there is no discount for people 65+, and they have to pay the adult rate.

Tokyo Disney Resort Passport

Starlight Passport

The Starlight passport is one of the most popular Tokyo Disneyland tickets amongst Tokyo locals.

The Starlight passport allows you to enter either park any weekend or holiday after 3pm. It is only valid for one day!

This ticket is ideal for people who want to frequently visit the parks and don’t mind standing in a long queue (the queues for everything at Tokyo Disney Resort get really long!), and are there to enjoy the atmosphere, food, and shows more than anything else.

One of the good things about this ticket is that it allows you entry into both parks, and you’re able to hop between both parks while you’re there.

By 3pm on weekends and holidays, the park is very, very busy (almost unmanageably busy), so this isn’t an ideal option for tourists who want to experience everything Tokyo Disney Resort has to offer

It is a great option for tourists who just want to get a taste of what the parks have to offer and aren’t hardcore Disney fans. It is for people who don’t mind not riding the most popular attractions or missing some of the morning and mid-day entertainment.

Prices for the Starlight passport are as follows:

  • Child: 3,600 yen or approximately $33USD
  • Junior: 4,800 yen or approximately $44USD
  • Adult: 5,500 yen or approximately $50USD

There is no discount for seniors, and they have to pay the adult price.

Note: The Starlight passport is only offered on certain days during the year. Please refer to the Park Operation Calendar to see when this ticket is available.

As you can see, there isn’t a huge difference between the price of one-day Tokyo Disneyland tickets and the starlight passport.

The Starlight passport is only $10-$15USD less expensive than the one-day single-park ticket. To me, it isn’t worth saving a little money and not being able to enter the park until after 3pm.

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are the least busy first thing in the morning and at the very end of the day. By purchasing the Starlight passport, you are missing out on one of the least busy times of day.

After 6pm Tickets

The After 6pm ticket allows you to enter both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea after 6pm on certain weekdays. This is another one of the most popular Tokyo Disneyland tickets among the locals.

The parks tend to close between 8pm and 10pm on weeknights, so this ticket doesn’t give you a lot of time in the parks.

You’ll really only have time to walk around the park, ride a less popular attraction, grab some food, and do a bit of shopping before the park closes.

This could be a good option if you’re staying around the Tokyo Bay area and want to briefly check out all the hype around the parks, but I don’t think it is a good option for people who really want to experience Tokyo Disney Resort.

Prices for After 6pm tickets are as follows:

  • Child: 4,300 yen or approximately $39USD
  • Junior: 4,300 yen or approximately $39USD
  • Adult: 4,300 yen or approximately $39USD.

As you can see, the cost of the After 6pm ticket is the same for everybody no matter the age.

The price of the After 6pm ticket is about half the cost of a one-day ticket, so it is a pretty good deal. I still don’t recommend it for tourists, but I can see the draw it has for locals.

This ticket, just like the Starlight passport, is only offered on certain days. If this is the ticket you want to purchase, be sure to review the Park Operation Calendar before you go, so you don’t get stuck paying full price!

Annual Passes

There are 3 different types of annual passes you can purchase at Tokyo Disney Resort. Annual passes aren’t a great option for tourists unless you plan on visiting the parks more than 10-15 times.

Annual passes at Tokyo Disney Resort only give you Tokyo Disneyland tickets, Tokyo DisneySea tickets, or access to both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

This is quite different from other Disney annual passes that give you special discounts when you purchase an annual pass. In Tokyo, your annual pass only gets you into the park with no other perks, so that is something to consider when purchasing an annual pass.

Tokyo Disneyland Annual Pass

A Tokyo Disneyland annual pass allows you entry into Tokyo Disneyland as many times as you want within the year. The year starts the day you purchase the annual pass, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing it at the start of the year.

A Tokyo Disneyland annual pass basically gives you unlimited Tokyo Disneyland tickets. You can visit the park as much as you want within the year.

The downside is that the Tokyo Disneyland annual pass does not give you access to Tokyo DisneySea. You would have to purchase a separate park ticket if you wanted to visit Tokyo DisneySea.

Prices for the Tokyo Disneyland annual pass are as follows:

  • Child: 40,000 yen or approximately $370USD
  • Junior: 62,000 yen or approximately $572USD
  • Adult: 62,000 yen or approximately $572USD
  • Senior: 52,000 yen or approximately $480USD

As you can see, the price for a junior and adult are the same, so anybody over the age of 11 but under 65 pay the same price.

Tokyo DisneySea Annual Pass

The Tokyo DisneySea annual pass is the exact same as the Tokyo Disneyland annual pass, but you’re allowed to visit Tokyo DisneySea rather than Tokyo Disneyland.

It has the same pricing as the Tokyo Disneyland annual pass.

2-Park Annual Pass

This annual pass allows you entry into both parks an unlimited number of times during one year and allows you to hope between the two parks!

Basically you’re purchasing unlimited Tokyo Disneyland tickets and unlimited Tokyo DisneySea tickets.

The upside of purchasing the 2-park annual pass is that you’re not restricted to one park and can enjoy both parks at your leisure. I would guess that this is the most popular annual pass option at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Pricing for a 2-park annual pass is as follows:

  • Child: 57,000 yen or approximately $525USD
  • Junior: 91,000 yen or approximately $840USD
  • Adult: 91,000 yen or approximately $840USD
  • Senior: 76,000 yen or approximately $700USD

You get a little bit of a deal when you purchase a 2-park annual pass, and it is definitely the way to go if you’re buying an annual pass rather than single day or multi-day Tokyo Disneyland tickets.

The price of a 2-day annual pass is fairly on par with other two-park Disney resorts. A 2-park annual pass at Disneyland California will cost you anywhere between $599USD and $1,399USD.

The Price of Tokyo Disneyland Tickets

I thought it would be helpful to have a section that just has the ticket prices in a format that is easy to reference. This section will list all the different types of Tokyo Disneyland tickets and the price of them.

One-Day Ticket

  • Child: $45USD
  • Junior: $60USD
  • Adult: $70USD
  • Senior: $64USD

Two-Day Ticket

  • Child: $82USD
  • Junior: $109USD
  • Adult: $124USD
  • Senior: $142USD

Three-Day Ticket

  • Child: $109USD
  • Junior: $148USD
  • Adult: $168USD
  • Senior: $168USD

Four-Day Ticket

  • Child: $137USD
  • Junior: $183USD
  • Adult: $211USD
  • Senior: $211USD

Starlight Passport

  • Child: $33USD
  • Junior: $44USD
  • Adult: $50USD
  • Senior: $50USD

After 6pm Ticket

  • Child: $39USD
  • Junior: $39USD
  • Adult: $39USD
  • Senior: $39USD

Tokyo Disneyland Annual Pass

  • Child: $370USD
  • Junior: $572USD
  • Adult: $572USD
  • Senior: $480USD

Tokyo DisneySea Annual Pass

  • Child: $370USD
  • Junior: $572USD
  • Adults $572USD
  • Senior: $480USD

2-Park Annual Pass

  • Child: $525USD
  • Junior: $840USD
  • Adult: $840USD
  • Senior: $700USD

Important note: All prices are as of January 2020 and are subject to change. Please visit the Tokyo Disney Resort website for the most current ticket prices.

Tokyo Disneyland Parade and Castle

Where to Purchase Tokyo Disneyland Tickets

There are a number of different places you can purchase Tokyo Disneyland tickets. They all have their pros and cons, and this section will help you decide where to purchase your Tokyo Disneyland tickets.

You can purchase your tickets at official Tokyo Disney Resort hotels, at the park entrance, at Ikspiari, good neighbour hotels, Disney stores in Japan, online, at Japanese convenient stores, or through a third-party seller.

That’s a lot of choices, and it can get overwhelming and confusing trying to figure it all out. I was certainly confused the first time I went to Tokyo Disney Resort. I tried to purchase Tokyo Disneyland tickets at multiple locations before filing buying them at Ikspiari.

Official Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels

Guests staying at an official Tokyo Disney Resort hotel can purchase their tickets at the hotel. The official Tokyo Disney Resort hotels are:

  • Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
  • Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
  • Disney Ambassador Hotel
  • Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel

Guests staying at these hotels can purchase their Tokyo Disneyland tickets upon arrival and don’t to worry about tickets being sold out for a particular day. Anybody staying at an official Disney hotel is guaranteed entry into the parks during their stay!

There are two other major ticket-related perks that come with staying at an official Disney hotel.

Multi-Day Passport Special

This very special ticket that is only available to guests staying at official Disney hotels allows you to hop between the parks any day your ticket is valid! It costs an additional 1,600 yen (approximately $15USD) and gives you a lot more freedom than the standard tickets.

You’ll have to figure out if this is something you want to take advantage of or not. I think it is a good option for people who only have a short trip and have been to Tokyo Disney Resort before but would probably not recommend it to first-time visitors.

It can take a long time to hop between the parks (sometimes up to half an hour depending on the frequency of the monorail. This really eats into your park time if you’re hopping between the two parks a number of times.

Happy 15 Entry

The second perk official Disney hotel guests get is what is called Happy 15 Entry. This gives you the opportunity to enter the parks 15 minutes before people who aren’t staying at an official Disney resort.

This may not sound like a huge perk, but it really is! The lines to enter the parks are always really long at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

I always get to the entrance gate an hour before the park opens and am normally at least a few dozen people back in line!

With the Happy 15 Entry, you’re able to get to the parks a few minutes before they open without having to wait in the line. Think of all extra sleep!

There are a select (very select) few attractions open in each park during the Happy 15 Entry time, but they aren’t the most popular attractions .

You are able to be first in line for the major rides when they open or be first to get a Fastpass for them.

The Happy 15 Entry saves you so much time and is a great benefit only available to the select few who pay the fairly high price to stay at an official Disney hotel.

At Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea

You can purchase your Tokyo Disneyland tickets and Tokyo DisneySea tickets at the entrance gate of each respective park. This is a pretty standard feature that every Disney park has.

You’ll need to purchase your tickets at the park that you’re visiting that day or plan to visit first with a multi-day ticket.

For example, if you’re purchasing a two-day ticket and want to visit Tokyo DisneySea on day one and Tokyo Disneyland on day two, you need to buy your tickets at Tokyo DisneySea rather than Tokyo Disneyland.

I hope that makes sense. A cast member will direct you to the proper park if you try to purchase tickets at the wrong one, so one way or another you’ll get your tickets.

Why I Don’t Recommend Buying Tickets at the Gate

I really don’t recommend you purchase tickets at the gate! The queues are always really long and waiting to purchase your Tokyo Disneyland tickets at the entrance will only further delay your entrance into the park.

There are better and more time efficient places to purchase your tickets in advance, so you can head straight into the parks when you get there!

Tokyo DisneySea

Purchasing Tokyo Disneyland Tickets at Ikspiari

Ikspiari is the equivalent of Downtown Disney or Disney Springs. It is a shopping centre right outside JR Maihama station (the metro station right at Tokyo Disney Resort).

On the basement floor of Ikspiari, there is a Tokyo Disenyland ticket centre, and you can easily purchase your tickets there. This is where I always purchase my Tokyo Disneyland tickets!

You can pay with card or cash, and there is rarely more than a few people in the queue. This is a great option for buying tickets at Tokyo Disney Resort but not waiting the day of your park visit to purchase them at the gate.

At Good Neighbour Hotels

There are a number of hotels that Tokyo Disney Resort considers good neighbour hotels. They are vetted by Disney and are considered to be of good quality.

All of the good neighbour hotels are located along the monorail loop and are very popular. They are a less expensive option compared to official Tokyo Disney hotels but are still close to the parks.

If you’re staying at a good neighbour hotel (my recommendation is Tokyo Hilton Bay), you can purchase Tokyo Disneyland tickets at your hotel.

You must purchase your tickets with cash. Cards are not accepted.

The problem with purchasing your Tokyo Disney Resort tickets at a good neighbour hotel is that the ticket booth is only open during certain hours.

I’ve stayed at a Tokyo Hilton Bay a number of times and have always had to go to Ikspiari to purchase my tickets because the ticket booth at the hotel was closed.

Ikspiari is also more convenient because you can pay with your credit card. Most people don’t have hundreds of dollars in cash so being able to use a card is helpful.

At Disney Stores in Japan

You’re able to purchase Tokyo Disneyland tickets at major Disney Stores in Japan. Shibuya is the biggest Disney Store in Japan, and lots of people purchase their Tokyo Disneyland tickets there.

This means the queues can be huge! The first time I went to Tokyo Disney Resort, I was going to purchase my tickets at the Shibuya Disney Store, but the queue was at least 50 people deep!

I don’t really recommend purchasing your tickets at Disney Stores simply because the line can get really long. The line at Ikspiari is normally much shorter.

Purchasing Tokyo Disney Resort Tickets Online

Another option available is purchasing your park tickets online directly through the Tokyo Disney Resort webpage.

This is a great option for people visiting Tokyo Disney Resort at a busy time of year where tickets could possibly sell out. You’re able to purchase your tickets online 90 days in advance!

Tokyo Disney Resort only accepts the following credit cards:

  • JCB
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • AMEX (American Express)
  • Diners Club
  • Discover Card

If you don’t have one of those credit cards, you won’t be able to purchase tickets in advance online and will have to purchase them once you get to Japan.

You may also run into problems with paying for things inside the park if you don’t have one of those credit cards so be sure to have enough cash or a backup card if need be!

At Convenience Stores in Japan

Family Mart and Lawson are two popular convenience store chains in Japan, and they sell Tokyo Disneyland tickets.

They are normally pretty quiet, so it can be a good option. The problem is that they only potential issue is that the ticket machine is only in Japanese.

If you don’t speak/understand Japanese, this is not an option for you.

Through a Third-Party Provider

You can purchase one-day Tokyo Disneyland tickets through Voyagin. One-day tickets cost 7,700 yen, which is a few dollars more than buying tickets directly from Tokyo Disney Resort.

You need to pick-up your tickets at JR Maihama station and cannot print your tickets online. To pick-up your tickets, you need your QR code and confirmation.

This is potentially a good option for people who don’t have a credit card that Tokyo Disney Resort accepts, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

You have the added inconvenience of picking your tickets up at JR Maihama station before you enter the parks, can only purchase one-day tickets, and you’re paying slightly more money.

Tokyo Disneyland Star Wars

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of frequently asked questions about Tokyo Disneyland tickets that I hope to be able to answer for you.

If you have any further questions, please leave a comment, and I’ll try to answer it for you!

Am I able to Change what Day I visit a Certain Park?

If you have a one-day or multi-day ticket and want to change what park you visit on a certain day, you’re able to do so for a fee.

A small fee of 200 yen (or about $2USD) is charged per ticket per day you want to change.

Let’s say you purchased a 2-day ticket with the first day scheduled for Tokyo DisneySea and the second day for Tokyo Disneyland but loved DisneySea so much that you want to spend both days there.

You simply go to guest relations (at the front of each park) or the entrance gate, and a cast member will help you out.

Can I Add Additional Days to my Ticket?

Unfortunately as of June of 2019, you are unable to add additional days to your ticket. You need to purchase a new ticket for the number of days you want to add.

This is why it is important to research your trip and figure out how many days you want to visit. The more days you spend in the parks, the less the ticket costs you per day.

Can I Reduce the Number of Days on my Ticket?

Yes! You’re able to reduce the number of days on your ticket. If you purchased a 4-day Tokyo Disneyland ticket but only want to visit for 3 days, a cast member will be able to refund you for the last day.

There is a 200 yen fee per day per ticket to reduce the number of days on your Tokyo Disneyland tickets, but that is a lot cheaper than paying for a park ticket you won’t use!

These changes can be made to your ticket at guest relations or at the ticket booths at the entrance to the parks.

Should I Visit Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea First?

This is a difficult question to answer. It has more to do with personal choice and preference more than anything, and only you know what you like.

I personally always visit Tokyo Disneyland first because it has the castle and classic Disney attractions. Tokyo DisneySea is a very unique park unlike any other theme park in the world, and I like to get warmed up with Disneyland before I visit it.

You really can’t go wrong no matter what you choose. Both parks are great, and you’ll have a magical time no matter which park you visit first.

I Have a One-Day Ticket. What Park Should I Visit?

This question is a lot easier to answer. I highly recommend visiting Tokyo DisneySea if you only have one day at Tokyo Disney Resort. As mentioned, it is very unique, and you won’t find a lot of the attractions anywhere else.

That being said, if you’re travelling with smaller children, you may want to visit Tokyo Disneyland.

You’ll find the iconic Disney rides and feel at Tokyo Disneyland compared to Tokyo DisneySea. The attractions at Disneyland are also more family friendly than at Tokyo DisneySea.

How Many Days do I Need at Tokyo Disney Resort?

This is another very difficult question to answer and depends a lot on how long you’re in Tokyo and how big of a Disney fan you are.

I always buy 4-day Tokyo Disneyland tickets, but I’m a big Disney fan. A casual fan may not need as much time as that.

For more casual fans or people who just want to see what all the fuss is about, I would suggest purchasing a 2-day ticket. This allows you to visit both parks, see a lot of what they have to offer, eat some food, and shop a little.

Two days is probably enough for people who don’t want to watch every show and parade or ride every ride.

Where do You Recommend Buying Tokyo Disneyland Tickets?

I know I mentioned it earlier, but I wanted to say it again for the people who skim these posts (no shame I do it too!).

I recommend purchasing tickets at Ikspiari. In my opinion, it is the most convenient and easiest way to purchase Tokyo Disneyland tickets.

The one exception to this recommendation is for people staying at an official Disney hotel.

If you’re staying at an official Disney hotel, you should purchase your tickets at the hotel to get the added benefit of Happy 15 Entry and the option to upgrade your ticket to the Multi-Day Passport Special that allows you to park hop your entire trip.

Pooh's Hunny Hunt


As you can see, there are a lot of different options when it comes to purchasing Tokyo Disneyland tickets!

I think the most difficult part of the process is figuring out what ticket you want to purchase. You have to narrow down what is most important for you to see and then figure out how many days you need to see it.

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are always busy no matter what time of year or what day of the week. You’ll be standing in queues for nearly everything, and that is something to consider when planning your trip.

Spending 2-4 days at the parks should be enough time for you to experience the parks without feeling too rushed.

Tokyo Disney Resort is magical, and no matter how long you’re there for, you’ll have a great time! Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are beautiful parks with some of the best attractions in any Disney park.

Pro tip: don’t forget to try the Green Alien dumping in Tokyo DisneySea. They’re delicious!

A Guide to Buying Tokyo Disneyland Tickets

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    1. The ticketing system at Tokyo Disney Resort is certainly not as straight forwards as it could be and can get a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. I hope this post helps you when you make it to Tokyo Disney! πŸ™‚

  12. Such a detailed guide for Disneyland tickets! I totally agree that buying a ticket at the entrance fee is a bad idea. I went to DisneySea in Tokyo and the entrances of both parks were super crowded. I didn’t realize how complicated it is for the ticket prices, so thanks a lot for a write up.

    1. It is shocking how busy the entrance gates are at both parks! People really love the Tokyo parks, so you have to get there early and queue for a long time to get into the park in the morning, so it certainly isn’t the best time to buy a ticket.

  13. I’m hoping to visit Disney Land Paris as soon as my gal grows up a bit more to understand & enjoy it all!
    Oh wow! I didn’t know that there were Disneyland and DisneySea in Tokyo. Since both would be sprawling, it wouldn’t make sense to hop between the 2 in a single day. 2 day ticket sounds like the best of all scenario. Thanks for this detailed, on-the-point guide for the various types of tickets!
    Btw, I’m heading now to read your post on Disneyland Paris.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! Your girls will love Disneyland Paris when you go. It is such a special park. I’m headed back to Disneyland Paris is May and will be writing a comprehensive guide to their ticket options as well. I’m going to try out their annual pass this time around and am waiting until I can review it to write my post. So be on the lookout for it in a few months! πŸ™‚

  14. It is good that you have written this guide. Most of us don’t realize how complicated the offers at Disneyland are. I saw a similar thing at the Euro disney and honestly, was so confused that I did not know what to go for. Just went with the flow then but if I had this kind of info on day passes, how many days I can add, the different prices, I might have made a better decision. Will be sharing this one around for people planning Tokyo disney.

    1. Thank you for sharing this with your friends travelling to Tokyo Disney Resort! Their ticketing is far more complicated than any other Disney park around the world, and I would have loved a guide that laid out everything I needed to know before I went for the first time. It would have saved me so much time! Haha.

  15. Love all the details you’ve provided to make it easier to determine which price and package are the best options. We are hoping to go to Japan next year and are interested in checking out Tokyo Disney. I’ve been to both Disneyland and Disney World several times but never to a Disney outside the US before. It will be interesting to see the differences.

  16. I have been to Tokyo Disney Sea on my trip to Tokyo last 2016 but I still have not been to Tokyo Disneyland. We are currently planning a trip to Tokyo this autumn and I hope I get the chance to visit Disneyland. I heard there is a new Beauty and the Beast attraction and the Beast castle. I am a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast, I definitely want to check it out. These are really helpful and informative tips. It’s very detailed on all the types of Disneyland tickets

  17. We missed visiting Tokyo Disneyland when we were in Japan. But I have kept this post for when we return the next time. Even without kids we love amusement parks. Interesting that a one or two day ticket is limited to only one park per day. Although good that you can come and go to that one park. I am just not sure I would want to commit to a 3 or 4 day ticket to add some flexibility to do more than one park in a day. Love that there are discounted passes for partial day visits. Good if you really only have a few things you want to do. We would definitely want to get our tickets before arriving at the gate to avoid the lines. A very comprehensive guide!

    1. It is a bit frustrating that you’re limited to one park on the first two days of a ticket, but I’m guessing it is a strategy to cut down on some of the crowds. Committing to three or four days would be difficult if you’re not a fun Disney nerd like I am. You definitely have to make some difficult decisions when planning a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort. And yes! Buying your tickets before getting to the gate is the best way to do it!

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