How to Travel from Taipei to Jiufen (The Easy Way!)

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Jiufen is the most popular day trip from Taipei. It is charming, full of delicious food, and the best place in and around Taipei to buy souvenirs. The best part is that it is incredibly easy to travel from Taipei to Jiufen!

Not having to worry about figuring out transportation makes a day trip so much better!

The best and easiest way to travel from Taipei to Jiufen is to take the bus. It takes just over an hour and costs 90NTD (approximately $3USD). Most bloggers will tell you to take the train, but it isn’t nearly as convenient since you have to transfer to a bus at the end of your trip since the train doesn’t go all the way to Jiufen.

This post outlines all the different ways you can travel from Taipei to Jiufen. Knowing all your options will help you choose the best method for you and your travel style.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each options, so you know all the information before you commit to a transportation method.

It may only take an hour or so to get from Taipei to Jiufen, but it can feel like a lifetime if you choose the wrong transportation method!

I suggest visiting Jiufen in the morning and early afternoon. It gets uncomfortably busy in the afternoons, and the trip isn’t as enjoyable.

You’ll also have better luck with transportation earlier in the day. It won’t be as crowded, and you’ll be able to get on the first bus that stops rather than waiting in a long queue and it taking multiple buses before you can get it. You’ll also be more likely to find a seat on the train rather than having to stand.

National Concert Hall Taipei, Taiwan

Before We Get Started

I write a lot of these transportation guides. There is hardly any aspect of travel I hate more than figuring out how to get from one place to another.

I write these comprehensive posts, so you can have all the information you need in one place and don’t have to waste a lot time figuring out what transportation method you want to take.

Here are the other Taiwan transportation guides I’ve written:

Hopefully they come in handy when you’re planning your trip to Taiwan!

But, now, back to our regularly scheduled content on how to travel from Taipei to Jiufen!

Temple in Taipei, Taiwan

Option One: Taking the Bus from Taipei to Jiufen

Taking the bus is the easiest and most convenient way to get from Taipei to Jiufen.

You just get on the bus and hop off when you get to Jiufen Old Street.

You don’t have to worry about transferring like you do on the train. It is so easy, and it is impossible to get lost.

There are two types of buses you can take from Taipei to Jiufen. You can take a tourist shuttle bus or a regular public bus.

The tourist shuttle bus is a coach bus, and the public bus is just like any other normal public bus in the city.

Both work perfectly fine, and it comes down to which bus comes first, is closest to where you’re staying, and whether you want a guaranteed seat on the tourist bus or are willing to possibly stand on the public bus.

The number of the buses that travel from Taipei to Jiufen are:

  • 795 (tourist shuttle)
  • 856 (tourist shuttle)
  • 956 (public bus)
  • 1062 (public bus)

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How Long Does the Bus Take?

The bus ride from Taipei to Jiufen takes between 1 hour and 1.5 hours.

The length of your journey depends on which bus you take and where in Taipei you’re departing from.

From Taipei Main Station, it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

You can expect anything departing from central Taipei will take about that long as well. If you’re departing from New Taipei City, the journey will take closer to an hour.

This all depends on traffic, of course.

Your journey could take a lot longer if there is a traffic jam.

How Much Does a Bus Ticket Cost?

This, again, depends on what type of bus you take.

The tourist shuttles are slightly more expensive than public buses, but the difference isn’t big enough that it will impact your decision.

The public bus costs 90NTD (approximately $3USD) and the tourist shuttle costs 100NTD (approximately $3.50NTD).

Where to Purchase Bus Tickets

You pay for your bus ride when you get on the bus.

You can either pay by cash or by tapping your transportation card (known as EasyCard) when you get on and off the bus.

Using your EasyCard is the easiest and most convenient way to pay your bus fare.

You don’t have to worry about having exact cash. Bus drivers don’t have change, so you need to have the exact cost of the bus fare in cash or live with slightly overpaying for your ride.

You can purchase your EasyCard at any metro station in Taipei or at most convenience stores.

If you want to choose your design rather than getting a generic EasyCard, you’ll want to purchase it at a convenience store.

It isn’t expensive to purchase an EasyCard, and it is well worth the convenience to get one.

You can reload it with money at any metro station or at any convenience store.

Where Does the Bus Depart From?

Buses depart from many different locations.

There are stops all over the city, so there is most likely a bus stop near where you’re staying in Taipei.

I was staying near Taipei Main Station, and there was a bus stop across the street from Taipei Main Station.

The bus also stops near Ximending Shopping District, Banqiao in New Taipei City, near Taipei 101, and so many other places.

The easiest way to figure out the closest bus stop to you is put “Jiufen Old Street” into your GPS and walk to the bus stop it tells you to.

There are often many buses that stop at one bus stop, so you need to be sure you’re standing in the right place. There are signs at each bus stop telling you which bus stops where.

Read the signs and stand near the stop that has your bus number on it.

Jiufen Old Street Taipei Taiwan

Where Does the Bus Arrive at?

The bus drops you off right outside of Jiufen Old Street.

It is super convenient! You just step off the block, walk about a hundred feet, and you’re in Jiufen Old Street!

It is important to note that the bus picks you up in a slightly different location.

The pick up location to return to Taipei is up the hill from the drop off location. When you exit Jiufen Old Street, turn to the right, walk for about 200 feet, and the bus stop is on the left.

There is a shelter and sign at the bus stop, so it is easy to find. There are also people waiting there basically all day there.

Since there are two buses that pick people up at that station, there are two lines (and markings on the pavement to show you where to stand).

Be sure you’re in the right line (there is information and maps at the bus station to help you figure out what bus you want to take).

Advantages of Taking the Bus from Taipei to Jiufen

  • Most direct route (no transfers required!)
  • Basically have a guaranteed seat (outside of peak hours)
  • Inexpensive

Cons of Taking the Bus from Taipei to Jiufen

  • It takes slightly longer than the train
  • The bus is slightly more expensive than the train

Option Two: Taking the Train from Taipei to Jiufen

Your next option is to take the train from Taipei to Jiufen. Most other bloggers list this as the best option, but I disagree.

The train doesn’t take you all the way to Jiufen.

You have to transfer to a bus for the last part of the journey, and it isn’t the most convenient option. A lot of the time, you have to wait for a few buses to arrive and depart before you’re able to get on one.

The buses are busy because they are already full of the people they picked up in Taipei and New Taipei City.

It is true that the train costs slightly less than the bus and takes slightly less time, but it comes down to convenience for me.

I’m willing to pay a few extra pennies and sit on a bus a few minutes longer to have a direct journey. It is nice to get on the bus and get off at Jiufen.

Not having to worry about transferring always makes the journey more enjoyable in my opinion.

How Long Does the Train Take?

It takes about 45 to 70 minutes to travel from Taipei to Jiufen on the train.

The train ride itself takes about 30-40 minutes, and the final bus to Jiufen takes about 10-20 minutes. It could take even longer if you have to wait for multiple buses before you get a seat.

The train ride can also take longer- especially if you’re travelling during rush hour. You have to take a slow train from Taipei, so it often has to wait at stations for a few extra minutes to let high-speed trains pass.

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How Much Does a Train Ticket Cost?

The entire trip (bus and train ticket included) will cost you less than 100 NTD (less than $3.50 USD).

It is a pretty good deal considering it takes at least 45 minutes to get to Jiufen from Taipei.

The train ticket costs between 50 NTD and 75 NTD (approximately $1.50 USD to $2.50 USD).

The bus costs about 15 NTD (approximately $0.50).

Where to Purchase a Train Ticket

You purchase your train ticket at the train station, and you pay for your bus ticket on the bus.

No need to worry about getting your ticket in advance or sticking to a set schedule based on what time your ticket is for.

Easy peasy!

Where Does the Train Depart from?


You can catch the train at basically every train station in Taipei.

This doesn’t mean every metro station in Taipei.

There are some metro stations that have train stations attached to them, but not every one does. Make sure you’re going to an actual train station because it is different than a metro station.

You can find the closest train station by putting it into your Google Maps, and you’ll be on your way in no time!


You need to get off the train at Ruifang Station.

After you get off the train, you need to walk a few hundred feet to the bus station.

The bus departs from outside the police station, so it is really easy to find. You need to get on the bus that picks you up on the side of the road that has the police station.

You’ll be headed in the wrong direction if you get on the bus across the street from the bus station.

You need to get on one of the following buses:

  • 788
  • 825
  • 827
  • 965
  • 1062

All 5 of those buses stop at Jiufen, so it doesn’t matter which one you get on.

Just hop on the first bus that comes, and you’ll be at the entrance of Juifen Old Street in about 15 minutes!

Taipei, Taiwan

Where Does the Train Arrive at in Jiufen?

Since you’re taking a bus to Jiufen and not the train the entire way, the arrival location is the same as in the first section of this post.

You will be dropped off right at the entrance of Jiufen Old Street. The entrance is less than 100 meters away from where the bus drops you off, so it is super convenient!

Advantages of Taking the Train from Taipei to Jiufen

  • Least expensive option
  • Quickest option
  • Doesn’t get delayed if there is a traffic jam

Disadvantages of Taking the Train from Taipei to Jiufen

  • You have to transfer from the train to a bus for the last leg of your journey
  • May have to wait for multiple buses to arrive before you get on one
  • You may not get a seat on the train and have to stand for over half an hour

Option Three: Taking a Guided Tour from Taipei to Jiufen

Your next option is to take a guided tour from Taipei to Jiufen.

This isn’t my favourite option. I find tours overpriced and not my cup of tea. I very much prefer to travel alone and travel on my own schedule.

But if you enjoy tours, there are plenty of tours to choose from.

Most tours to Jiufen include stops of Shifen and Yehliu as well, so you’re seeing more places than you would on your own.

I found this tour particularly interesting. It includes a pastry baking class, so you get to learn a new skill in addition to sightseeing.

It is pretty cool!

Klook is the top tour provider in Asia. They have a bunch of half and full-day trips from Taipei to Jiufen. You should be able to find a tour that suits your interests!

If you don’t find one on Klook, Get Your Guide is another great place to look.

Ice Cream Burrito Taipei Taiwan
Ice cream burrito from Jiufen Old Street- A MUST try!

Option Four: Taking a Taxi or Uber from Taipei to Jiufen

Your final option is taking a taxi or Uber from Taipei to Jiufen Old Street.

This is a great option if you want to travel on 100% your own schedule and not be held back or reliant on a bus or train time schedule.

It is surprisingly inexpensive to take a taxi or Uber to Jiufen.

This is especially true if you’re splitting the cost between a few people.

A taxi will cost you about 1,300 NTD (approximately $45 USD), and an Uber will cost you about 1,000 NTD (approximately $35 USD).

That’s a really fair price considering the distance you’re travelling.

I’ve taken a number of Ubers in Taiwan and have had nothing but amazing experiences. I only took one taxi in Taiwan, but it was a great experience as well.

Taking a taxi or Uber is a great option for people who are in a rush or larger groups of people.

If you have a family of four, it may be more economical and relaxing to take an Uber or taxi than piling onto a bus or train.

It is definitely and option to consider when planning your trip from Taipei to Jiufen Old Street.

Taipei 101


There you have it!

The four best and easiest ways to travel from Taipei to Jiufen.

Visiting Jiufen Old Street is one of the best day trips from Taipei. It is so different from the city and is extremely beautiful with the mountains in the background.

It may seem daunting to travel from Taipei to Jiufen, but it really isn’t. I almost didn’t go to Jiufen the first time I was in Taipei because I didn’t want to have to transfer from the train to the bus.

To be honest, I really don’t like transferring if I can avoid it.

I honestly didn’t even know there was a direct bus from Taipei to Jiufen Old Street until I put it into Google Map.

So it doesn’t have to be complicated, and is, in fact, very easy to get to Jiufen Old Street from Taipei.

Just hop on a bus and get off in a little more than an hour. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

If you’re considering not going to Jiufen because you’re not sure if the journey is worth it, take it from somebody who was in the same boat and go!

You’ll regret not going. It is truly one of the best places in the Taipei area!

As a side note and important safety reminder, don’t forget to install a VPN on your phone before you start travelling and connecting to public wifi. You’d be surprised how many people want to steal your online information and how easy it is to do!

How to Travel from Taipei to Jiufen (The Easy Way!)How to Travel from Taipei to Jiufen (The Easy Way!)How to Travel from Taipei to Jiufen (The Easy Way!)How to Travel from Taipei to Jiufen (The Easy Way!)How to Travel from Taipei to Jiufen (The Easy Way!)How to Travel from Taipei to Jiufen (The Easy Way!)