Flying the Nest Video Editing Masterclass Review & Coupon Code

Stephen and Jess are the personalities behind the hugely popular travel YouTube channel Flying the Nest. In 2020, they started Flying the Nest Academy, and the first course they released was the Flying the Nest Video Editing Masterclass.

I am a very curious kitten and wanted to see what the course was all about, so I purchased the course! I hadn’t started my YouTube channel before I bought the course but knew I wanted to start a travel channel eventually.

Plus they had a 30% off promo when the course first launched, and I can’t say no to a good deal!

Today I’m going to help you decide whether the Flying the Nest Video Editing Masterclass is worth the investment or if you should look somewhere else for your video editing needs.

Overall, the value you get from the Flying the Nest Video Editing Masterclass is incredible! You get hours of video classes, and Stephen walks you through editing a vlog from start to finish. There is a good split in the content between learning how to actually edit a vlog and how to tell a story through video. Both of which are extremely important. The Flying the Nest Video Editing Masterclass is a good choice for anybody creating vlogs (not just travel vloggers). But if you do mostly talking head videos, this isn’t the right course for you.

As you can probably tell, I like the Flying the Nest Video Editing Masterclass.

I’ve purchased a dozen or more online courses, and there are only two or three (including this one) that I felt were worth the price I paid for them.

But just because I found value from the Flying the Nest Video Editing Masterclass doesn’t mean you will.

You’ll have a much better idea of whether Flying the Nest Academy is the right place for you or not by the end of this post!

What Can I Expect from the Flying the Nest Video Editing Masterclass?

This is always the trickiest part of purchasing an online course.

The copywriting of any and every online course makes it sound so good, but oftentimes the course falls short of expectations.

There is hardly a worse feeling than shelling out your hard earned cash for something that doesn’t satisfy you!

The Flying the Nest Video Editing Masterclass comes with more than 50 video modules where Stephen walks you through the entire process of creating a travel vlog.

The course is over 6 hours long and has everything you need to know about editing footage and putting together a story.

You literally edit a vlog with Stephen.

He walks you through every step of editing a vlog from organizing your footage to the technical editing process all the way to creating a thumbnail, adding subtitles, and uploading it to YouTube.

The part I appreciate most about this course is you actually get to watch Stephen create an entire vlog. He doesn’t just explain the concept in a few minutes, give you a quick example, and then move on.

It is very in-depth, and you leave with a lot of knowledge you didn’t have going into the course.

My Experience with Flying the Nest Academy

My experience taking the Flying the Nest Video Editing Masterclass was far better than I anticipated.

I didn’t have super high expectations going in and kind of expected it to be meh and a cash grab course like so many other content creators put out.

I was wrong. The Flying the Nest Video Editing Masterclass is actually a really valuable resource for anybody looking to learn how to edit a vlog and tell a story through video.

I’m a hands on learner, and I really appreciated that Stephen walked us through creating a vlog from start to finish.

It helped to put the process and the steps in my mind.

Watching an entire vlog get edited in real time also helped me understand how long the process is and how much work goes into creating a 15-minute YouTube video.

A lot of people decide to start a YouTube channel and don’t understand that it is a lot of work. Seeing the entire process makes it impossible not to have an understanding of what you’re getting into. That really helps you decide whether vlogging is the right content creation path for you!

I found the course easy and straight forward to follow.

The only thing I found a bit overwhelming was watching Stephen edit and cut footage quickly after he went through the process slowly.

That is more because I didn’t know the shortcuts he was using, and it wasn’t a problem with his instructions.

His editing sometimes moved too quickly for me, but it was easy to get back and rewatch as needed.

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Pros of the Flying the Nest Video Editing Masterclass

  • Extremely comprehensive. Way more in-depth than other video editing courses offered by influencers and content creators.
  • A very fair price. Stephen and Jess could have charged $100 more for the course it is that high quality. I think this is a steal of a deal!
  • Seeing the entire editing process from start to finish is extremely helpful for people learning how to tell a story through video or looking to get better at it.
  • You’re learning from one of the most successful travel vloggers on YouTube.
  • There is a feature where you can ask questions in each module. The questions and answers are archived, so everybody can learn as they go through the course.

Cons of the Flying the Nest Video Editing Masterclass

  • I wish there was a shortcuts cheat sheet included with the course. It would be nice to have a printout to keep by my laptop as I’m learning the process.
  • Sometimes Stephen moves pretty quickly through his edits, and it could be a bit overwhelming at times.
  • Stephen and Jess don’t interact in the Facebook group a ton, and your questions are normally answered by fellow course participants rather than the teacher (still get great advice most of the time though!)
  • The course is hosted on Thinkfic. I personally like Teachable better, but this is more of a nitty-picky personal choice than anything else.

Who Should Consider Signing Up for Flying the Nest Academy?

I think anybody who wants to start a travel YouTube channel, become a freelance editor, or wants some bomb family movies can get a lot of value out of this course!

Even if you’ve played around with editing in the past, you can get value out of the Flying the Nest Video Editing Masterclass.

It is so much more than just learning what keys to press to cut footage or add sound effects to your video.

As I keep saying, watching Stephen edit an entire vlog and having him walk your through the entire process and thought process is well worth the price of the course!

I think that anybody who wants to vlog can find value in this course. You don’t have to be a travel vlogger. The principles of storytelling that Stephen discusses in the course apply to any genre of vlogging.

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I Don’t Use Adobe to Edit. Can I Still Find Value in the Course?

I don’t use Adobe to edit either, and that was one of my biggest questions going into the course.

I don’t think it is an issue if you use a different editing software than Stephen. This course is more designed to teach you how to create an amazing vlog than teaching you the editing software itself.

Stephen discusses how to use Adobe, but it isn’t the focus of the course. A lot of the information and tips and tricks on how to maximize your time can be applied to other softwares as well.

Obviously, the shortcut keys and the layout of the software will be different.

A fair amount of the course is watching Stephen edit a vlog, but you don’t need Adobe to get value out of those portions of the course.

He shares his thought process on deciding what clips to keep and what to cut. How to arrange the clips into a logical sequence, and how to tell a cohesive story.

Not using the same editing program as Stephen isn’t enough of a reason not to purchase the course. You get a lot of value out of it still.

Who Should NOT Consider Singing Up for Flying the Nest Academy?

If you only do talking head YouTube videos, you do not need to purchase this course.

The Flying the Nest Video Editing Masterclass is mostly centred around telling a story and how to tell a story through video.

If your content is mostly you sitting in front of a camera speaking, this isn’t the course for you.

You will be better suited purchasing a course that focuses more on how to use the editing software.

I love talking head videos and think they are great. This just isn’t the course that teaches the skills you need to create good talking head videos.

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Coupon Code

Use the code below for 10% off any purchase from the Flying the Nest shop (including the video editing masterclass):



It can be difficult to decide whether or not a course is worth buying.

It isn’t like a university class that you know will be good (or at least in most cases will be). There is some risk in purchasing one of these online courses.

A lot of them are bad, but this one is excellent.

There aren’t many course creators out there that take the time and effort into making the course that Stephen clearly did.

You can tell it is very well thought out, and he really wants you to learn how to create a travel vlog.

He didn’t just quickly throw the course together just to make a few bucks off his followers.

I’m very happy with the course and have no regrets in buying it. Even before I had a YouTube channel and well before I started vlogging.

I guarantee everybody will find value of the Flying the Nest Video Editing Academy.

You will walk away from the course a better editor and storyteller. I have no doubts about it!