How to Travel from Copenhagen to Lund (Super Easy!)

Lund is a cute little university town in southern Sweden. It takes about an hour to travel from Copenhagen to Lund, so it is the perfect day trip to take from Copenhagen!

You can either take a train or bus from Copenhagen to Lund. The cost is virtually the same for both the train and bus, but taking the train is the best way to travel from Copenhagen to Lund. The train leaves more often and takes significantly less time, so it can be more convenient for most travellers. One downside to taking the train is there may be limited space, and sometimes people have to stand during peak times. You also have the option to drive from Copenhagen to Lund if you rent a car.

Lund is such a cute city. You can easily see the highlights of the town in a single day, and that is what makes it such an attractive day trip from Copenhagen.

Even though you’re travelling from Denmark to Sweden, the trip is super painless and just as easy as taking public transportation within a single country.

The only thing that may be different is you may be asked to show your passport when the train arrives in Sweden.

This doesn’t happen every time a train arrives from Denmark, but you should carry your passport with you just in case the Swedish authorities board the train and check people’s passports.

The passport check doesn’t take more than a few minutes and you’re back on your way to Lund in no time!

In many instances, it is quicker and cheaper to travel from Copenhagen to Lund than it is to travel from Copenhagen to other Danish cities!

That is how easy and painless the journey from Copenhagen to Lund is!

Option One: Taking the Train from Copenhagen to Lund

Taking the Copenhagen to Lund train is the best and most convenient way to travel between the two cities.

Three trains leave per hour (excluding super off-peak hours in the middle of the night). You can basically show up at the train station at any time and get on the next train within a matter of minutes!

I love how quick, easy, and hassle free taking the train from Copenhagen to Lund is!

How Long Does the Train from Copenhagen to Lund Take?

The entire journey from the centre of Copenhagen to the centre of Lund takes less than an hour!

It can take a few minutes longer if there is congestion on the tracks or the Swedish authorities check passports, but it is never longer than 75 minutes!

As a Canadian, it never ceases to impress me that you can travel between countries so quickly in Europe! I absolutely love it.

Copenhagen, Denmark

How Much Does a Train Ticket Cost?

Ticket costs vary between 61 Krone and 122 Krone. That is approximately $10 USD to $20 USD.

In my experience, a Copenhagen to Lund train ticket cost normally costs closer to the €8 range than the €16 range.  

That can be a little bit expensive for such a short journey, but it is the Nordic countries.

Prices tend to be a bit higher in that region than other parts of Europe, but it is so worth it!

For a bit of context, it costs roughly the same to travel from the Copenhagen airport to central Copenhagen as it does to travel from Copenhagen to Lund. It isn’t really all that expensive when you compare it to other prices in Denmark and Sweden.

Where to Purchase Train Tickets

There is absolutely no need to purchase your ticket in advance!

Trains travel from Copenhagen to Lund so often that there will be a train leaving within 30 minutes of you arriving at the train station.

You’ll get on the next train even if it is busy, but is may mean you have to stand rather than have a seat.

It isn’t a big deal though since it is such a short journey. A lot of people get off the train at the Copenhagen airport as well, so you can probably snag a seat then if you do end up standing.

There are ticket machines at Copenhagen Central Station and the airport, so you can easily pick up your ticket no matter where you’re departing from.

You do have the option of purchasing a ticket in advance on the ticket machine if you want to be extra prepared or have to leave at a particular time no matter what.

Ticket machines take both cash and card, and they have an English option for tourists!

All things considered, it is one of the easiest processes for purchasing train tickets, and the entire process is smooth and fool proof.

A word of caution: there are people checking tickets on almost every train. Please always purchase a ticket and never try to catch a free ride. This advice goes for every and any public transportation you take but is especially important on the Copenhagen to Lund train.

Where Does the Train Depart from in Copenhagen?

You can get on the train from Copenhagen to Lund at two spots:

  • Copenhagen Central Station
  • Copenhagen Airport

It is a direct train from both the central train station and the airport, so you never have to worry about transferring trains.

It doesn’t really matter where you jump on the train, and it all boils down to what is most convenient for you.

Most people will get on the train at Copenhagen Central Station, but a few of you may want to go straight to Lund from Copenhagen airport. That is super easy to do as well, so that is another big plus about travelling from Copenhagen to Lund!

Where Does the Train Arrive at in Lund?

The train arrives at Lund Central Station.

It is located in central Lund, and you’ll be able to walk pretty much anywhere in the main part of the city within 20 minutes!

Lund Central Station is perfectly located, and odds are it is easier to walk to wherever you’re staying than take the bus.

Lund, Sweden

Advantages of Taking the Train from Copenhagen to Lund

  • Trains leave 3 times an hour on average
  • Super inexpensive
  • The train stations in Copenhagen and Lund are centrally located and easy to walk to
  • Beautiful scenery

Disadvantages of Taking the Train from Copenhagen to Lund

  • You might have to stand
  • Limited dedicated luggage storage

Option Two: Taking the Bus from Copenhagen to Lund

You other option is to take a bus from Copenhagen to Lund.

This is a fine option, but it isn’t as convenient as the train. Buses don’t leave as often, and they take significantly longer than the train.

There are only six buses per day that travel from Copenhagen to Lund, so it is much more restrictive and forces you to plan more in advance.

I personally prefer the train because you know it will likely run on schedule unlike the bus that may get caught in traffic.

Plus trains are just way more fun than buses!

How Long Does the Bus from Copenhagen to Lund Take?

Unfortunately, the Copenhagen to Lund bus ride take 90 minutes!

That is basically half again as long as the Copenhagen to Lund train, so I don’t really see much of an advantage to taking the bus over the train.

How Much Does a Bus Ticket Cost?

It varies by bus company, but you can expect a bus ticket to Lund from Copenhagen to cost between 67 Krone and 110 Krone That is approximately $11 USD and $18 USD.

That’s pretty close to what a train ticket will cost, so it is pretty much a saw off between the train and bus when it comes to cost.

One thing to note is I’ve often found that the bus tickets tend to average closer to the higher end of their price range whereas train tickets tend to average out closer to the lower end of their price range.

It all depends on what company you use and when you depart though!

A ticket during the peak-time on a weekend is going to cost more than a ticket during off-peak times on a weekday.

Plan accordingly and try to find the best ticket price that suits your travel schedule!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Where to Purchase Bus Tickets

You have two options for purchasing bus tickets:

  • Online in advance
  • In person right before departure

Both options work, and it is more of a matter of preference.

The buses are rarely full because the train is so convenient and popular. You don’t really need to stress about purchasing your ticket online in advance because bus tickets don’t typically sell out.

That doesn’t mean they never sell out though!

There are three different bus providers that travel from Copenhagen to Lund.

Neither of them are any better than the rest, and it all comes down to price and departure time.

The three bus operators are:

All three providers let you purchase tickets online in advance or at the station on the day of departure.

Just be sure you get to the station early enough to have time to purchase a ticket if you don’t purchase one online in advance!

Where Does the Bus Depart from in Copenhagen?

The bus leaves Copenhagen at Copenhagen Central Station.

There is a bus station at the same spot as the train station, so it is really easy to find!

Copenhagen Central Station is located right in central Copenhagen next to Tivoli Gardens, so it is impossible to miss!

Where Does the Bus Arrive at in Lund?

Buses arrive at Lund Bangatan.

It is about 100 meters away from Lund Central Station and is super centrally located.

Just like the train station, you can walk to anywhere in central Lund in less than 20 minutes, and it is normally easier to walk to your accommodation than try to take a bus.

Lund is a super small town, so it is easy to walk around the central part of the city without getting lost!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Advantages of Taking the Bus from Copenhagen to Lund

  • You have a guaranteed seat
  • Dedicated luggage storage under the bus
  • Lovely scenery

Disadvantages of Taking the Bus from Copenhagen to Lund

  • There are only six buses that travel from Copenhagen to Lund per day
  • It takes significantly longer than the train
  • Is often more expensive than the train

Option Three: Driving from Copenhagen to Lund

Your final option is to drive from Copenhagen to Lund.

I don’t really recommend you rent a car and drive just to visit Lund from Copenhagen. It is more expensive than the bus or train, and is a headache you don’t need.

It isn’t terribly convenient to worry about navigating the roads, finding parking, and filling up on gas before you return the car.

The only time I recommend you driving from Copenhagen to Lund is if it is part of a larger road trip through Denmark and Sweden.

If you do choose to drive, it will take a little over an hour to reach Lund from Copenhagen.


There you have it! You now know everything you need to in order to decide how to travel from Copenhagen to Lund!

My preference is to take the Copenhagen to Lund train because it is faster and less expensive. But it all comes down to what works best for you and your travel needs.

You can technically also take a taxi from Copenhagen to Lund, but it is extremely expensive and not worth the additional price since it takes about the same amount of time as the train.

A taxi from Copenhagen to Lund will set you back at least 600 Krone or approximately $100 USD!

That is absurdly expensive!

Stick to public transportation. It is quick, effective, and convenient.

Nordic countries know how to do public transportation right, and you’ll have a lovely journey no matter if you take the train or bus.