5 Secret Places to Meet Disneyland Characters

There are countless things to do in Disneyland, and it can feel a bit overwhelming to plan the perfect Disneyland itinerary. Choosing between rides and restaurants can take up a lot of your planning time, but you shouldn’t forget about meeting Disneyland characters!

Just like rides and restaurants, you should take some time to plan out which Disneyland characters you want to meet and put together a plan on meeting them.

It would be a shame to go all the way to Disneyland and not meet your favourite character!

There are a number of obvious places you can meet your favourite Disneyland characters. They include Toontown, Main Street USA, and Royal Hall in Fantasyland.

But there are also a number of secret places to meet Disneyland characters.

This post will help you learn about the secret places to meet Disneyland characters, so you can track down some of the more rare characters and meet them while in Disneyland.

I’ll also cover a few tips and tricks to meeting Disneyland characters, so you can get the most out of every character interaction.

But that won’t be the majority of the article because, let’s face it, you’re here for the insider secrets!

1. The Plaza Inn Character Breakfast

In my opinion, the Plaza Inn character breakfast is one of the most underrated experiences in Disneyland!

It is normally pretty quiet, but it is packed with unique characters to meet.

In my experience, the breakfast at Plaza Inn is the place to go if you want to meet rare characters.

The last time I had breakfast at Plaza Inn I met Max (Goofy’s son), Rafiki, Fairy God Mother, Captain Hook, Chip, Dale, Tigger, Eeyore, and Minnie! It is incredible to be able to meet such a cast of characters at a character meal!

Normally you get a handful of characters that are friends. Like Pooh and gang or Mickey and friends. But not at Plaza Inn! You get to meet a wide selection of characters. Most of which you won’t be able to meet elsewhere in Disneyland!

The best part about Plaza Inn is that it is often so quiet that you get to interact with the characters more than once!

I hung out with all the characters twice last time I had breakfast at Plaza Inn, and Dale came over a third time to say bye before I left. I don’t think you’ll get that much character interaction at any other character meal in Disneyland or Disney World!

If Plaza Inn has such good characters, why isn’t it more popular?

That’s a great question, and one I’ve pondered quite a few times.

My guess is that most people don’t realize how many Disneyland characters they’ll get to meet at Plaza Inn. I sure didn’t the first time I ate there!

The website markets the breakfast as “Minnie & Friends- Breakfast in the Park”. It is reasonable to conclude from that description that you’ll be dining with the Fab Five.

With that description, the character breakfast at Plaza Inn doesn’t stand out against the other character breakfasts offered on Disneyland property. It is difficult for Minnie & Friends to compete with:

  • Princesses at the Grand Californian Hotel
  • Donald and friends in beach outfits at the Paradise Pier Hotel
  • Mickey’s Tale of Adventure Breakfast at the Grand Californian Hotel (which is known to have unique and fun characters you can’t meet anywhere else)
  • The classic Goofy’s Kitchen character meal that is similar in popularity and nostalgia as Chef Mickey’s in Disney World

Based off all the descriptions of the available Disneyland character breakfasts, Plaza Inn sounds the least exciting. If you only have the means to have one character breakfast, Plaza Inn doesn’t jump off the page as a top contender at first glance.

But you now know better!

You know that Plaza Inn is a top secret place to meet some of the most elusive of all Disneyland characters. So book that character breakfast and enjoy meeting tons of Disneyland characters with no waiting in line and great food.

Plus Plaza Inn is hardly ever booked full, so you don’t feel rushed or have to fight the crowds. That’s one of the most attractive features of the Plaza Inn character breakfast other than the characters.

It is so nice to be able to spend as much time as you want at a character breakfast without feeling like you’re being rushed out!

The Plaza Inn Disneyland

2. The Wishing Well

The wishing well is one of my all-time favourite places to meet Disneyland characters.

A lot of the Disneyland characters that hang out at the wishing well are more difficult to find but still very popular characters. You’ll be ahead of the game if you know where to keep an eye out for these characters!

The wishing well is located just off to the right of the castle when you’re walking down Main Street USA from the park entrance.

There is a small pathway just off the main walkway through the castle. Just follow that, and you’ll come across the wishing well.

Don’t forget to make a wish while you’re there!

Some of the characters that are known to pop up to meet guests near the wishing well are:

  • Snow White
  • Evil Queen
  • Princess Jasmine
  • Aladdin
  • Princess Aurora

That’s a pretty good list of characters you can meet! Where else are you going to run into the Evil Queen?!

An extra tip on finding some of these Disneyland characters (especially the Evil Queen) is to walk a bit beyond the wishing well into Fantasyland.

Follow the path behind the wishing well into Fantasyland, and that is where you’re most likely going to find the Evil Queen. She tends to hang out by the wall opposite the Alice in Wonderland washrooms.

She hardly ever has a line because most people don’t know to look for her there!

Take advantage of this opportunity to grab a picture with one of Disney’s most famous villains. Just don’t eat any apples she offers you!

The Wishing Well Disneyland

3. At the Front of the Park

I’m not referring to meeting characters on Main Street USA when I say that the front of the park is a secret place to meet Disneyland characters.

You can meet some really fun characters on Main Street USA (like Cruella De Vil and Mickey and friends), but it is hardly a secret place to meet Disneyland characters!

I’m talking about the very front of the park near the entrance before you cross under the train station.

I often forget that Disneyland characters meet at the front of the park and am happily surprised to see characters meeting guests when I leave the park!

Characters aren’t always meeting at the front of the park, so you’re not guaranteed to meet any there. They most often show up to meet with guests in the afternoon and early evening when the park is busiest.

The most common character I’ve seen meeting at the front of the park is Ariel. She wears the most beautiful turquoise ballroom dress, so it is a great photo opportunity to meet her in a less common outfit.

The Disneyland characters that meet guests at the front of the park tend to have a longer line than at the other locations on this list.

The longer line makes sense though. Guests who are entering Disneyland see the characters when they enter and hop in line to meet them before heading deeper into the park.

The lines are still relatively short- especially compared to the lines you’ll stand in the meet Disneyland characters at the most popular locations.

Cruella De Vil Disneyland Character

4. Roaming Around the Park

The best secret (but not really secret) places to meet Disneyland characters is roaming around the park.

The most common place to find characters roaming around is in Fantasyland, but you can find them just about anywhere in Disneyland.

It isn’t uncommon to stumble across Peter Pan hiding from and taunting Captain Hook in Fantasyland. Or see Dr. Facilier walking through New Orleans Square.

Alice, Queen of Hearts, Mary Poppins & Bert, Woody, Chewbacca, and Prince Naveen have all been known to wander through different areas of the park meeting with guests.

It is so much fun to be walking through the park, turn a corner, and see a character you weren’t expecting to see! One of my favourite parks of the characters the roam around Disneyland is that they tend to be more rare characters, and you normally have some of the most fun interactions.

You might think that the Disneyland characters that roam through the park have long lines. It would make sense considering they tend to be rare, but they don’t!

Most people are so focussed on getting from one place to another that they don’t bother to stop and meet the roaming characters.

They look at the roaming characters but very rarely stop what they’re doing to take the time to meet them. Which is good news for you!

You can quickly jump in line, meet a character, and then continue on with what you were doing before without interrupting your plan too much. I’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes to meet a roaming character, and that is very uncommon.

Most of the time, there are only two or three people in line in front of me, and it takes less than 5 minutes to meet a roaming character and get my photo with them!

Princess Belle (Beauty and the Beast)


This is another odd one but hear me out! I’m not just running out of secret places to meet Disneyland characters. Trust me.

Adventureland isn’t a land people normally associate meeting characters. And for good reason seeing as basically no Disneyland characters meet there and characters tend not to roam around Adventureland.

So why is it even on my list then?! There is one very good reason Adventureland is on this list:


Moana is such a rare character to meet, but she is an extremely popular character to meet. You can meet her at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom, in Hong Kong Disneyland, and in Adventureland in Disneyland.

That’s it. She doesn’t meet anywhere else.

The wild this is that most people don’t know that Moana meets guests in Adventureland!

For such a popular character, it is a fairly well hidden gem.

Where exactly you can meet Moana

Moana meets with guests near Tarzan’s Treehouse. She doesn’t meet everyday, and when she does meet with guests, it often isn’t for a long time.

So if you see her out and about meeting guests, jump in line right away or else you might miss your only chance!

If you’re wondering if Moana is meeting on a particular day and it isn’t listed in the times guide, I recommend asking a cast member at the Royal Hall in Fantasyland. These cast members are really knowledgable on what characters are scheduled to meet that day.

I’ve overheard the cast members at Royal Hall on more than one occasion help guests figure out when Moana is meeting next.

If you’re not interested in meeting Moana, Adventureland isn’t the place for you. No other character really meets in that area, and you’ll have more success heading over to New Orleans Square. A number of characters hang out there.

But if you love Moana and thought you couldn’t meet her in Disneyland, this may be the secret Disneyland character meeting place that makes your entire trip!

PS- While you’re in Adventureland, be sure to stop by the Tropical Hideaway to try some of the best ice cream in Disneylan!

The Tropical Hideaway Disneyland Dole Whip

Bonus: Mickey Mouse

The most obvious and common place to meet Mickey is at his house in Toontown, but it isn’t necessarily the best place to meet him! The line to meet Mickey at his house is normally 30-60 minutes, and that is a heck of a long time to wait to meet a character!

Lucky for you, there is a better and lesser known way to meet Mickey with little to no line!

In the afternoons, Mickey meets with guests just off of Main Street USA. He meets guests on the right-hand side of Main Street USA when you’re walking towards the castle.

He doesn’t meet in the centre of Main Street USA but off the side and often back by the door the characters come in and out it. It can be easy to miss him, and a lot of people do!

This is the perfect place to meet Mickey if you don’t want to stand in a long queue to meet him in his house.

He often meets at the same time as Minnie and Pluto, so if it shows on the time guide that those two are meeting on Main Street USA, there is a good chance that Mickey will be meeting guests as well.

Mickey Mouse is a very popular character to meet, so he will most likely have a longer line than any other character on this list, but the line on Main Street USA will be a lot shorter than the line at his house.

So if you want to meet Mickey while on your Disneyland vacation but don’t want to wait in an hour-long line, this is the solution for you!

Mickey Mouse Toontown Disneyland

General Tips for Meeting Disneyland Characters

Now that you know all the secret places to meet Disneyland characters, it is time to go over a few general tips and tricks for having the best possible interactions with all the characters.

These tips are perfect for people who are new to meeting Disneyland characters or people who are awkward like me and like to have a firm plan before embarking on a socialization journey.

You can use these general tips whenever you’re meeting Disney characters. Not just at Disneyland but at every Disney park around the world!

I wrote an entire post on meeting Magic Kingdom characters if you want to check it out. It is primarily focused on meeting characters at Magic Kingdom, but you can apply a lot of the information to meeting Disneyland characters as well!

Pick Up a Times Guide when You Enter the Park

A times guide will come in very handy when you’re planning your day. It lists when all the characters are meeting and the time of the shows and parades.

You can get a times guide as you’re entering the park or at guest services.

Be sure to refer to your times guide when you’re planning your day! It’ll help you decide what time of day you should dedicate to meeting Disneyland characters and when you should prioritize rides.

Monitor the App

The Disneyland app is the best place to look for real-time updates!

It lists how long the wait time for each ride is, where characters are meeting, and how long the line to meet the characters is. They only estimate the wait time to meet characters with a dedicated meeting spot like Mickey and the princesses.

The app will tell you when characters are meeting on Main Street USA and other lands, but it won’t tell you how long the wait is.

It doesn’t impact your planning that much, but it is a good thing to keep in mind!

Pluto Disneyland Main Street USA

Don’t be Shy

This is a difficult one for me as introvert, but it really helps.

All the Disneyland characters are trained to lead the conversation with guests who don’t take hold of the conversation themselves.

Face characters will ask you questions, and fur characters will carry on the conversation by pointing and gesturing (and the help of their character attendant).

I know it can be intimidating to meet the characters at Disneyland, but it isn’t as scary as you’re building it up in your head. You get used to it after meeting with a few characters, and it gets less awkward.

Or maybe it is only awkward for me because I’m so bad in social situations. So if I can do it, so can you!

Have Your Stuff Ready

I think this is one of the most important tips I can give you for meeting Disneyland characters.

Try to have all your stuff ready before you get to the front of the line and meet the character. This means having your autograph book out, your pen lid off, and your camera ready.

It saves so much time, and the people behind you in line will appreciate it.

It also gives you the potential of having a longer interaction with the characters. The less time you spend fumbling to get your stuff in order, the more time you had to chat with the character!

I know it can be difficult to have everything ready when you have small children, but it is worth it! Have a dedicated pocket in your bag that you can easily reach that has your autograph book and pen. Even that small action will save you a lot of time!

Not All Characters have Photopass with Them

If you frequent Walt Disney World, you’re used to characters always having a Photopass cast member with them to snap a professional photo for you. But that isn’t always the case in Disneyland.

A lot of Disneyland characters have a Photopass cast member with them, but it isn’t as common (yet) as it is in Disney World. And this doesn’t just go for the roaming characters.

Some of the most common and popular Disneyland characters don’t always have a Photopass photographer with them.

I’ve had many experiences where I had to use my personal camera when meeting Mickey in Toontown or the princess at Royal Hall. It was very surprising to me the first time this happened because I’m so used to the robust Photopass system in Disney World.

The good news is that the character attendants are happy to take a photo for you.

There are normally character attendants with each character, and they’ll happily use your camera to snap a picture for you! The only time I’ve met characters without there being a character attendant was at Royal Hall.

I highly recommend you have a personal camera (or phone) ready to go if there isn’t a character attendant with the character you’re meeting.

In fact, I suggest you regularly ask character attendants to take a photo for you with your personal camera even if there is a Photopass cast member there!

You never know which person will take the best photo and capture the best memories!

Entrance to Disneyland


Meeting Disneyland characters is so much fun. No matter what age you are!

I personally don’t think any Disneyland trip is complete without meeting a couple of characters.

You’ll be able to track down and meet some amazing Disneyland characters now that you know these secret places characters tend to hang out. You’ll be checking characters off your “to meet” list in no time!

Plus you’ll meet some rather rare characters, so that is a huge bonus! Who doesn’t want to get a picture with a character who hardly ever meets guests? I know I sure do.

I go to Disney World a lot more frequently than Disneyland. I’m curious to know if you have any secret places you love meeting Disneyland characters.

If you do, drop them in the comment section. If you’re willing to share your secrets that is.

9 Things to Know Before Meeting Magic Kingdom Characters

Magic Kingdom is an essential part of any trip to Walt Disney World! It is the most iconic Disney park, and there is so much to see and do. One of the most fun is to meet all the different Magic Kingdom characters.

You can meet all the classic characters at Magic Kingdom from Mickey to Pluto, Tinker Bell to Cinderella, and a number of characters that are exclusive to Magic Kingdom.

It is honestly so much fun to meet the Magic Kingdom characters, and I recommend everybody take a little time to meet a character or two.

You won’t regret it! It may even become your favourite memory from your trip.

It should be no surprise though that meeting characters at Magic Kingdom is a very popular activity, and the lines can get long. But there are ways to avoid long lines!

I’ll spill all the top tips and tricks for meeting Magic Kingdom characters in this post, so you’re a character expert even if you’re never been to Walt Disney World before!

So read on to learn everything you need to know about meeting characters at the most magical place on Earth!

1. Character Meals May Not be the Best Option

This one is a bit controversial. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of people say that characters meals are the best way to meet all your favourite characters.

While that may be true for some people, I recommend you think long and hard before booking a character meal.

So why do I say that?

There are three main reasons:

There are no Photopass Cast Members

This for me is the biggest reason I don’t think character meals may not be the best option for you and your group.

It is really difficult to get a nice group picture with the characters during a character meal.

You can get decent photos of part of your group with the characters, and sometimes you can get group photo by asking someone from another table to take your photo, but that doesn’t happen all that often.

If you really want to get a nice group picture with the characters, then you may want to reconsider paying for a character meal.

The exception to this is the dinner at Be Our Guest. There is a photopass cast member there to take a professional photo of you and your group.

If you’re dining alone, you’ll have to either take a selfie with the characters or ask a nearby guest to take your photo.

It is not ideal at all. I will probably never go to a character meal as a solo traveller ever again. I didn’t enjoy the experience at all, and I felt really self-conscious about being there alone.

Donald Duck

There are Always People in the Background of Your Photos

The background of every single character meal I’ve ever been to is ugly. There are always people and tables in the background. Not cute.

If this is your only chance to meet and get a picture with your favourite character, it is a bit disappointing to not have a really nice background like you would get at a meet-and-greet location.

The dinner at Be Our Guest has a dedicated area and backdrop where guests are able to meet Beast. I love this idea. It allows guests to meet a rare character, get a photo taken by a photographer, and have a really nice backdrop.

I hope this becomes more of a trend in more Magic Kingdom character meals!

It would be a game changer, and I would 100% go to more character meals and dine alone. Please Disney make this change. I’m begging you!

It is Expensive

Character meals at Disney World are expensive! Breakfast for a family of 4 at The Crystal Palace will easily run you $150USD and probably more with the tip.

And the food is pretty mediocre. You are served generic food that is not as good as you would find at any other table service restaurant and some quick service restaurants.

If you’re looking for a tasty meal, a Walt Disney World character meal probably isn’t where you’ll find it.

I would personally rather wait in a line to meet the Magic Kingdom characters than pay $42 plus a tip for a boring breakfast. It is also so loud and rushed at the character meals. They are not the place to go if you’re looking for a relaxing meal in the Magic Kingdom.

Who Should Consider a Magic Kingdom Character Meal?

There are always people who enjoy character meals. That’s why they are normally booked full and hard to get reservations at!

So how exactly should consider going to a character meal rather than waiting in the normal line to meet the Magic Kingdom characters?

  • People with small children who don’t do well waiting in lines. A character meal may be the best option for your group if you have a small child, and you want to meet a lot of characters in one go.
  • Groups that have a limited amount of time at Disney World. A character meal may be the most efficient way to meet all the Magic Kingdom characters on your list.
  • You need to meet one of the characters, and that character doesn’t meet anywhere else in Magic Kingdom. This will be princesses like Snow White and Aurora. You can meet these princesses at other parks, but Cinderella’s Royal Table is the only place you can meet them in Magic Kingdom.

2. Have Your Stuff Ready!

You have at least a few minutes to wait in line before you meet Magic Kingdom characters so use that time to get all your stuff ready!

Have your autograph book and pen out, your ears on, and you camera ready before you meet each character.

It saves so much time and makes the line run more efficiently. The more efficient the line is, the more people can meet the Magic Kingdom characters!

I know it can be difficult to have everything you need in hand and ready to go while you’re watching your children as well, but it is really important! Have everything need in your hand or an accessible place before you get in the line to help you be prepared when you’re closer to meeting the characters.

The people behind you in the line will thank you for being organized and keeping the line moving!

Tiana Magic Kingdom Characters

3. Consider Meeting the Characters on Main Street Later in the Day

One of the first things you’ll notice when you enter Magic Kingdom is that some of your favourite characters are meeting on Main Street USA.

It is very tempting to run into line as see as you see your favourite characters, but you may want to resist the temptation.

The characters on Main Street USA are there to tempt you and make the ride queues a little shorter in the morning. The morning is the very best time to jump on your favourite rides, so you don’t want to waste it standing in line to meet a character.

Magic Kingdom characters meet on Main Street USA for the majority of the day, so you can easily go back to the front of the park a few hours into your day and meet them.

Waiting a few hours to meet the characters on Main Street USA is beneficial becuase:

  • There is normally a shorter line for the characters later in the day
  • You get ride more rides in the morning when they have a shorter line

That is a win-win situation that is hard to beat!

So while it is very tempting to jump in line to meet Pluto at the front of the park, keep on walking! Avoiding the temptation of the front-of-house characters will be beneficial for you in the short term and long term.

Plus you’ll be able to go back and meet them later in the day when the lines for the rides are long!

Be sure to check your times guide to see when Magic Kingdom characters are meeting on Main Street USA.

There are certain times of days (during shows and parades) that the characters don’t meet on Main Street USA.

Chip and Dale Main Street USA

4. They’ll Lead the Conversation (If You Want Them to)

The fact that face characters will lead the conversation is a life-saver for me. Raise your hand if you’re an extreme introvert too!

I enjoy meeting face characters but was intimidated the first few times I interacted with face characters. I’m not great with small talk, and all I really wanted was a quick photo and to get out of there as quickly as I could.

I quickly found out there was nothing to worry about. All the characters were chatty and lead the conversation. I didn’t have to put in any work or feel too awkward about my inability to small talk.

Here are a few of the fun interactions I’ve had with face characters over the years:

  • Rapunzel complimented my Gelatoni (Tokyo Disneyland character) purse, and we chatted about animal sidekicks and how Maximus was still enjoying his apples.
  • Merida begged me to babysit her brothers until she found out I wasn’t terribly found of small children.
  • Anna was talking about how much she loved snow and was amazed to learn I am from Canada. (Note: this was at Epcot not Magic Kingdom.)

It gets easier each and every time you interact with a face character, but it can still be a bit uncomfortable at times if you’re an introvert.

There have been times where I don’t meet a face character because I don’t have enough emotional energy, but the majority of the time, I’ll wait in line to meet a face character without feeling anxious at all! It just takes practice.

If you’re an extrovert, then meeting face characters is probably a lot easier. Extroverts are more prone to being comfortable with small talk and interacting with strangers.

I don’t think my extrovert counterparts will have any trouble hanging out with face characters.

But What About Fur Characters?

Fur characters will lead your interaction as well. No words are said, but you can still communicate a surprising amount!

Communicating with fur characters takes a little bit more work than it does with face characters, but it is worth it.

I much prefer interacting with fur characters than face characters- it is so much fun!

Fur characters communicate with you by pointing, other gestures, walking around, and with the help of their character attendant.

I’ve had some of my most fun interactions with Magic Kingdom characters with fur characters rather than face. Who would have guessed?!

My favourite interactions with fur characters at Magic Kingdom include:

  • Dancing with Chip and Dale on Main Street USA
  • Goofy trying to take some of my Halloween Candy at MNSSHP
  • Mickey Mouse teasing my dad and convincing him to get in the photo with us

Hanging out with fur characters is the perfect first step in meeting Magic Kingdom characters.

It allows you to interact with the characters without the nerves of having to actually hold a conversation. Once you get comfortable meeting fur characters, you can work your way up to face characters!

Whether you’re meeting face or fur characters, they will always lead the conversation if you don’t feel comfortable taking the lead.

You don’t have to worry about any awkward pauses or uncomfortable silences. All the Magic Kingdom characters are great at holding a conversation and making your interaction memorable.

Rapunzel Magic Kingdom Characters

5. Take Advantage of Photopass Photographs while Still Using Your Personal Camera

Photopass is an amazing upgrade you can add to your Disney World vacation. I always purchase the Photopass option and get my money’s worth out of it. But not everybody add Photopass to their vacation package, so they use their own cameras to capture their memories.

Whether you buy the Photopass option or not, I highly recommend you use both the Photopass camera and your personal camera to snap pictures of you meeting Magic Kingdom characters.

There is always a character attendant with the characters along with a Photopass cast member. The Photopass case member will snap a bunch of photos of you and your group meeting the character, and the character attendant is more than happy to snap a few photos with your personal camera.

This gives you twice the opportunity to get the perfect photo and memory!

Be sure to ask the character attendant nicely to take a few photos with your personal camera. Their main job is to make sure the characters are safe, and they’re helping you take photos out of the kindness of their hearts.

Even if you didn’t purchase the Photopass option, you should get your photos linked to your magic band or Photopass card. You never know what photos the photographer caught, and you may fall in love with one.

You can purchase a single photo online through the website if there is one Photopass picture you can’t live without.

The price of a single photo is ridiculously expensive. Almost criminally expensive. Right now, each photo is almost $17USD, and I’m sure the price will only increase with time.

If you think you’ll want to buy more than 10 Photopass photos, I recommend purchasing the Photopass option before you arrive at the hotel.

The price of the Photopass option is slightly discounted if you purchase it before you arrive. You get unlimited photos, so you can really get a good bang for your buck. I normally leave a week-long Disney vacation with well over 200 photos!

If you’re partway through your trip and decide you want to buy a number of different photos, you can purchase a Photopass package. It is a bit more expensive than pre-buying the package, but it will still save you a ton of money compared to buying each photo individually.

The moral of this story is to use both the professional camera and your camera to ensure you get the best photos possible!

Festival of Fantasy Parade Magic Kingdom

6. Consider Getting a Fastpass+ for the Most Popular Magic Kingdom Characters

A Fastpass+ essentially allows you to skip the queue and go right to the front of the line of an attraction or character meet and greet without having to stand in a long line. You’re allowed to pre-book 3 Fastpass+ selection each day you have a ticket, and they’re an amazing way to save a lot of time.

A lot goes into making the perfect Magic Kingdom Fastpass+ selections, and I have an entire post with tips and tricks to make the most out of your Fastpass+ selections at Magic Kingdom here.

I highly recommend you give it a read. It will really help you plan your Fastpass+ selections at Magic Kingdom. It even has some tips even the most experienced Disney World goer might not know.

Is it Worth it to Use a Fastpass+ Selection on Meeting a Character?

It definitely can be!

Characters like Tinker Bell and the princesses can have really long lines. It isn’t unusual for their lines to be over an hour!

If you need to meet one of the most popular Magic Kingdom characters on your trip, you should consider getting a Fastpass+ to meet them. It could save you a lot of time!

Plus the waiting areas and queues to meet the popular characters are always really crowded and loud. I try to spend as little time in them as possible!

What About Mickey?

I mentioned Tinker Bell and the princesses as the two Fastpass+ selections I would recommend for Magic Kingdom.

Mickey Mouse also has a Fastpass+ option, but I don’t think it is the best use of your Fastpass+ selections.

You often have to wait over an hour to meet Mickey, but there are multiple times during the day that his wait is 30 minutes or under.

There have been multiple instances where I’ve waited less than 15 minutes to meet Mickey in Magic Kingdom! It is unreal.

I recommend you keep your eye on the My Disney Experience app and check every now and then to see what Mickey’s wait time is. Once it goes down enough, head over and meet him!

Minnie Mouse Magic Kingdom

7. Magic Kingdom Characters have Unique Outfits During Special Events

There are two special events at Magic Kingdom throughout the year: Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP).

MNSSHP runs from August to October and MVMCP runs from November through December.

These parties are special for a number of reasons, but one of my absolute favourite things to do at them is meet a bunch of characters.

Magic Kingdom characters have special outfits at these two parties that you won’t find anywhere else!

It is so much fun to meet the characters during the parties. At MNSSHP they’re all wearing Halloween costumes, and they’re dressed up for the holiday’s at MVMCP. It is so adorable!

The first time I attended MNNSHP, I spent hours meeting every character I could. That is literally all I did! So worth it.

Some of the highlights at the parties include:

  • Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas
  • All Seven Dwarves dressed in either Halloween or Christmas outfits
  • Pooh and friends in the most adorable costumes I’ve ever seen

There are so many Magic Kingdom characters out and about during these parties. It is impossible to meet them all in a single night. Trust me, I’ve tried and failed.

You should do some research before you attend the party and decide which characters you need to meet and make that a priority.

Most of the characters have fairly long lines the entire night so be prepared to wait!

The most popular characters often have multi-hour long lines. Like three hours or more! Oftentimes people enter the park as early as they can, go straight to where the character they want to meet is greeting, and wait in line for hours.

The most popular characters include:

  • Jack and Sally
  • The Seven Dwarves
  • Stitch dressed as Elvis at MNSSHP
  • Pooh and friends

Sometimes these characters start meeting guests before the party officially starts to try to limit the wait time.

There is no guarantee they will start meeting guests early though so don’t plan your entire party strategy around that!

Even if you’re not a huge fan of meeting characters, I encourage you to take some time to meet a character or two at these parties.

It is such a unique opportunity, and you don’t want to regret missing out on it!

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party MNSSHP Winnie the Pooh Walt Disney World

8. Dance Parties are an Unexpected Place to Meet Characters

Everyday there is a Move It! Shake it! MousekeDance It! street party in Magic Kingdom. It is mainly meant for children, but it is a great place to meet some characters you can’t meet anywhere else in Magic Kingdom.

MNNSHP and MVMCP also have a number of dance parties you can attend!

Meeting characters at dance parties is different than how you would normally meet characters in the park. There isn’t a queue, and you aren’t guaranteed an interaction with a particular characters.

Characters dance amongst the crowd and interact with the guests they choose.

Most of the time the guests they dance with are younger, but that isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. Characters at the dance parties will dance with whoever they want for as long as they want!

It isn’t a traditional meet and greet, but it is the perfect place to get an amazing candid photo.

If you are travelling with a small child, dance parties are so much fun! Your children will love it, and you’ll get the most amazing photos and memories from them.

Magic Kingdom Dance Party

9. Know Where to Find Rare Characters

Every park at Disney World is home to rare characters, and Magic Kingdom is no exception. Outside of Epcot, I would argue that Magic Kingdom has the best selection of rare characters you can meet.

You just need to know where to look for them!

Most of the time rare characters aren’t listed in the guide and are wandering around Magic Kingdom rather than in a tradition meet-and-greet location.

This means you have to be on the lookout for them and jump in line to meet them as soon as you see them. They don’t stick around for long!

Some of the best rare characters you can meet at Magic Kingdom are:

  • Fairy God Mother, Anastasia, and Drizella (Cinderella) can be found in New Fantasy Land
  • The Country Bears in Frontierland
  • Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Bear, and Br’er Fox by Splash Mountain
  • Queen of Hearts, Tweedledee & Tweedledum, White Rabbit by the Mad Tea Party ride

On top of the rare characters you can meet on any ordinary day, the parties feature a number of rare characters are well:

  • Jane, Tarzan, and Terk
  • Lotso the Huggin’ Bear (Toy Story 3)
  • Moana
  • Genie (Aladdin)

The characters at the parties have dedicated meet-and-greet locations, so you don’t have to worry about have to track them down!

I love bumping into rare characters while wandering around Magic Kingdom. It is so much fun, and you never know who you’ll find!

Elvis Stitch MNSSHP


Meeting characters at Magic Kingdom is one of my favourite things to do! It is fun for everybody no matter your age.

Interacting with characters at Disney makes you feel young at heart even if you’re not longer a kid. Or at least it does for me!

I don’t think a Disney trip would be complete for me without meeting at least a couple of characters!

The 9 tips I went over in this post will help you meet and interact with Magic Kingdom characters like a pro even if you’re a newbie. You’ll be able to resist the characters on Main Street USA as you’re walking into the park and know where the rare characters like to hang out.

A trip to Disney really is magical, and the characters make it even more magical!

So say hi to Mickey from me next time you see him!