9 Tips to Know Before Taking a Solo Trip to Copenhagen

Copenhagen probably isn’t the first city that comes to mind when you start planning your solo trip but don’t count it out just yet! Taking a solo trip to Copenhagen is actually a better idea than you might think.

Copenhagen has a reputation for being expensive and a little far away from other parts of Europe.

That is true, but that doesn’t mean taking a solo trip to Copenhagen isn’t worth it.

Copenhagen is one of the few cities I’ve immediately fallen in love with. Even though it is a major city, it has a relaxed vibe and is surprisingly calming.

The only downside to taking a solo trip to Copenhagen is the cost.

There is no way of getting around the fact that Copenhagen is an expensive city. The price tag of simply getting a hotel or hostel may put Copenhagen out of budget for many solo travellers.

However, if you can afford to visit Copenhagen, you won’t regret it.

It’s an amazing city to say the least.

And if you decide to take a solo trip to Copenhagen, here are the top things you need to know before you go to ensure you have the most amazing trip!

What I wish I knew before backpacking Europe alone

1. Copenhagen is Very Walkable

If you’re anything like me, you love walking everywhere and anywhere you can when travelling.

You always stumble on the most unique neighbourhoods, sights, and people you would never experience if you hopped on public transportation.

Well I’ve got good news for you!

Copenhagen is an extremely walkable city. You can walk to pretty much any tourist attraction you want to visit in an hour or less.

Not only is Copenhagen extremely walkable, but it is also a nice city to walk around. All the different neighbourhoods are beautiful, and it is relaxing to walk around.

Plus being able to walk around the city rather than rely on public transportation can definitely help lower the cost of your solo trip to Copenhagen.

Copenhagen, Denmark

2. It’s Expensive

If you haven’t realized already, Copenhagen is an expensive city.

Even if you try to visit Copenhagen on a budget, it’ll still cost you more than a trip to most other places in Europe.

So, budget accordingly and just accept that it is going to be a more expensive trip.

That being said, there are ways you can make your trip to Copenhagen as affordable as possible.

  • Book a hostel or guest house rather than a hotel
  • Buy snacks and drinks at the grocery store rather than at a restaurant
  • Visit attractions on days when there is free entry (if applicable)
  • Walk around Copenhagen rather than take public transportation
  • Visit during off-peak times
  • Buy lunch at a grocery store and have a picnic
  • Book accommodation that offers complimentary breakfast
  • Use your student or senior discount

Being proactive and figuring out how to save a little money when you travel alone in Copenhagen will go a long way in making your wallet happy.

It doesn’t take much effort, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

That being said, don’t let the cost of Copenhagen deter you from visiting the city.

If you can afford to visit Copenhagen, it is 100% worth doing!

top tip

Installing an esim on your phone is the easiest way to access the internet while abroad

3. Take a Day Trip to Sweden

If you want to knock out seeing two countries in one trip, I’ve got good news for you!

You can visit a number of cities in Sweden on a day trip from Copenhagen. You can jump on the train and be in Sweden in less than two hours!

My two favourite cities in Sweden to visit from Copenhagen are Lund and Malmö.

Lund is a much smaller town and is one of the top university cities in Sweden. And if you don’t know, university towns are known for their amazing food!

Malmö is bigger than Lund and has more sights to see and experience. You have to visit the Malmö Castle if you visit the city.

It also has an amazing town square, and it is lovely to sit outside sipping on a beer on a warm day.

But, you can’t go wrong with either Lund or Malmö.

One important thing to note if you’re taking a day trip to Sweden from Copenhagen is you need to bring your passport.

It’s true that you Denmark and Sweden are part of the EU and have open borders. But, it has been my experience that Sweden likes to check that everybody entering Sweden has the right to be there.

Every time I’ve taken the train from Copenhagen to Sweden, the train has stopped at the first station in Sweden.

Swedish officials board the train, look at everybody’s documents, and then let the train continue.

So, in an abundance of caution, be sure you bring your passport and supporting documents showing you’re allowed to enter Sweden.

You don’t want to deal with the headache of not having your documents and trying to explain your situation.

In the best case scenario, you’ll be sent back to Denmark. In the worst, you’ll be detained for interview.

Malmo Train Station

4. English is Widely Spoken

One of the things people are nervous about when it comes to travelling alone in a foreign country is the language barrier.

That is one thing you don’t need to worry about on your solo trip to Copenhagen!

English is spoken by pretty much everybody, and you shouldn’t have an issue communicating with the locals.

Museums and major attractions have descriptions in both English and Danish, and nearly every restaurant offers their menu in English.

If you’re in need of help during your solo trip to Copenhagen, you don’t have to fret.

Basically anybody you ask for assistance will be able to communicate with you and help you out.

In the unlikely chance they can’t communicate with you, the next person you come across should be able to!

If a language barrier is what is holding you back from planning a solo trip to Copenhagen, book ahead. That won’t be an issue.

5. You Need to be Internet Safe

No matter where you’re travelling, it is important that you keep safety in mind when using the internet.

You’re reliant on public wifi networks, and that puts you at increased risk of having your online information and data stolen.

And, yes, your hotel wifi that has a passcode still counts as public wifi because anybody can get access to the password.

You’re probably thinking I’m being silly, and there is no risk to using public wifi networks.

That simply isn’t true. I know so many fellow travellers who weren’t internet safe and had their banking information stolen while they were on the road.

That’s a huge headache you don’t need when you’re on a solo trip to Copenhagen.

You don’t want to go through the hassel of having to cancel your bank cards and then try to figure out how you’re going to pay for the rest of your trip without access to your cards!

The only way you can safely use public wifi when travelling is if you install a VPN on your devices.

A VPN essentially puts a forcefield around your phone that makes it impossible for hackers to spy on and steal your personal information.

A VPN makes it using public wifi just as safe as using your home wifi network where you’re the only person who knows the password.

My Favourite VPN

I’ve used a lot of different VPN providers during my many years of travel and hated all of them.

VPNs are know to slow your devices down and make using the internet a very frustrating experience.

All my hatred and frustration disappeared when I discovered NordVPN.

It is the fastest VPN on the market, which is why I love it and recommend it to all my fellow travel lovers.

You don’t even notice you’re using a VPN because your internet speed isn’t slowed down!

Plus you can use your VPN to change your location and access Netflix and sports games from different countries than the one you’re visiting.

You have to check out South Korea’s Netflix. It is fantastic.

With NordVPN, you can protect up to six devices with one subscription, which makes it even more affordable than you think.

A two-year NordVPN subscription costs less than the price of a single Starbuck’s latte per month.

Yeah. It is that affordable!

You really have no excuse not to protect your online data and privacy with a VPN.

My philosophy is that if you can afford to travel, you can afford to protect your online data with a VPN.

It is a small price to pay to ensure all your online information is safe and secure.

6. Consider Having a Picnic in Assistens Cemetery

This definitely sounds like an extremely odd tip to find in an article about travelling alone in Copenhagen but hear me out!

Assistens Cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world.

It is full of greenery, benches, and walking paths. If it weren’t for the headstones, you wouldn’t know you were in a cemetery.

Locals hang out in Assistens Cemetery all the time, and it is one of the most calming and relaxing places in all of Copenhagen.

Having a picnic in Assistens Cemetery is also a great way to save a little money on your trip!

Pick up a salad or sandwich at a grocery store and bring it to the cemetery on a nice day.

Find a bench and enjoy your meal in one of the most beautiful places in the city. You should also do some people watching while you’re there!

You’ll see people hanging out with friends, running, biking, and enjoying a meal just like you.

While you’re there, be sure to stop by and visit the grave of Hans Christian Andersen!

7. Don’t Skip Tivoli

Nobody should leave Copenhagen without visiting Tivoli gardens. It is a theme park in the heart of Copenhagen and is a must-do for anybody visiting the city.

In fact, it was one of the theme parks Walt Disney visited when looking for inspiration for Disneyland, and you can see a lot of similarities between some of the rides at Tivoli and Disneyland.

You might be nervous about visiting a theme park alone, but you shouldn’t be!

I love visiting theme parks alone and actually find it to be more enjoyable than visiting theme parks with friends and family a lot of the time.

Nobody will notice you’re there alone, and there aren’t super long wait times like at other theme parks, so you won’t be standing alone in line for very long.

Tivoli is so much fun, and being nervous about visiting it alone shouldn’t stop you.

It has incredible thrill rides, kiddie rides, and rollercoasters.

Just be sure to eat before you visit Tivoli since the food is expensive and not the best.

You’ll also want to purchase an unlimited ticket option. You have to pay per ride, and it adds up quickly. That’s avoided when you purchase the unlimited ticket option.

You can go on as many rides as you want to for one price and not have to worry about running out of ticket.

You need to ride at least four rides to make the unlimited ticket price worth your while, but if you’re going to Tivoli, you’re definitely going to want to ride more than four rides!

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

8. Copenhagen is Safe Even at Night

One of the best parts about Copenhagen is that it is extremely safe.

There are a lot of places I feel a bit nervous walking around alone at night, and Copenhagen isn’t one of them.

It is one of the safest cities in the world, and you really feel how safe it is when you’re there.

You don’t feel the urge to clutch your purse a bit tighter or constantly check behind you to make sure nobody is following you.

The fact that Copenhagen is so safe is one of the many reasons it is ideal for solo female travellers. Especially people new to travelling alone.

Of course, you still need to take basic safety precautions in Copenhagen like you do anywhere in the world.

But, you don’t have to worry about as much petty crime (or serious crime) as you do in other places around the world.

Keep your valuables safe in your bag, try to blend in with the locals, and don’t draw too much attention to yourself. Follow those rules, and you’ll be more than safe in Copenhagen!

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9. Research Food Choices Ahead of Time

One of the only complaints I have about Copenhagen is the food. It is expensive, and it wasn’t my favourite.

It was also difficult to find vegetarian/vegan food throughout the city as well.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t possible though!

However, it is essential that you research food options before you head out for a day of exploring.

Know what neighbourhood you’ll be in around lunch and diner time and find a few choices in that area you might want to check out.

You’ll know the menu suits your dietary restrictions and know whether or not it is in your price range before you get a table and pull out the menu.

The other reason you should research food options in advance is so you know there will be places to eat wherever you plan to be during meal time.

I had an issue where I was exploring a more residential area and started to get really hungry. I didn’t have my Solis at the time and couldn’t access the internet.

I wandered around for quite a while until I stumbled on a restaurant. It was the first one I’d come across, and I went in to eat without a second thought because I was starving.

Well, the food wasn’t very good, was really expensive, and I had to modify an item because there weren’t any vegetarian options on the menu.

I leave the restaurant, turn the corner, and find two more restaurants that looked better than the one I ate at.

If I had done any research beforehand, I would have known to keep walking for two more minutes to find a better place to eat.

Lesson learned!

Tips for eating alone

Copenhagen, Denmark

Unmissable Things to do in Copenhagen

history buff


I hope this article showed you that taking a solo trip to Copenhagen is super easy. It is one of the easiest cities to travel around and is very safe.

Of course, the downside is that it is an expensive city, but there are ways around that- especially if you buy food at a grocery store than than a restaurant.

If you’ve been thinking of taking a solo trip to Copenhagen, I hope this article was a sign that you should book the trip.

You won’t regret it!

PS- Don’t forget to get travel insurance before your trip!

Everything You Need to Know Before You Visit Tivoli

Tivoli should be on your must-do list when you’re in Copenhagen. It is an amusement park located in the centre of the Copenhagen. It is a lot of fun and is the perfect way to spend part of a day in Copenhagen.

History of Tivoli

Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world and was opened in 1843. It had 4.6 million visitors in 2017 and is the second most popular seasonal theme park in Europe (Europa-Park in Germany is the most popular).

In 1943, Nazi sympathizers burnt down portions of Tivoli including the concert hall. Temporary buildings were built, and the amusement park was up and running again in just a few short weeks.

Walt Disney visited Tivoli when he was planning and designing Disneyland. He loved Tivoli and was so inspired that you can see many similar attractions from Tivoli at Disneyland.

Tivoli Copenhagen Everything You Need to Know to Visit Tivoli

Getting There

From City Centre

If you are staying in the centre of Copenhagen, you will be able to walk to (and possible see) Tivoli from your hotel. It is centrally-located and is impossible to miss if you’re walking around the city centre.

Great Hotels in the City Centre

From Outside the City Centre

You can easily get to Tivoli from outside the city centre by taking the train to Copenhagen Central Station. When you get off the train, you will be able to see Tivoli. You just need to walk to the entrance, and you’re good to go!

Great Hotels Outside the City Centre

Opening Times

Tivoli has 3 different seasons: Winter, Summer, and Halloween.

  • Winter: February 1 to February 24
  • Summer: April 4 to September 22
  • Halloween: October 11 to November 3

Each season has the same operating time:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 11am to 10pm
  • Friday to Saturday: 11am to 11pm


  • Adult Entrance Fee: $18USD
  • Child (0-7) Entrance Fee: $8USD
  • One Ride Ticket: $3.75USD
  • Entrance and Unlimited Rides: $54.50USD

Rides cost anywhere between 1 and 3 tickets to ride, so you should purchase an unlimited ride pass if you want to go on multiple rides.

Things to do at Tivoli


Tivoli has a wide range of rides. There are kiddie rides all the way up to adult thrill rides, so everybody in your party will be able to find something they enjoy.

It is most well known for Rutschebanen. It is the oldest wooden rollercoaster in the world and was built in 1914. You board the train and ride through a mountain. There is a conductor onboard the train with you that has a brake s/he can use to control the speed of the train. It is a lot of fun and everybody should ride it at least once.

The Demon is one of the newest addition to Tivoli. It is a rollercoaster that has 3 loops and a few drops all in just over 60 seconds. It is the most thrilling ride in the park. There is the option to wear VR goggles while riding that amps up the thrill level even more.

To get a panoramic view of Copenhagen, you should ride The Star Flyer. It is a flying swing rides just like the ones found in nearly every other theme park, but it is special because you get an unbeatable view of Copenhagen from the sky. You should ride it at night for the best view.

You should not miss The Flying Trunk while at Tivoli. It is a slow-moving ride that takes you through Hans Christian Andersen’s story. It is 7 minutes long, but it is a lot of fun for anybody who grew up reading his work.

Tivoli Copenhagen Everything You Need to Know Before You Visit Tivoli

Other Attractions Not to Miss:

  • The Ferris Wheel (a classic!)
  • The Mine (a boat ride with a small drop)
  • The Caravan (a rollercoaster for small children)
  • Aquila (a ride that flips you upside down then back upright over and over)
  • The Carousel (another classic)
  • The Lighthouse (great for young children that like a bit of a thrill)
  • Fantamorgana (a 3-in-1 ride that lets you choose your thrill experience)


Tivoli has a wide range of entertainment options. There are a number of shows each day, so you will be able to find a show that interests you.

The most iconic shows take place at The Pantomime Theatre. Here you can watch classic Italian pantomime shows that are led by a live pit orchestra. It is a unique show and is worth watching if you’re able to.

During special events and occasions, you are able to see The Tivoli Youth Guard. This band is made up of girls and boys aged 8-16 in uniforms that are similar to the Danish Royal Guard. The Youth Guard was founded in 1844, and the children in the guard represent Tivoli in any parades and local events.

If you’re lucky, you may be at Tivoli to attend a Fredagsrock concert. These concerts happen on select Friday nights during the summer season, and they are free to attend with the cost of admission. You should check Tivoli’s website to see if you’re in Copenhagen during a concert!

Paid Extras

You have the option to pay for additional activities at Tivoli that are not included in the price of admission.

You can pay $3.75USD to go to the aquarium. It opens at 12:30pm each day the park is open. The aquarium is small, but you are able to see many different fish species as well as a number of small aquatic animals such as octopi and moray eels.

There is an arcade that costs extra. You can play games and win prizes!

There is also a concert hall where you can pay to see various artists perform. This hall is used during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival as one of the main locations. The list of concerts and performers can be found on the Tivoli website.


There are many restaurants in Tivoli; however, I recommend eating at a local restaurant before heading to the park. You will be able to get less expensive and better food that way.

If you get hungry when you’re in the park, there are a number of fast food and junk food options to choose from.

In general, the food at Tivoli isn’t the best. Since the park is in the middle of city centre, you will be able to find food outside the park that you will probably enjoy more.

Note: You are not able to leave and reenter Tivoli. Once you are inside the park, you must remain inside. If you leave, you will have to pay the entrance fee again if you want to go back to the park.

Tivoli Copenhagen Everything You Need to Know Before You Visit Tivoli

When is the Best Time to go to Tivoli?

The best time to go to Tivoli is during the week if you can. It is busiest on the weekend- especially in the evening.

Similarly, the summer is the busiest time of year. That is when Copenhagen sees the most tourists, and the weather is the nicest, which brings the locals to the park as well.

In the winter, there are a number of rides that are not operating due to the weather, so be sure to check to see what rides are closed before you go to the park. This way you will be able to avoid any disappointment if the ride you wanted to ride the most is closed.

How Long Do I Need in the Park?

If you are visiting Tivoli on a weekday during a less busy time of year (April, for example), you will be able to see and do everything in 4-5 hours. This means you could sightsee in the morning, have an early dinner, and then spend the rest of the evening in Tivoli. You won’t have more than a couple minutes of wait time during a slower time of year.

If you are going in the summer, you may want to spend a half day at the park. You will have longer wait times and more crowds in the summer months than in the Winter and Spring.

You will want to budget an extra hour or two if you are going on a Friday or Saturday night as lots of locals go to Tivoli during that time.

In Closing

Tivoli is a fun way to spend a few hours while in Copenhagen. It is incredibly easy to get to because it is located in the city centre, so you don’t have to worry about going a long distance to get there.

Tivoli is a historical park, and one any theme park enthusiast will love. It has a variety of rides that appeal to both old and young as well as thrill seekers. It is a special amusement park because it has kept its history intact by preserving its most iconic classic rides while adding new, modern attractions to attract new visitors.

You will be able to have unlimited fun if you purchase the ride pass, and I highly recommend you doing so. Buying tickets for each individual ride is not cost effective, and it limits the amount of fun you have. You will have made up the cost of your unlimited ride pass after riding 6 rides, and that is really easy to do.

I hope you have a great time at Tivoli! It is definitely one of the most fun things you can do on your Copenhagen vacation.