How to Stop Aeroplan Points from Expiring

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Aeroplan is one of the most important travel programs in Canada, and there are number of ways you can stop Aeroplan points from expiring.

There is hardly anything worse than worse than working hard to earn Aeroplan points and then have them expire right before you very eyes.

It is an experience nobody should have.

There are three ways to stop Aeroplan points from expiring. You can earn Aeroplan points within a 18-month period, redeem Aeroplan points within a 18-month period, or hold an Aeroplan co-branded credit card. The easiest way to stop Aeroplan points from expiring is to hold the CIBC Aeroplan Visa, which has no annual fee!

You can also hold one of the TD, American Express, or more premium CIBC Aeroplan credit cards, but the CIBC Aeroplan Visa is the lowest barrier to entry that allows you to retain your points.

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How to Stop Aeroplan Points from Expiring

All things considered, it is pretty difficult for Aeroplan points to expire.

Air Canada gives you a decent length of time before your Aeroplan points expire, and it is really easy to keep your Aeroplan points from expiring.

You need to hit one of these three targets to stop your Aeroplan points from expiring:

  • Earn one or more Aeroplan points within an 18-month period
  • Redeem one or more Aeroplan points within an 18-month period
  • Hold an Aeroplan co-branded credit card

Not too difficult at all!

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Earning Aeroplan Points

It is super easy to earn Aeroplan points.

You don’t even need to fly on a single Air Canada flight to earn them!

Yup. Even though Aeroplan is Air Canada’s in-house points program, you don’t need to spend a single dime at Air Canada to earn a lot of Aeroplan points!

Here are some of the easiest ways to earn Aeroplan points:

  • Fly Air Canada (duh!)
  • Fly on a Star Alliance partner airline and put your Aeroplan number in the loyalty program field
  • Shop through the Aeroplan shop portal to earn Aeroplan points for purchases you would have made in any event
  • Get a Aeroplan credit card and earn points through the sign-up bonus and everyday spending

It really is that easy!

You don’t have to put in much effort to earn a few Aeroplan points every year to prevent your Aeroplan points from expiring!

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Redeeming Aeroplan Points

After the earning comes the redeeming!

This is a little bit trickier than earning Aeroplan points because there is strategy involved.

You first have to decide what to spend you Aeroplan points on.

I don’t recommend using your Aeroplan points on things like merchandise and gift cards. You simply don’t get enough value per point in those situations.

Instead, I recommend waiting until you have enough Aeroplan points to redeem for a flight.

This can take times and patience depending on how far you want to fly and in what class of service, but it is worth the wait!

When you’re ready to redeem your points for a flight, you do it directly through the Air Canada website.

You simply toggle the button from paying in Canadian dollars to using points, and search for a flight as you normally would.

The search results show you the price in points rather than fiat money, and you book it just the same as you would any other flight.

The good thing about the Air Canada points portal is it shows you flights operated by partner airlines. This gives you the freedom to book on other airlines besides Air Canada and still redeem your Aeroplan points for a trip!

Redeeming Aeroplan points is painless but probably the most difficult way to stop your Aeroplan points from expiring.

It is much easier to earn extra points than it is to redeem points.

Keep that in mind when you’re planning and strategizing on how to prevent you Aeroplan points from expiring!

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Holding an Aeroplan Co-Branded Credit Card

We’ve finally arrived at the easiest and most convenient way to stop your Aeroplan points from expiring.

CIBC, TD, and American Express all offer multiple Aeroplan co-branded credit cards. As long as you hold one of them in your wallet, your Aeroplan points don’t expire even if you don’t earn or redeem a single point during the 18 month timeframe.


This includes the no annual fee CIBC Aeroplan Visa!

Pretty sweet eh!

I say this is the easiest way to stop your Aeroplan points from expiring because all you have to do is hold the credit card, and you’re good to go.

Even if you forget to use it, you still have nothing to worry about!

Of course, the more premium credit cards have annual fees associated with them, and you need to consider that when selecting the right credit card for you.

There are ways around paying those pesky annual fees on the CIBC and TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite cards.

The first year’s annual fee is waived (yay!), and you get the annual fee rebated each year when you hold a certain type of higher-end chequing account with the bank.

There is always the no annual fee CIBC card if you don’t want to pay any annual fee at all. Start with the CIBC Aeroplan Visa Infinite the first year when the annual fee is waived and downgrade to the CIBC Visa for the second year.

When it comes to American Express, you’re on the hook and have to pay the annual fee. They never waive it.

But it is definitely the best of all the Aeroplan cards!

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I hope this article helped you realize that it is actually quite difficult for Aeroplan points to expires.

The account basically have to be inactive for 18 consecutive months.

And if you aren’t earning or redeeming for 18 months straight, maybe Aeroplan isn’t the right points program for you.

Even the most casual of Aeroplan points earners should have little to no problem keeping their Aeroplan points alive and well.

Ready to be redeemed at the push of a button for a dream trip!

And if all else fails, just be sure you hold the CIBC Aeroplan Visa no annual fee credit card, and your points are safe even if you get lost in the jungle for six years and don’t earn or redeem any Aeroplan points.

How to Stop Aeroplan Points from ExpiringHow to Stop Aeroplan Points from ExpiringHow to Stop Aeroplan Points from Expiring

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