How to Have a Perfect Solo Trip to Disney World

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Many people are worried about taking a solo trip to Disney World. They think they might stand out or won’t have any fun on a solo Disney trip.

I’ve been to Disney World alone a number of times, and it has always been a really fun experience.

In some cases, going to Disney World alone was more fun than going with family or friends!

You have so much freedom on a solo trip to Disney World. You choose what you want to do and when you want to do it.

And if you want to completely change your plans on the drop of a dime, you can! You don’t have to consult with the rest of your group.

It can be very liberating!

However, there are some important things you need to know before going to Disney World alone.

A few things you have to consider and a few extra tips to get the most out of your solo Disney trip.

Luckily, I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned through my many, many solo Disney experiences and am sharing them with you!

You’re guaranteed to have a magical trip!

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Stay at a Disney Hotel

Okay. Okay. You may hear the phrase stay at a Disney hotel and start to hear your wallet crying.

Disney hotels are notorious for being expensive, but I think they are well worth the price- especially when you’re alone at Disney World.

The main reason I think staying on property is a great decision for people visiting Disney World alone is the free transportation provided by Disney.

Disney free transportation that you can take from your hotel to each of the four theme parks and Disney Springs.

Every hotel has buses, and some hotels have one or two other modes of transportation (either the monorail, skyliner, or boat).

You can easily get around the entire Disney World property without much hassle. You don’t have to rent a car and drive yourself or worry about paying for an Uber every time you want to go somewhere.

I’ve heard some people complain about Disney buses specifically saying they’re too few and far between and take ages to get anywhere.

I’ve never ever had that issue, and I’ve stayed at a number of hotels across Disney World property.

I prefer to be at the parks early for rope drop and come home before park closing, so that’s probably why I’ve never had an issue.

If you like to get a later start or stay later at the park, you may want to consider a hotel that has access to transportation other than the buses.

There are other perks that come with staying at a Disney hotel that are just the cherry on top!

Extra magic hours, coupons for mini golf, and the ability to book individual Lightening Lane passes before the park opens.

All things considered, the extra cost of staying at a Disney hotel is well worth it in my opinion.

Boardwalk Hotel Disney World

Photopass is Essential

I love love love Photopass. I’ll scream it from the rooftops and never stop talking about it.

I tell everybody I know who is going to Disney World to invest in Photopass. A lot of people are hesitant, but they always tell me how much they loved it after their trip and how they’ll never do another Disney trip without out.

And I don’t blame them! I’m the same way!

Photopass is an additional add-on feature you can add to your Disney trip. You get unlimited photo downloads of the photos Photopass photographers take of you.

There are countless photo opportunities throughout the park, and most people walk away with hundreds of photos after a week-long vacation.

You get photos in front of the castle at Magic Kingdom, throughout the World Showcase in Epcot, with characters, and sometimes there is a Photopass photographer wandering around Disney Springs.

The possibilities are truly endless.

As someone taking a solo trip to Disney World, you don’t have a friend or family member to take your photo during your trip.

You either have to take selfies, not have any photos of you on your trip, or invest in Photopass.

And Photopass is without a doubt the best option.

Oh! I totally forgot to mention there are even magic shots included with Photopass when the photographer adds an extra little something something into your photo. Most of the time it is a Disney character joining you!

If you want to get Photopass, be sure to purchase it before the start of your trip. If you decide you want to purchase it once your vacation begins, the price goes up quite a bit.

But, seriously, invest in Photopass. You can thank me later. 😉

Tiana Magic Kingdom Characters

Consider Getting a Park Hopper Ticket

When I visit Disney World with friends and family, we tend not to park hop very often. Maybe once a trip if at all.

There are so many things everybody wants to do in each park, and it is often easier to dedicate an entire day to a single park.

Either that or we lose track of time and don’t end up park hopping because it is so late in the day!

But, that isn’t the case when I’m on a solo trip to Disney World.

I park hop like nobody’s business and visit multiple parks per day pretty much every day I’m at Disney World.

There is something about having the freedom to do what I want when I want that ends up in me popping over to Epcot for a quick bite to eat or to Hollywood Studios to ride a thrill ride.

Having a park hopper ticket certainly isn’t essential if you’re going to Disney World alone, but you may want to consider it more than you do on other Disney World vacations.

If there is one trip you’re going to park hop on, it will be a solo Disney trip!

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Take Advantage of Single Rider Lines

Single rider lines are a huge time saver. Even if you’re at Disney World with a group of people, taking advantage of single rider lines is still a good idea.

A single rider line is a special line you can use to save time at Disney World. People in the single rider line are used to fill empty seats on a ride, so the ride is always at capacity.

For example, if a ride allows three people per row, and the group in the regular queue only has two people in it, someone from the single rider line will be used to fill the empty seat.

You cannot choose what seat you get, and you will be separated from the rest of your party using the single rider line.

Not that that’s an issue when you’re on a solo trip to Disney World!

Some single rider lines move quite quickly (like Test Track) and some move quite slowly (like Rock ‘N’ Rollercoaster), but they should all save you at least a little bit of time compared to the regular queue.

If you’re lucky, you may even be able to walk onto a ride like Test Track through the single rider line and skip the 90-minute wait!

Unfortunately, not may rides at Disney World offer single rider lines, but if you see one, jump into it!

These are the rides that currently offer single rider lines:

  • Test Track at Epcot
  • Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom
  • Rock ‘N’ Rollercoaster at Hollywood Studios
  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Hollywood Studios

Of the rides that offer single rider lines, using them at Test Track and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run will save you the most time.

Those single rider lines move very quickly and save you a ton of time.

Rock 'n' Rollercoaster (Disney Hollywood Studios)

Don’t be Afraid of Table Service Restaurants

Sometimes it can be intimidating to have a sit down meal at Disney World. Many solo travellers choose to only eat at quick service restaurants and skip table service restaurants altogether.

That is a huge mistake!

Disney World has incredible table service restaurants, and you’re missing out if you skip eating at them.

Plus, cast members are so kind to solo travellers. They often go above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable.

Anything you need or want, they’ll do their best to do for you.

At a lot of table service restaurants, you can ask to sit in a corner or at a table facing the window.

This will help you feel more comfortable and better ignore the other people dining.

And remember! The other people are paying no attention to you. I know solo travellers hear that all the time, but it is even more true at Disney World.

The poor suckers around you are busy wrangling their children or resting their exhausted feet.

They don’t give a hoot what is going on around them and won’t bat an eye at you eating alone.

Unique tips for eating alone

Don’t Discount Epcot Festivals

If I didn’t sell you on eating alone at table service restaurants, don’t discount the Epcot festivals as the perfect place to try unique food without having to eat at a traditional restaurant.

Epcot hosts four festivals every year:

  • Festival of the Arts
  • Flower and Garden Festival (my personal favourite)
  • Food and Wine Festival
  • Festival of the Holidays

Each festival includes food booths that feature special items from different countries. The serving sizes are small (often only a couple of bites), so you can easily try a whole bunch of different things from various countries.

It is a super fun way to have a unique meal at Disney World.

Just be sure to make a budget and stick to it! It is super easy to get carried away and spend way too much money sampling all the food.

You can load money onto a gift card at Epcot. It makes for a super cute souvenir and the perfect way to stop yourself from going bankrupt.

Once the money you loaded onto the card is gone, you have to stop sampling all the food!

Flower and Garden Festival

Take the Time to Meet Characters

Meeting characters may not be at the top of your list of things to do on your solo trip to Disney World, but you shouldn’t miss out on them.

Meeting characters was never my jam until I started taking solo Disney trips. I randomly started meeting characters the first time I went to Shanghai Disneyland as a way to pass the time during the middle of the day when the ride longs were way too long.

Ever since then, I’ve taken the time to meet a few characters on every solo Disney trip.

It is kind of fun, and you get some amazing photos when you have Photopass.

You make some great memories meeting characters, and the characters often spend a few extra seconds with you to make it an even more special experience.

The best park to meet characters in without a long wait is Epcot. Many characters wander around the World Showcase and don’t have more than a five-minute wait to meet them!

Tips for meeting characters at Magic Kingdom

Chip and Dale Main Street USA

Consider Buying Tickets to a Special Event

Disney World offers guests a number of add on experiences you can purchase including special events like Mickey’s Not-So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

These two events give you an extra taste of the holiday season.

You see the characters dressed up in their special Halloween customs or Christmas outfit, there are special parades and shows, an exclusive firework show, and you either get to trick or treat or collect Christmas cookies.

There are great fun and well worth the extra money.

If you have the chance to go to one of these special events, I highly recommend it.

However, the very best events you can attend at Disney World are the After Hours events.

Disney only sells a few thousand tickets to these events, and you get VIP access to either Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, or Hollywood Studios for three hours.

Every ride is basically a walk-on, and you can ride everything you want multiple times during the events.

Some rides even let you go around again without getting off (like Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin). Others you have to get off and go back into line again, but you walk right onto the ride when you get to the front of the queue.

I’ve been to the Magic Kingdom After Hours event many times and have had nothing but an amazing experience.

You can easily ride every single attraction in the park and can even ride a few of them multiple times if you want!

I recommend considering an extra event like the parties or an After Hours event because they are special.

You either get a unique experience at the party or get to ride a million rides at the After Hours event.

They can save you a lot of time and leave you with amazing memories.

Yes. They can be expensive, but if you have the money to afford them, they are well worth the cost.

Especially as a solo traveller.

Have a Distraction for Lines

No matter what, you’re going to have to stand in some rides at Disney World. Even with Genie+ and Lightening Lanes, it is impossible not to spend at least a little bit of time in line waiting for rides.

It is during these times that being alone at Disney World starts to feel like you’re alone. You don’t have anybody to talk to, and the time seems to pass by painfully slow.

The best way you can combat the tedious line waiting is to pre-plan and have something to keep you entertained while you’re in line.

You can read a book (which is sometimes challenging in dark lines), listen to a podcast, play games on your phone, or explore the queue in the My Disney Experience app.

There are many ways to make the time in line go by faster, but you need to have a plan before your solo Disney trip starts!

Just be sure you’re being internet safe while in lines (and everywhere at Disney World). You’re connected to a public wifi network, and it is very easy for anybody to hack into your phone and steal your personal information (like you’re banking numbers).

You don’t want to deal with that headache while you’re on a magical Disney vacation. And you especially don’t want to deal with it when you’re alone at Disney World.

The best way to keep your online data safe and private is by installing a VPN on your phone. It essentially puts a forcefield around your phone that makes it impossible for hackers to get in.

A VPN makes using public wifi networks just as safe as your home internet where you’re the only person who knows the password.

It is a small but important thing to do when travelling. It is irresponsible to travel without a VPN protecting your devices.

Right now it may not seem important, but you’ll be cursing yourself if your data is stolen.

The truth about wifi at Disney World

Slinky Dog Dash (Disney Hollywood Studios)


Taking a solo trip to Disney World is one of the best travel experiences you can have. If you love Disney parks, then you’ll love going to Disney World alone.

Taking a solo trip to Disney World gives you complete flexibility and control over your trip. It is unlike any other Disney experience.

As long as you keep the tips in this article in mind when planning your Disney World vacation, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life on your next solo trip to Disney World!

Just be sure to say hi to Mickey and Minnie for me!

How to Have a Perfect Solo Trip to Disney WorldHow to Have a Perfect Solo Trip to Disney WorldHow to Have a Perfect Solo Trip to Disney World

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