Some items listed below are affiliate links.  If you click on the link and purchase an item, I may receive a small commission.  There is no additional cost to you the buyer!  

Items Every Traveller Needs

These are my favourite travel gadgets that I can't live without and think every traveller should consider having.  I can't imaging travelling without any of these items anymore!

Allows you to access the internet in over 130 countries, so you don't have to hunt for free wifi when you travel!

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keeps your online data and information safe from prying eyes when using a pubic wifi network.

easily edit your travel photos with one click before uploading them to instagram or sending them to friends!

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Blogging Essentials

These are some of my favourite blogging tools I rely on and have made my blogging career so much easier.  

my favourite hosting platform.  it's super easy to use, very quick, and it's the most ecofriendly hosting platform available.

bonus: if you purchase through my link, a tree will be planted in your honour!

canva is the quickest and easiest way to design beautiful graphics for pinterest, facebook, instagram, etc.  i literally couldn't do my job without it!

you're probably heard every content creator say they couldn't live without affiliate marketing, which is true.  however, it can be a confusing, stressful world.  i didn't start affiliate marketing for two years after i started my blog because i had no idea where to start.  this course is what changed that.  it is one of the best investments i've ever made in my business.

Content Creation Courses

These are my favourite courses to level up your content creation game, build an online brand, and become a digital nomad.

learn how to beautifully (and efficiently) edit videos and create a successful youtube channel. 

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learn how to harness the power of instagram, build a loyal audience, and make money on instagram.

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learn how to quickly grow on tik tok, hop on viral trends, and grow quickly on the platform (without having to do any cringy dances).

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Cameras I Use

I have way too many cameras, but here are all the ones I take with me when I travel. You don't need them all to travel!  I have so many because I create content.  

Other Grear I Use

All the other fun stuff I take on the road with me to make my job easier.