Is Munich Safe for Solo Female Travellers?!

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Munich is a hugely popular tourist destination, but you may wonder is Munich safe for solo female travellers?

Germany has a reputation for being extremely safe, and it probably won’t surprise you to hear that Munich is safe.

Even for solo female travellers.

In fact, I’d put Munich near the top of the list of cities to visit for first time solo female travellers who are concerned about their safety.

You’ll feel very safe in Munich and leave with more confidence to travel alone in the future.

In this post, we’ll not only answer the question is Munich safe, but we’ll also talk about some Munich safety tips to help you have the safest trip possible.

Because even though Munich is safe, there are still ways you can get yourself into trouble while in Munich.

And we don’t want that!

Why you’ll hate travelling alone

Is Munich Safe?

Juuusttt in case you skimmed the first part of this article (I really don’t blame you), I want to reiterate that Munich is safe for solo female travellers.

Using common sense will be enough for you to visit Munich alone without running into any trouble.

There are a few extra safety tips you should know about when visiting Munich, and we’re going to discuss that next.

But if you’re just here for the answer to the question is Munich safe, thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad I was able to answer you quesiton.

Have a great solo trip to Munich!

Munich, Germany

Munich Safety Tips

While Munich is safe, there are a few extra things I want to let you know about.

Of course, you’ll want to follow basic safety tips like being aware of your surroundings, not leaving your drink unattended, and not getting in cars with strangers (other than taxis or ride share apps).

But here are a few extra things you should know.

Never, Ever Make the Nazi Salute

This should go without saying, but, sadly, there are still people who are either Nazi supporters or think that making this hand gesture in Germany is a funny joke.

It absolutely isn’t, and it is extremely distasteful and inappropriate to make this hand gesture anywhere in the world and especially not in Germany.

There was a prominent Nazi headquarter in Munich. In the past, there was an issue with people going to the building just to take pictures making the salute. It got so bad that the building was turned into a police station, and there is a 24/7 police presence at the location.

That’s how seriously Germany takes that gesture.

So please, please never ever make that gesture. You’ll get in trouble if you’re caught, and it is in very bad taste.

Don’t Go Too Crazy Drinking in Beer Halls

I know that Munich is known for Octoberfest and beer halls but one of the things that can change the answer to the question is Munich safe from yes to no.

I’m not saying don’t go out and enjoy a drink or two. But please drink responsibly.

You’re in a new city alone, and it is extremely dangerous to get drunk. It puts you at extreme risk. Even though 99.99% of people in Munich are nice and helpful, all it takes it one person that wants to harm you, and you’re assaulted or killed.

When you do go out for drinks, make sure you have a plan on how you’re going to get home. Know what time public transportation shuts down for the night, whether you feel comfortable walking home, or if you’re going to take a taxi.

And please don’t trust the people you meet that night too much. There are nightclub scams where people get tourists to feel comfortable and trust them and then they abduct them.

I’m never one to overemphasize danger or make things seem more dangerous than they are. In fact, I think the world is much safer than we make it out to be.

But getting drunk when travelling alone in a new country is a risk you shouldn’t take. Enjoy a few drinks and stop before you get drunk.

What I wish I knew before backpacking Europe

Be Internet Safe

One aspect of travel safety that isn’t talked about enough is how important it is to be internet safe when travelling. Especially when travelling alone.

You rely on public wifi networks when travelling. From hotels to restaurants to airports, you’ll be using a wifi network every day that other people can access.

This means you’re putting yourself at risk of having your personal online information and data at risk of being stolen.

Including your banking information.

And trust me when I tell you that you don’t want to deal with having your banking information stolen while you’re abroad. I’ve been there, and it isn’t fun.

The good news is that it is super easy to protect your personal information when using public wifi networks.

All you have to do is install a VPN on your devices.

A VPN essentially puts an invisible forcefield around your devices that makes using public wifi networks just as safe and secure as using your home wifi network where only you know the password.

It is an extremely simple step you can take to make travelling so much safer.

My Favourite VPN

I’ve used a lot of different VPNs in my many years of travel and hated all of them except one.

VPNs are notorious for slowing your devices down and making the internet a painfully slow speed. A lot of times I would give up using my VPN and leave myself unprotected just because my VPN was making the internet so slow.

All that changed when I started using NordVPN.

NordVPN is the fastest VPN on the market, and you can really tell the difference when using it. There is no slow down of the internet, and a lot of the time I forget I’m even using it is so seamless.

One NordVPN subscription can protect up to six devices, so you can protect all your devices with one account.

And it is super affordable too!

A two-year NordVPN subscription costs less per month than a single Starbucks latte, so you have no excuse not to protect your online information.

I always say that if you can afford to travel, you can afford to protect your devices with a VPN.

Don’t Break the Law

Again, this point should go without saying, but Germans are super serious about following the law.

They don’t cross the street unless the walk sign says you’re allowed even if there is no traffic coming.

So another way to change the answer to the question is Munich safe from a yes to a no is by breaking the law. Even small infractions can get you in trouble.

Use common sense, don’t do anything you wouldn’t do at home, and follow the lead of the local people.

Bottom line: be respectful and act appropriately.

Beware of Local Scams

There aren’t that many scams in Munich you need to be aware of. It truly is a very safe city.

There aren’t even many pickpockets compared to more other major European countries.

But there are a few scams you should be aware of, and not surprisingly most of them revolve around beer and Octoberfest.

People will try to sell you fake beer tickets, tell you you have to pay an extra fee for something related to the beer hall, or may even try to lure you into a different beer hall.

The best way you can avoid these scams in Munich (other than being aware of them) is by using official channels and purchasing what you can ahead of time.

This means using officials websites, going to the front entrance of beer halls, and asking your hotel or hostel or Airbnb host for advice.

But, in the whole big scheme of things, Munich is extremely safe, and there aren’t many scams you need to be aware of.

Castle Neuschwanstein Munich Germany C


There you have it! I hope I answered the question is Munich safe sufficiently, and you feel more comfortable taking a solo trip to Munich than you were before reading this post.

Munich is not only a very safe city, but it is also a beautiful city. I fell in love with Munich when I was there.

It also makes a great city for a first solo trip. Munich is easy to navigate, the people are friendly, and the food is yummy. It truly is a special city.

Is Munich Safe for Solo Female Travellers?!Is Munich Safe for Solo Female Travellers?!Is Munich Safe for Solo Female Travellers?!