Best Hotels Near Taipei Main Station (For All Budgets!)

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The area surrounding Taipei Main Station is my favourite place to stay when I visit Taipei. It is super central, so it is easy to get to all of Taipei’s main attractions. There are tons of hotels near Taipei Main Station, and it can be difficult to choose where to stay.

Just like any tourist area, there are some amazing hotels near Taipei Main Station and some hotels that when you arrive at them you instantly regret booking them.

You don’t want to end up in one of those hotels!

This post will keep you from regretting your hotel choice and help you choose the perfect hotel near Taipei Main Station.

Why Taipei Main Station is My Favourite Area of Taipei to Stay

As I mentioned, I love staying near Taipei Main Station.

It is central, so you can easily hop on the metro or bus to get to any sight in the city. Taipei Main Station is also home to the high-speed rail and the slower local trains.

You can literally get anywhere in the country from Taipei Main Station.

There are also tons of popular attractions you can walk to from the Taipei Main Station area. They include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

  • Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
  • Ximending Shopping District
  • The North Gate
  • 228 Peace Memorial Park
  • Many temples
  • National Taiwan Museum

The Taipei Main Station area is also really laid back. It is a great area to come back to after a long day and relax. Once you get off the main road, there aren’t many people, and you can enjoy exploring the area without any crowds.

Hotels near Taipei Main Station are also extremely affordable!

That is definitely one of the many reasons I love staying in a hotel near Taipei Main Station.

Affordable, laid back, super safe, surrounded by delicious food, and centrally located.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

National Concert Hall Taipei, Taiwan

All The Reasons I Love Staying Near Taipei Main Station

In case you want a skim-able version of what I said in the last section, here is a bullet point list of all the reasons I love Taipei Main Station and basically always stay in a hotel near Taipei Main Station:

  • Super central (can get around Taipei and Taiwan from Taipei Main Station)
  • Safe (I feel 100% safe staying near Taipei Main Station as a solo female traveller)
  • Walking distance to top attractions
  • Affordable (You can find some astonishingly low prices at hotels near Taipei Main Station)
  • Laid back area where you can relax after a day exploring Taipei
  • Amazing restaurants and street food all around

Top Hostels Near Taipei Main Station


This is the top hostel near Taipei Main Station.

It is clean, modern, comfortable, and takes security seriously. Each person has their own high-quality locker in their dorm to store all their belongings.

A lot of hostels have lockers you can use, but the lockers at Miniinn are much higher quality than you’ll see at other hostels around the world.

They also have women only rooms if you’re a female traveller and feel more comfortable sharing a room with just women rather than a co-ed room!

On top of the hostel being very safe, it is also modern and comfortable. The rooms and common areas feel much higher class than most hostels I’ve stayed at before.

It feel more like a budget hotel than what you normally think of when you hear the word hostel.

Taipei Main Station is only a 7-minute walk from Miniinn, and you are within a 10-minute walk of three other metro stations.

It is very centrally located.

I really like the vibe of this hostel and appreciate that the owner has made the effort to make it feel more upscale compared to a standard hostel.

Caveman Hostel Taipei Main Station

Caveman Hostel Taipei Main Station is another really modern hostels.

It is just a couple of blocks away from Miniinn, so it is also in the perfect location to explore Taipei.

The hostel also has high-quality individual storage lockers, but they are quite a bit larger than the lockers at Miniinn.

It features female-only rooms as well!

One of my the best features of the hostel, in my opinion, is the common area. It is huge and has a variety of different seating areas.

If you need to work on your laptop, there are table where you can do that. If you want to have a drink and chill out, there are large comfortable chairs for there. And so on and so forth.

It is the perfect arrangement. It is so refreshing that a hostel understands that a fair number of its customers need access to a workspace, and the provide it!

The major downside to this hostel is the price. It is nearly the same price as the budget hotels in the next section.

If it were me, I would spend the few extra dollars per night and book a budget hotel over this hostel- especially if there is more than one person travelling together.

Taipei, Taiwan

Top Budget Hotels Near Taipei Main Station (Under $50USD per Night)

Inn Cube Taipei Main Station

Inn Cube Taipei Main Station is a great option for budget travellers.

It is a short 5-minute walk from Taipei Main Station and just a 10-minute walk from three other metro stations!

The location is absolutely perfect. You can walk to most of the top tourist attractions, but the hotel is in a quiet neighbourhood where you won’t be disrupted by honking cars or people on the streets in the middle of the night.

In terms of the hotel itself, it is a basic hotel with nothing too fancy going on.

You have your own private room, but in most cases you have to share a bathroom with other people.

The Inn Cube Taipei Main Station has a reputation for being super clean, so you won’t encounter any sketchy shared bathrooms here.

It is definitely a major step up from the hostels near Taipei Main Station.

Every room and common area is equipped with complimentary wifi and air conditioning. Air conditioning is a must-have in Taipei since it is always hot and humid in the city.

All-in-all, Cube Inn Taipei Main Station is a great option for budget travellers who just want a place to lie their head and don’t need anything more than a bed, wifi, air conditioning, and a share bathroom.

191 Hotel Ningxia

This hotel is absolutely adorable and one of my all-time favourite hotels near Taipei Main Station.

You never really know what you’ll get when you walk into your room.

Some rooms have book wallpapers. Others are decorated with purple deer wallpaper. A few rooms have funky chandelier wallpaper.

The unique decorations makes the entire stay even more fun!

In terms of amenities, 191 Hotel Ningxia is a step up from Cube Inn Taipei Main Station.

Each room has its own private bathroom, and the bedding and beds are higher quality.

The downside, though, is that the least expensive rooms don’t have a window. Rooms with windows only cost a few dollars more, so I would recommend you pay for that upgrade.

You don’t realize how much a window adds to your hotel room until it is gone!

191 Hotel Ningxia is a little further away from Taipei Main Station, so you’ll have to walk about 15 minutes from the station to the hotel.

But it is worth it!

The hotel is in a great location and within steps of a local night market. And anybody who has been to Taiwan will tell you that night markets are a way of life.

Staying so close to a night market is amazing. You’ll always be able to grab a quick dinner or snack in the evenings!

Hotel Relax V

This is the most modern-looking budget hotel on this list.

Hotel Relax V is decorated with monochromatic grey, huge windows, textured faux wood elements.

It is super sleek and modern.

The major downside is that the rooms are tiny.

By far the smallest rooms on this list.

But the hotel is super clean, blocks away from Taipei Main Station, has friendly staff, and laundry facilities!

You can pay for breakfast at the hotel, but it isn’t worth it. It is a much better use of your time and money to find a local place to grab breakfast. The local food around and in Taipei Main station is delicious!

The hotel offers a shuttle from the airport. It is 10 times more expensive than taking public transportation, so please don’t pay for it!

If you want to learn how to travel from the airport to Taipei Main Station, I have an in-depth article that explains all your different options!

But aside from overcharging you for breakfast and airport transfers, Hotel Relax V is a great option if you’re booking a hotel near Taipei Main Station.

I love the modern design of the hotel, and you get some great views of the area from your giant windows!

Hotel Relax V

Top Mid-Range Hotels Near Taipei Main Station ($50USD to $150USD per Night)

Amando Inn

Amando Inn is bursting with charm and is by far one of my favourite hotels near Taipei Main Station.

It is very unassuming from the outside and can be difficult to find.

But it is a hidden gem!

Armando Inn is hidden in plain sight on the 3rd through 5th floors of a concrete corner building.

The bottom floor is a local store, the second floor is a hostel, the next three floors are the hotel, and the top two floors are occupied by another company.

The sign is in Mandarin, so I’m not sure whether the top two floors are office buildings or residential homes.

Even though there are all these different businesses one on top of the other, the hotel still feels seculded.

Your sleep isn’t interrupted by a bunch of noise or traffic even though the hotel is located on a street corner.

The inside of the hotel feels very traditional and like you’ve stepped back in time. There are traditional wooden chairs, Chinese-style wallpaper, and beautiful tile work in the bathrooms.

It is an amazing experience and so much more than just a place to sleep at night.

Amando Inn is a 5-minute walk from Taipei Main Station and is right in the heart of street vendors and local life.

I am obsessed with the location of it!

The hotel offers a breakfast for a reasonable price of less than $5USD per person. I normally recommend people find a local breakfast, but this is a great option if you need something quick and convenient for a decent price.

They also offer an airport transfer, but, just like Relax V Hotel, it is very overpriced.

Taking public transportation is definitely the best way to travel from the airport to downtown Taipei.

Amando Inn is one of the very best mid-range hotels near Taipei Main Station, and it is also one of the least expensive!

Hotel Relax II

If Hotel Relax IV interested you, but you wanted something more upscale and with more room, then Hotel Relax II is the place for you!

It is the higher end sister hotel to Hotel Relax V.

Hotel Relax II has a super modern style. The common areas feature dark walls, floors, and accessories while the rooms are bright and open with light walls and floors.

The contrast between the two is beautiful!

Most rooms come with complimentary breakfast, which is a nice addition.

Even if you don’t plan on eating breakfast at the hotel, you must check out the restaurant. It is so cool, and you feel like you’re hanging out in a speak easy rather than a hotel.

I’m obsessed with the huge couch they use as a table.

Relax Hotel II is a bit further away from Taipei Main Station than most of the other hotels on this list.

It is about a 15-minute walk from the station, but it is well worth it if you choose to stay here.

The vibe is definitely unique and classy.

Hotel Relax II

Morwing Hotel

If you’re looking to stay in a hotel that has personality, Morwing Hotel is the place for you!

The walls are highly decorated, and you never know what you’ll find when you open your door for the first time.

Many rooms are decorated like famous world cities, some have famous amine characters on the walls, some rooms are floral and calming.

My two favourite rooms are one based in Paris where there is a giant mural on the wall that makes you feel like you’re sitting in the middle of the a cafe. The other one is more strange and features a neon green wall and a cat diving to catch a baseball.

It is absolutely fantastic and so odd. But I love it!

Not only are the rooms at Morwing Hotel fantastically decorated, but they are also a fair amount larger than other hotel rooms in the Taipei Main Station area.

If you want to be able to spread your stuff out around your room and not feel cramped, this is the hotel for you!

Morwing Hotel - Culture Vogue

Orange Hotel

This hotel is perfect if you’re looking for something that feels like home.

It has a Best Western or Hampton Inn vibe and is the sort of hotel you can find anywhere in the world.

It doesn’t have much personality, but it has all the comfort and familiarity you could ask for.

Orange Hotel is known for its clean rooms, quiet location, and helpful staff.

You really can’t go wrong with this hotel!

City Suites

Sleek is the first word that comes to mind when I think of City Suites.

It has a modern design and decorations, but it isn’t as in your face as some of the other modern hotels on this list.

City Suites is very tastefully decorated and comfortable.

The major downside to this hotel is that many of the rooms don’t have a window.

Be sure to pay attention to what room you’re booking if you want a window!

Earlier in this article, I wrote that you really miss having a window in your hotel room. I 100% believe that; however, the rooms are so big at City Suites that you don’t notice you’re missing a window as much as you do in a smaller hotel room.

I still highly recommend you spend the little extra money to get a room with a window, but having a windowless room in City Suites isn’t too bad due to the size of the room.

One other important thing to note about this hotel, you do not want to stay on the first floor.

There is a public restroom on the first floor, and some guests have mentioned that it was loud and used late into the night.

If you are assigned a room on the first floor, politely ask the person checking you in if you can have a room on a higher floor.

They’ll be able to accommodate your request most of the time.

In terms of location, City Suites is located on the opposite side of Taipei Main Station than the other hotels on this list.

It is just a few blocks from Tamsui River, but it is a bit further walk to the nearby tourist attractions.

The Tango Taipei Nanshi

If you want champagne on an orange juice budget, this hotel is a great option for you!

The Tango Taipei Nanshi is a gorgeous hotel with great service, lovely rooms, and a near perfect location.

The owners could easily charge double the current price and still have people lined up to stay!

I’m honestly blown away by how inexpensive this hotel is!

I wouldn’t be surprised if the price went up in the coming years, so book now if you’re looking to get a deal!

The one downside of the hotel that makes it feel a little less luxurious is the carpet. It is a bit ugly and tacky in my opinion, but the rest of the guest rooms and the common areas are lovely.

Rooms have a giant jacuzzi tub, so that more than makes up for the carpet!

The Tango Taipei Nanshi is only a 15-minute walk from Taipei Main Station. It is in the perfect locations for exploring Taipei on foot!

All-in-all, this is one of my favourite mid-range hotels near Taipei Main Station!

The Tango Taipei Nanshi

Via Hotel Taipei Station

This is my favourite mid-range hotel near Taipei Main Station.

I love the location (less than a 10-minute walk from Taipei Main Station), the atmosphere, the rooms, and the service.

The rooms are very bright with lots of white and light colours. It feels very open, and the rooms feel larger than they actually are.

The rooms are fairly big compared to other hotels in the area, but they feel even bigger thanks to all the bright colours.

I’m obsessed with the huge bathroom and incredible shower. It is so refreshing after a long day exploring Taipei!

I highly recommend Via Hotel Taipei Station.

You won’t have a bad experience if you choose to stay here!

Via Hotel Taipei Station

Luxury Hotels (Over $250USD per Night)

Palais de Chine

This hotel is absolutely gorgeous!

It is timeless, and almost has an earthy vibe to the rooms through the way they use the wood they use to decorate the rooms.

My favourite part of Palais de Chine is the reception area. I love the chandeliers, seating area, and the grandness of it.

The common areas are almost like walking back in time whereas the rooms feel more modern. It is the perfect combination of old and new!

In terms of location, it is a little bit further away than some of the other hotels near Taipei Main Station, but it is still less than a 20-minute walk from the station.

Palais de Chine is the least expensive luxury hotel on this list, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth staying at! It feels like a hotel that would cost upwards of $400 in North America.

But is is significantly less expensive than that!

Palais de Chine Hotel

Double Tree by Hilton Taipei Zhongshan

I’m a big fan of Hilton hotels and have stayed in Hilton properties all over the world.

I love how sleek and spacious they are, and you always know you’ll get incredible service. This Double Tree is no exception!

You know exactly what you’re getting when you walk into a Hilton property.

The downside to this hotel is that is it the furthest away from Taipei Main Station. In fact, it is almost a 30-minute walk from Taipei Main Station.

I almost didn’t include the Double Tree for that reason, but I wanted to include at least one international hotel chain to my list of best hotels near Taipei Main Station.

And the Double Tree by Hilton Taipei Zhongshan is the best internationally operated hotel in the area.

Do I recommend staying in an internationally owned and operated hotel while on holiday? Sometimes but not always.

I like to stay in locally owned hotels the majority of the time when I travel, but there is certainly circumstances where I choose to stay in internationally owned hotels.

In this scenario, I think there are locally owned hotels that are just as good as the Double Tree that you can stay in.

But if you prefer to stay in internationally owned hotels, this is the hotel for you!

Be sure to sign up for a Hilton Honors account, so you receive complimentary wifi during your stay!

The Okura Prestige Taipei

I’ve saved the best for last!

The Okura Prestige Taipei is my favourite luxury hotel near Taipei Main Station.

It is dripping with luxury and class.

The Okura Prestige Taipei is honestly one of those places where I feel uncomfortable and awkward walking into because it is very clear that I don’t belong there.

The rooms are gigantic and the common areas are done up to the nines.

The best part is the rooftop pool with stunning views of the Taipei skyline.

You honestly can’t beat it, and the price of the hotel is worth those views alone.

It is about a 15-minute walk from Taipei Main Station, so it is extremely conveniently located, and you can easily walk to most of the major tourist attractions within 20 minutes.

This is the hotel I would choose if I were splurging. I absolutely love it!

The Okura Prestige Taipei

Why I Love and Recommend You Use Them

I love and have used them to book 95% of my travel since I discovered them in 2015.

They have an easy to use interface, run fantastic deals to get you the best price on their rooms, and have very helpful customer service representatives if you need to change or cancel your reservation over the phone.

The crowning jewel of (and why I love them so much) is their rewards program.

You receive on complimentary night’s stay after you have stayed 10 nights.

To earn your free night, you simply have to book and stay 10 nights in a hotel you booked through You don’t have to stay in the same hotel for 10 nights.

You just have to stay 10 nights at any hotel in any city.

10 one-night stays is the same as one 10-night stay.

10 nights equals 1 night free!

The value of your free night is determined by taking the average cost of the 10 nights you stayed to earn your free night.

You can apply your free night to nearly any booking (a very few hotels don’t let you redeem your free night) before you confirm your booking.

If you want to stay in a hotel that costs more than your free night, you can still redeem your free night!

You just have to pay the difference.

I adore this program, and I’ve earned tons of free nights through the rewards program.

If you’re going to stay in hotels when you travel, you may as well be rewarded for it and get a free night every now and then!

A Quick Note on Internet Safety

One thing that comes with travel is the need to connect to public wifi.

Whether it is in a hotel (yes even password protected is still public!), cafe, or on the streets (Taiwan has a great public wifi system), you’re putting yourself at risk by using public wifi.

Not-so-friendly people take advantage of people who use public wifi networks and access their online data (and often sell it).

You don’t want to fall victim to this!

And that is where a virtual private network (VPN) comes into play.

A VPN puts up an invisible shield around your electronic devices and keeps any and all prying eyes out of your online data.

With a VPN, you can rest assured that your online activity is completely private.

I’ve used many VPNs over the years on the road, and I kept changing every year because I wasn’t satisfied with the product.

That was until I started using NordVPN.

NordVPN is the only VPN that I’ve used and actually enjoyed. The mobile and tablet apps are super easy to use, and you can protect your laptop and desktop with a single click.

You can connect up to 6 devices with one account, so you can protect all of your devices for one low price.

You can also cloak your location to show you’re in a different country, so you can access Netflix libraries from different countries. I use mine to access my Disney+ account when I’m in a country that doesn’t support it!

One of my favourite things about NordVPN is that they often run sales where you can get up to 70% off your purchase!

It is impressively affordable, so there is no excuse to not use a VPN when you travel!



Taipei is one of my favourite cities in eastern Asia. It has so much personality but is often overlooked by tourists.

When it comes to where to stay when visiting Taipei, the Taipei Main Station is my absolute hands down favourite.

It is in the perfect location where you can access everything either by foot or by metro within a few minutes.

The area is filled with amazing food and an overall laid back vibe.

There are tons of hotels near Taipei Main Station to choose from. There is something for everybody in every price range!

Taipei is such a fun city. There are so many things to see and do that you won’t be able to cover see it all in just one trip!

So pack your walking shoes and get ready for an amazing trip to Taipei.

Be sure to try some bubble tea while you’re there!

Best Hotels Near Taipei Main Station (For All Budgets!)Best Hotels Near Taipei Main Station (For All Budgets!)Best Hotels Near Taipei Main Station (For All Budgets!)Best Hotels Near Taipei Main Station (For All Budgets!)