Flying the Nest Presets Review (Coupon Code Inside)

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Bow down to the mighty Flying the Nest Presets and thank them for making your life easier.

If you post anything on Instagram or run a digital nomad business that requires decent photos, you know the pain of editing photos in Lightroom. It takes ages to figure out how to properly use Lightroom to get the desired result, and it can be frustrating.

Not to mention how freaking long it takes to edit a single photo!

It is a total time suck, and you have better things to do.

Plus, if you’re a blogger, Instagramer, or content creator of any kind, you have to pick and choose what skills to learn and what skills are best outsourced.

For me, editing photos was a skill I was not committed to learning. It is an important skill, but when there are products like presets that allow you to beautifully edit your photos in one click, why not take advantage of them?!

I’ve tried a number of presets before, and by far my favourite are the Flying the Nest presets.

They are actually the only ones I would recommend to you!

They’re extremely easy to use, create beautiful edits, and there is enough variety in the presets you get that you can get different vibes depending on what style you’re going for.

Oh, and if you’re just here for the coupon code (I don’t blame you), use code TRAVELSWITHERICA for 10% off your entire order through the Flying the Nest shop!

Different Preset Collections

Currently, there are two varieties of Flying the Nest presets you can purchase:

The Global Collection comes with 7 different preset options and the On the Road Collection comes with 8 different options.

The two collections are actually quite different from one another and compliment each other nicely.

You won’t be getting any similar presets if you purchase both collections!

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Flying the Nest Presets

Choosing Between the Flying the Nest Preset Collections

Choosing between The Global Collection and the On the Road Collection can be quite difficult.

Especially if you can only afford one collection!

Deciding between the two collections really comes down to how you want your photos to look.

The Global Collection is (in my opinion) bolder and full of deeper colours. The On the Road Collection gives you more of a soft, pastel feel.

I have both collections and find myself using The Global Collection far more than I use the On the Road Collection.

I prefer the deeper, darker, bolder feel of The Global Collection, but I know a lot of people prefer the softer look that comes with the On the Road presets.

It all comes down to personal choice, style, branding, and vibe.

And if you’re like me and want every Flying the Nest preset, you can save a bit of money by purchasing The Collection, which includes every one of the Flying the Nest Presets.

If you’re on the edge between the two collections and can afford it, I recommend purchasing The Collection.

You save $10 and have more options on how to edit your photos.

Deciding Between Mobile Presets and Desktop Presets

The Flying the Nest Presets are offered in both a mobile and desktop version. Both versions have the same presets, so there isn’t a difference in the product you receive.

Choosing between mobile and desktop comes down to how and where you use Lightroom to edit your photos.

I personally recommend the mobile presets because the mobile Lightroom app is free.

Since you’re not doing any heavy editing thanks to the preset, you probably should stick to using the free version of Lightroom rather than paying for the desktop version.

My thinking is that if you’re investing in the desktop version of Lightroom, you’re probably doing some serious editing or are a professional photographer.

In those instances, you probably want more control over every single aspect of your edit and have the skills to use Lightroom to its fullest potential.

If you’re like me and don’t want to learn Lightroom and want to quickly and easily edit photos, using the Flying the Nest presets on mobile Lightroom is the way to go!

Just be very careful and double check what version of the presets you’re buying. You don’t want to accidentally purchase the desktop presets rather than the mobile presets because you weren’t paying enough attention!

Flying the Nest Presets

How to Install the Flying the Nest Presets

One of my favourite parts about the Flying the Nest presets is how easy they are to install! It takes less than thirty seconds, and anybody can do it even if they’ve never used Lightroom before.

But, instead of me telling you how to install them, why don’t we let the lovely Jess from Flying the Nest tell you how!

Who Should Purchase the Flying the Nest Presets?

Well, anybody who wants to!

Whether you’re a content creator like me or just love taking photos, anybody and everybody can get value out of the Flying the Nest presets.

Presets make your photos pop and make them look more professional.

Even if you’re just posting Instagram photos for your friends and family, using a preset can turn a photo you’re disappointed in because it is too dark into a photo you’re excited to post.

And if you’re a content creator like me, having stunning photos is a must, and presets are even more important.

Trust me.

I spent a long time using the built-in filers on Instagram, and a lot of my photos looked terrible because you can’t change any of the settings.

Using the Flying the Nest presets has definitely upped my Instagram game, and I’ve noticed a steep increase in followers and engagement since I started putting a little more effort into my photos.

Oh! If you’re interested in growing on Instagram, you may also be interested in the Flying the Nest Instagram Growth Masterclass.

Flying the Nest Presets


The Flying the Nest presets are a game changer.

They make editing photos for Instagram, a blog, or your own personal use so easy. It takes seconds to apply the preset, and your photo is transformed into exactly what you want.

The variety in the Flying the Nest presets is what gets me. Even though there are only 15 presets in total, there is more variety in the style of photo you can create than in most preset packages that offer dozens of presets.

You can really tell that Jess and Stephen put a lot of care and effort into creating the best presets possible.

I know you wont’ be disappointed if you decide to purchase them!

Don’t forget to use code TRAVELSWITHERICA for 10% off your order!

Flying the Nest Presets Review (Coupon Code Inside)Flying the Nest Presets Review (Coupon Code Inside)Flying the Nest Presets Review (Coupon Code Inside)